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What do we mean by converter?

One that converts, especially. noun

A furnace in which pig iron is converted into steel by the Bessemer process. noun

A machine that converts electric current from one kind to another. noun

An electronic device that converts one frequency of a radio signal to another. noun

A device that converts data from one code to another. noun

One that is employed in converting raw products into finished products. noun

In electricity, an apparatus for changing electric power into a different form by mechanical motion. noun

One who converts; one who makes converts. noun

A vessel in which metals or other materials are changed or converted from one shape or condition to another. noun

One who converts; one who makes converts. noun

A retort, used in the Bessemer process, in which molten cast iron is decarburized and converted into steel by a blast of air forced through the liquid metal. noun

A person or thing that converts. noun

A retort, used in the Bessemer process, in which molten cast iron is decarburized and converted into steel by a blast of air forced through the liquid metal. noun

A device for changing one substance or form or state into another noun

A person or thing that converts.

A patient with a certain condition that subsequently develops into another condition.

A retort, used in the Bessemer process, in which molten cast iron is decarburized and converted into steel by a blast of air forced through the liquid metal.

A homosexual male or female who is particularly successful in bringing heterosexuals over to the dark side, i.e. converting them to homosexuality. Urban Dictionary

LES GOO Urban Dictionary

A sports car that has a mechanical (older convertibles had to have the top removed manually) folding soft or hardtop instead of a fixed roof. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT only chick cars and are NOT cars for just old or gay guys. If you go to some car shows, you will see some convertibles that have been turned from cruisers into full blown beasts. Urban Dictionary

An apartment to which an extra "bedroom" has been added through the subdivision of a bedroom or living room with a makeshift wall. This usually results in a tiny, rat-maze-like room with no doors, windows, or closets, and no sound insulation. Not recommended for adults. A common occurrence in New York City, this procedure is used especially for turning overpriced, small one-bedroom apartments into overpriced, even smaller two-bedroom apartments. Usage is not standard, and some differentiate between "converted" apartments in which the subdividing wall(s) have already been added, and "convertible" apartments which have not yet been subdivided. Transparently and insultingly exploiting this confusion, unscrupulous (read: all) rental apartment brokers almost always classify any overpriced one-bedroom apartment as a "convertible" two-bedroom. Renters of convertible apartments are in common parlance called "suckers," and the act of renting itself is called a "mistake." Urban Dictionary

A Convertible is a car which has no roof (Sort of). The roof is usual made of some sort of material which can be used or hidden. Found generally on sports cars. Urban Dictionary

A car with the top cut off. The perfect car. A fun car for speeding or cruising around with your friends. Best car to have in the summer. Urban Dictionary

The process of turning a girl you've just met, or don't know well into a hook-up in the course of a night. Urban Dictionary

1-When the weather blesses you with the ability to drop the top on any convertible. 2-when a person has on two outfits at once and can transform and convert to different climates, ex Alaska in January to Miami in January... Urban Dictionary

Popular rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, or DaBaby (formerly, Baby Jesus), born in Cleveland, Ohio, is said to have turned his friend into a convertible sports car on the 4th of March 2019. Urban Dictionary

1.) When a person who is devouted on their religion, tries to press their beliefs on others hoping they will join the religion 2.) Hypocrits i.e. Republicans who walk around telling people their going to hell unless they become part of their religion (when they themselves are sinners) Urban Dictionary

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The word "converter" in example sentences

CMYK converter is just a click away in your web browser, letting you download a version of your picture (in JPEG or TIFF format) in the other colour spectrum with just a few clicks. ❋ Unknown (2010)

A converter is a handy tool to switch back and forth without having to needing a program like Photoshop or GiMP. bgrigg002 roderashe ❋ Unknown (2010)

I use OS X, my primary video converter is VisualHub. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I agree that Traveling with a power board and a good plug converter is a Must regardless of where you are heading. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Below the operating temperature of the engine and catalytic converter is when a car emits the most pollution. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The power converter is hot, but the power button doesn't turn the machine on. ❋ Joshenglish (2006)

Nashua, another longtime smart label converter, was acquired earlier this year by ❋ Unknown (2009)

