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Hyphenation cooing
Pronunciations /ˈkuːɪŋ/

Definitions and meanings of "Cooing"

What do we mean by cooing?

To make a soft murmuring sound, as a pigeon.

To speak in an admiring fashion, to be enthusiastic about.

Less developed stage or manner of babbling, tweets; murmuring meaningless mating calls (mostly as voice mails). Urban Dictionary

Demurely Urban Dictionary

Crazy Urban Dictionary

A shortened version of "cool." Usually used In a sarcastic manner. Urban Dictionary

Acceptable term to describe female genitalia. Much like the term coochie, but not played out and turned dis.gusting by too many hip hop songs. Urban Dictionary

A guy who reveals super secret pseudonyms by being honey trapped by a Hot Hungarian Buck Naked (HHBN) spy Urban Dictionary

A secret call used to signal males when female nudity is present. Usually one male will give the secret call when another male is engaged in another activity and missing the aforementioned nudity. It is to resemble the call of a bird. Urban Dictionary

A call used to figure out if your buddies are nearby. If you get a reply, then you follow the call. Urban Dictionary

Another word for vagina Urban Dictionary

Another frase for "it's okay" or "it's cool". Means everything is fine but actually I'm pissed the fuck off and you need to figure out why I'm mad. Urban Dictionary

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The word "cooing" in example sentences

It is time to turn off our blackberry and excuse ourselves from our hectic schedules for one morning each Spring as we listen to nature wake up bird by bird — first the morning birds, then the owls cooing from the trees, followed by the crashing down of the turkeys as they leave their nest to come find us calling them from our blind. ❋ Unknown (2007)

"Ladies in Blue," a tribute to the pill-popping entourage that surrounded the "Iron Butterfly," as she was known, recalls the cooing stomp of ABBA; Kate Pierson of the B-52s belts "The Whole Man" as if it's one of her own hits. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It's happy "cooing," not yelling, but if he does it just so, it sounds like a monkey's gotten loose in the Lourdes grotto... ❋ Dymphna (2008)

Instead her head was tilted back slightly, her breathing relaxed and steady, and she was making a soft "cooing" noise that seemed to indicate she was finding the tactile sensation pleasurable. ❋ David_Peter (2007)

He is starting to smile I little more easily, (other then in his sleep! lol) He is making a few baby "cooing" sounds every now and again. ❋ Mamarobbi (2003)

Her world spun, and her eyes locked again on the enormous shape that had paused just at the outer ring of buildings, and made a kind of cooing sound. ❋ Niven, Larry (1995)

The strong men gathered round, chuckling at their good luck, and "cooing" like a child with a big piece of cake. ❋ Carlton McCarthy (1872)

The colonel's song, given with Tom Loftus 'good voice, was received with great applause, and the fellows all voted it catching, and began "cooing" round the table like a parcel of pigeons. ❋ Samuel Lover (1832)

Not only has Judy Murray, Andy's mum, blogged that she has been "cooing" over Roger Federer's five-month-old twin daughters, those who have passed the world No 1 in the ❋ Unknown (2010)

"cooing" over Roger Federer's five-month-old twin daughters, those who have passed the world No 1 in the ❋ Unknown (2010)

Two young girls in pink and yellow cotton dresses play quietly in the pews, as the cooing of babies and the occasional outbursts of toddlers are hushed by parents trying to maintain the quiet reverence that has fallen over the room. ❋ Robert D. Putnam (2010)

Quail whistled to their young from the thicketed hillside behind the house. there was a gentle cooing of pigeons, and from the green depths of the big canon arose the sobbing wood note of ❋ Unknown (2010)

He's in my arms again, and he's cooing, that sweet, soft sound only newborns make. ❋ Jamie Sughroue (2011)

[Cooing] at babies is [vital] to British speech development, but often [lethal] to American speech development. ❋ 👹 Murmur Raider (2018)

[Why do] you have to take [sole] [responsibility] cooing. ❋ Hercolena Oliver (2009)

I go coo coo for [my boo] [boo]. [I go crazy] for my boo :) ❋ Mimi8686 (2011)

Co-worker: so the client wants us to rewrite the concept by [EOD]. Me: um, [alright man], [coo, coo] ❋ Ttayl0r (2016)

Do you know of a [salon] where I can get a good coo coo [wax]? My normal [beautician] moved away. ❋ Kre (2005)

Captain [ALM] reveald the super secret name of [Captain Security] to the [HHBN] spy that lives in the flat over his one. What a coo coo! ❋ Hotbabyface (2010)

I was reading my magazine when [all of a sudden] I heard my brother going "coo coo"; I [whipped] my head up to see some fine ass [hooters] shaking on television. ❋ Spacecowboy (2003)

Bob: [Coo coo]! ... Bill: Coo coo! Bob: That must be Bill. It's coming from that [forest]. *[heads] to the forest* ❋ TwoTabsOfFuckitol (2014)

[Maddie] said she [tryna] get her [coo coo] ate. ❋ PullUpInTheSriLanka (2022)

Male: "Is everything [okay] baby" Female: "[It's coo] [homie]" ❋ Yo Favorite Girl (2016)

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