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Definitions of "corona"

  • noun
  • A faintly colored luminous ring or halo appearing to surround a celestial body when viewed through a haze or thin cloud, especially such a ring around the moon or sun, caused by scattering or diffraction of light from suspended particulate matter in the intervening medium. noun
  • The luminous irregular envelope of extremely hot and highly ionized gas located outside the chromosphere of the sun. noun
  • The projecting top part of a cornice. noun
  • A cigar with a long tapering body and blunt ends. noun
  • The crownlike upper portion of a bodily part or structure, such as the top of the head. noun
  • A crown-shaped, funnel-shaped, or trumpet-shaped outgrowth or appendage of the perianth of certain flowers, such as a daffodil. noun
  • A faint glow enveloping the high-field electrode in a corona discharge, often accompanied by streamers directed toward the low-field electrode. noun
  • In zoology, the upper, branched portion of a crinoid, as distinguised from the stem or columna. noun
  • See the extract. noun
  • A cucullus or hood. noun
  • The ring of primary wood in the medullary sheath. noun
  • noun
  • Same as aurora, 5. noun
  • A phenomenon seen when an artificial cloud is viewed by transmitted light; an artificial halo. noun
  • A crown. noun
  • Specifically Among the Romans, a crown or garland bestowed as a reward for distinguished military service. noun
  • In architecture, a member of a cornice situated between the bed-molding and the cymatium. noun
  • [LL.] Eccles., the horizontal stripe running around a miter at the lower edge, surrounding the head of the wearer. See miter. noun

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  • Pronunciationskə-rō′nə
  • Character6
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