Strict printing quality control empowers label converter

Avery Dennison is a leading RFID label converter, though those product lines account for a small portion of the $6.7 billion company's revenues. ❋ Unknown (2009)

French-headquartered RFID card, ticket and reader provider announced this week that ASK-intTag, a joint venture it established with Wisconsin-based label converter ❋ Unknown (2009)

"There's just not enough volume out there for all of us," Mark Davenport, president of label converter Low demand and strong competition could very well lead to more changes in the supplier community. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Paskalis what are you on - please tell us as I would like some too-it seems to obliterate all the real problems we face along with reason - sadly it also turns your words into gobbledegook so we will need the word converter too - If you cannot see dinner jacket is the most dangerous man since Hitler and one who cannot be trusted for one moment then your potion has done serious damage to your brain. do you realise that you along with millions of us could be dead within a year if this man is allowed to continue on his noxious path-the ordinary man in Tehran can do nothing about it and you had better believe that Tel Aviv will just be the starting point, not a convenient capsule for you to spout about. ❋ Unknown (2008)

If you only need to extract the text from a document or two some of the solutions we’ve covered should more than suffice, such as using PDF-to-Word-Converter or the built-in converter in the most recent Office 2007 service pack. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Google’s powerful built-in converter calculator can help you out whether you’re cooking dinner, traveling abroad, or building a PC. ❋ Unknown (2008)

"My friends in college used to [call me] 'The Converter' because I fucked so many straight [dudes]. Now I have [low self-esteem]." ❋ Bea Arthur's Outfits (2012)

"I will [turn] [a nigga] into a [convertible]" -DaBaby ❋ IDontEven12 (2021)

Tommy: Dude you got a convertible? Freddy: Yea so? Tommy: You're so gay! Freddy: If I'm so gay, why is your girl [riding shotgun] with me? Tommy: Gah! Freddy: Oh and [for the record], I hear you talking shit about my ride, saying how your coupe can beat it. Well guess what, my convertible is pushing out 800hp so do you still wanna talk shit or do you wanna race? Tommy: No dude it's ok...boy [I was wrong] about you convertible guys. I'm sorry man. But hey can I have my girl back? Freddy: No! Fuck off! ❋ Eghegjsefsd (2006)

"You son of a b****, you advertised this as a 2BR and I came all the way to the f***ing [West Side] to find a studio with a [bead] [curtain]." ❋ Chipper Manhattanite (2004)

Guy: Hey theres a convertible! It has no [roof]! Girl: [Yeah maybe] u should buy me one cause I like [the wind] flowing through my hair! ❋ Slicer (2005)

[Amy's] boyfriend bought her a new convertible. [Everyone loves it] and she gets loads of [compliments] and looks when she goes out. ❋ 484839e (2010)

Nick: I met this sexy-ass [bittie] the other night at Starbucks and we walked around for a little while. Joey: Did you [convert] on her? Nick: Yeah I got dome in the back of my car! Al: I converted on this girl I met at [Melanie's] party. ❋ KJoey (2009)

(ex1)Bro 1-Dave flew in from [Knome] this morning and we picked on him because he didnt bring shorts. Bro 2- Yeah what a bum convertability is sooo important. (ex2) Wow it went from [eighty] with sunshine to [sixty] with rain, its a good thing we have convertability, i feel sorry for those bikers lol. ❋ The Great Dunnski (2010)

'Hopped out on a whole other wave from these n*[ggas] Let's see [one of you] little n*ggas top that I will turn a n*[gga] into a convertible' ❋ DJHugeDong (2021)

Christian Man: knocks on door Jewish Man: opens the door and says "hello?" Christian Man: "Hi! i'm from the christian [chruch] down the street." Jewish Man: "And?" Christian Man: "I came here to tell you that your worshipping the wrong religion, Jesus was our messiah and we messengers of God think that you should convert or else when you die you'll go to hell where your worse nightmares will true and suffer [extreme pain] [for all eternity]...... won't you please join the gospel"? Jewish Man: Slams door and locks it ❋ Da Master K (2006)

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