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Definitions of "core"

  • The hard or fibrous central part of certain fruits, such as the apple or pear, containing the seeds. noun
  • The central or innermost part: the hard elastic core of a baseball; a rod with a hollow core. noun
  • The basic or most important part; the essence: a small core of dedicated supporters; the core of the problem. See Synonyms at substance. noun
  • A set of subjects or courses that make up a required portion of a curriculum. noun
  • Electricity A soft iron rod in a coil or transformer that provides a path for and intensifies the magnetic field produced by the windings. noun
  • Computer Science A memory, especially one consisting of a series of tiny doughnut-shaped masses of magnetic material. Also called core memory. noun
  • One of the magnetic doughnut-shaped masses that make up such a memory. Also called magnetic core. noun
  • The central portion of the earth below the mantle, beginning at a depth of about 2,900 kilometers (1,800 miles) and probably consisting of iron and nickel. It is made up of a liquid outer core and a solid inner core. noun
  • A mass of dry sand placed within a mold to provide openings or shape to a casting. noun
  • A reactor core. noun
  • A cylindrical sample of rock, ice, or other material obtained from the center of a mass by drilling or cutting. noun
  • The base, usually of soft or inferior wood, to which veneer woods are glued. noun
  • Archaeology A stone from which one or more flakes have been removed, serving as a source for such flakes or as a tool itself. noun
  • To remove the core from: core apples. verb-transitive
  • To remove (a cylindrical sample) from something, such as a glacier. verb-transitive
  • The central part of fruit, containing the kernels or seeds. noun
  • The heart or inner part of a thing, as of a column, wall, rope, of a boil, etc. noun
  • The center or inner part, as of an open space. noun
  • The most important part of a thing; the essence. noun

The word "core" in example sentences

By avoiding the term "core inflation," he could confuse the public about how the central bank thinks about inflation and responds to it, said Mr. Meyer of Macroeconomic Advisers.. [To Avert Criticism, Fed Avoids Saying 'Core']

We use the term "core revenue" or "sales from existing businesses" to refer to GAAP revenue excluding (1) sales from acquired businesses recorded prior to the first anniversary of the acquisition ("acquisition sales"), (2) first half 2010 sales attributable to the businesses contributed to the Apex joint venture, and (3) the impact of currency translation.. []

We use the term "core revenue growth" to refer to the measure of comparing current period core revenue with the corresponding period of the prior year.. []

Naturally the term core vocabulary is no more concretely definable than the simpler term vocabulary itself and therefore it's proof of nothing at all but a general human tendency to waste paper, ink and bandwidth.. [Archive 2009-04-01]

At the core is the transformation to a restoration economy.. [Kenny Ausubel: The Revolution Has Begun - "The Shift Hits the Fan"]

Yet at the core is the belief that feminist mothering is woman centered not child centered.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

Executive Director Josette Sheeran said Thursday that the WFP is preparing to open new land and air routes into what she called the "core of the famine zone.". [UN to Open New Routes to Somalia's Famine-Stricken Areas]

Finding a novel to read that shakes you to the core is a challenge, working to write one brings me back to keyboard every day.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » The Elements of Awe, Part II]

The answer lies in the way economists calculate what they call "core" price indexes.. [The Secret World of Inflation Watchers]

Even as he proposes spending cuts in his 2012 budget aimed at bringing down the $1.3 trillion federal deficit, and more than $14 trillion national debt, Mr. Obama has vowed to fight to preserve investments in what he calls core areas vital to securing U.S. competitiveness.. [Obama: Education Key to US Competitiveness]

But at the core is a story about two men who can't let go of the sense that they are dreaming their way through what might be an ultimately meaningless life.. [MIND MELD: Anime Film Favorites (+ The Top 14 Anime Films of All Time!)]

At their core is a Milwaukee-area woman aiming to help change a culture.. [Example Strategic Citizen: Milwaukee’s Jill Welytok « PurpleSlog – Awesomeness & Modesty Meets Sexy]

(*) Admittedly deciding what “real terms” would mean as the price went over $5/gal and started affecting the entire economy down to the core is a bit difficult.. [Matthew Yglesias » Taxes: Still the Best Bet]

"Sustainable" not in its current sense of ecologically viable, but rather meaning who is going to maintain the site, especially now when arts groups are slashing administrative staff, and those remaining should be concentrating on what we call core business, which for an arts group is not maintaining single-focus social networking sites.. [How Many Social Networks Do You Need?]

RICHARD QUEST, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Now that's what I call core profit, Apple sells more Macs and iPhones than ever.. [CNN Transcript Oct 20, 2009]

On that basis, Freddie had what it calls core capital of about $37 billion at the end of the second quarter.. [Freddie Needs Equity Lift]

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