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Definitions of "cooked"

  • Of food, that has been prepared by cooking. adjective
  • Corrupted by conversion through a text format, requiring uncooking to be properly listenable. adjective
  • (of accounting records, intelligence) partially or wholly fabricated, falsified adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of cook. verb
  • having been prepared for eating by the application of heat adjective

The word "cooked" in example sentences

I attributed the death of my charges solely to improper feeding, and have since been successful in rearing others by feeding them at first on bread and milk, biscuits and gravy, scraps of cooked vegetables, and when meat has been given, I have taken care to see that it has been _cooked_.. [The Horsewoman A Practical Guide to Side-Saddle Riding, 2nd. Ed.]

Imagine these two arguing over a phrase cooked up by an overpaid public relations consulting firm that could be working for either one of them.. [Jeff Biggers: Taking on Big Coal Governors: West Virginia Mountain Party Candidate Inspires the Nation]

From the raw to the cooked is the path civilization is supposed to have taken, and Norbert. [Alexis Soyer and the Rise of the Celebrity Chef]

I saw what I called cooked stories -- plain and simply, military operations that were well planned and well executed and were real success stories but made very dull reading, and so you throw in a few civilian atrocities, you throw in a few short rounds or something like that and all of a sudden it becomes a sexy story that sells.. [It Doesn't Take a Hero]

The rich flavour of the Kahlua and espresso is more than prominent too - both elements are featured in "cooked" and "raw" states between the filling and frosting!. [Archive 2009-07-01]

Not stirring the dumplings until after they've cooked is * such* an important thing to remember, especially with traditional versions.. [Tex-Mex chicken and dumplings recipe | Homesick Texan]

The group's annual compilations garner the best that has been thought and cooked from the Test Kitchen's many venues over the past year.. [Gastronomy]

Brown food tastes better; we see the color in cooked foods and subconsciously are drawn to it.. [Joshua Stokes: Why Does Brown Taste So Good?]

I have herd that the inside layer of the inner bark of a tree can be eaten raw or cooked, is this true (no particular tree was mentioned). [I have herd that the inside layer of the inner bark of a tree can be eaten raw or cooked, is this true ( no particular tree was]

Stir in cooked rice and raisins (and lemon zest, if using).. [Baked Rice Pudding]

Some cancers are caused by heterocyclic amines, DNA-damaging chemicals found in cooked meat and fish.. [Food and Drink]

After a day spent drinking, Michael Garvin cooked his brother John the traditional English dish for dinner, expecting a grateful response.. [Humour]

Pork loin cooked in orange juice: Lomo en jugo de naranja: Mexican Recipe. [Pork loin cooked in orange juice: Lomo en jugo de naranja]

Pork loin cooked in orange juice: Lomo en jugo de naranja by. [Pork loin cooked in orange juice: Lomo en jugo de naranja]

After the Olympics closing ceremony yesterday, my friend Qin cooked me dinner - quite an honour!. [Chinese Cooking]

The effect they have upon being cooked is more of a, well ... disturbing prison grey tinge.. [Archive 2008-09-01]

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@tvippolis Your cooked


@AlmightyRell_: New Video Out Now @ADBLilE “Cooked” Directed By Da 🐐 @x1drince !!


Guys will see that you cooked and send a text like “let’s go eat!”


回鍋肉Twice Cooked Pork上海菜 via @YouTube


@Sophie_Careyxxx: @lexfoster_ I literally drunk cooked chilli con carne at like 4am last week. It was great

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