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The unethical and/or illegal allocation of resources and/or opportunities  Urban Dictionary

Containing alterations, foreign admixture, or errors. Deteriorated from the normal or standard; specifically a) morally unsound or debased; perverted; evil; depraved. b) taking bribes  Urban Dictionary

Politicans, CEOS, and little gecko lizards.  Urban Dictionary

The scale of one to ten, determining how corruptable one is. (1 is least corruptable and 10 being most)  Urban Dictionary

Corruption = The Congress Party in India  Urban Dictionary

The act of de-virginizing a certain area of a house, car or random parts of the woods.  Urban Dictionary

Hillary Clinton  Urban Dictionary

Without moral values /hard work, owning one’s decisions and actions, accepting responsibility/consequences of one’s actions, having some sense of personal pride/honor, telling the truth, not harming innocent people by accusing them of wrong doing without evidence..having no moral integrity in this sense is classed as a corruption of one’s character and if it is widely prevalent in a society we can class this society/and e.g. a workplace culture/as corrupt. not a good sign as corrupt societies cant survive /Roman empire.../  Urban Dictionary

Police and the law enforcment  Urban Dictionary

Hillary Clinton....... Need I say more  Urban Dictionary

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Further, just as a thing is taken by force for the sake of possession, so is a woman taken by force for pleasure; wherefore Isidore says that “he who commits a rape is called a corrupter, and the victim of the rape is said to be corrupted.”   ❋ Dino Bigongiari (1997)

Isidore says (Etym. x) that "he who commits a rape is called a corrupter, and the victim of the rape is said to be corrupted."   ❋ Aquinas Thomas (N/A)

For this he was upbraided in the Senate by Fabius Maximus, and called the corrupter of the Roman soldiery.   ❋ Unknown (1515)

When a man was accused of being a "corrupter," two witnesses were suborned who were concealed behind a partition.   ❋ Ernest Renan (1857)

The procedure against the "corrupter" (_mésith_), who sought to injure the purity of religion, is explained in the Talmud, with details, the naïve impudence of which provokes a smile.   ❋ Ernest Renan (1857)

Cesarotti was called corrupter, sacrilegious, profane, and assailed with titles of obscene contumely; but the poems of Ossian were read by all, and the name of the translator, till then little known, became famous in and out of Italy. "   ❋ William Dean Howells (1878)

But this is a play about class as well as sex: I had forgotten how subtly Rattigan suggests the opposing counsels inhabit the same masonic clubman's world while the accused, however innocent of the charge, is branded a corrupter of youth and a vulgar sensualist.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

Give us a slight hope that not all politicians are corrupty corrupter-sons!   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Price continued: He Ashcroft is not the corrupter.   ❋ Unknown (2012)

The socialist leader John Spargo, biographer of Karl Marx and Eugene V. Debs, attacked the liquor trade as an exemplar of capitalism and liquor itself as a corrupter of human potential.   ❋ DANIEL OKRENT (2010)

She did not see it; rather, to her, Malfurion Stormrage the archdruid, the heinous murderer and corrupter, stood staring back at her, a defiant smile on his face.   ❋ Richard A. Knaak (2010)

Apparently, Gibney preferred Abramoff's iconic image as the indelibly vile pariah, Indian exploiter, and corrupter of the democratic process.   ❋ Gary S. Chafetz (2010)

To the Empire every singer is a would-be rebel, a corrupter of youth, decadent and depraved, a loaded sex pistol, power chords of velvet revolution in their rock and roll revels.   ❋ Hal Duncan (2008)

But the trick, to me, is to ask: if money is the corrupter, follow the money.   ❋ Steven Barnes (2010)

Administrative corruption is often based upon using company resources for personal agendas, with company losses with no useful returns on investment. ❋ ToniT (2014)

Someone changed the letters of the word I typed, from 'associations' to "assiciations.' The same person who corrupted the spelling of my word is morally depraved and thinks there is a rank in the armed forces of who has to have sex with who. He even stole my $5,000 CD certificate when it came due by having prearranged for the bank teller to hand one of them back to him with his name on it instead of mine. ❋ EvaLissens (2009)

Politician: I DID NOT sleep with that goat, nor am I a corrupt indivdual whatsoever. Ohhh, is that candy and a baby? Can I take it? Its sooo fun! You should try it! ❋ Manical To The Hippie (2008)

Oh gosh! He is ten on the Corrupticity scale. ❋ The Agar \_/ BACFORD (2016)

Me: Look at all this corruption! Congress party worker : That's our gift to this country. Me: Who votes for you Swiss bank money stashing, corrupt bastards? Congress party worker: the uneducated, the overtly secualr morally coward, Muslims and about any other person who's ashamed of being an Indian. Me: You bastards!! Congress party worker: Kalyug, beta. Just accept us. ❋ Anna Hazare123 (2011)

Me: Dude, Earin and I just got through corrupting my step-dad's truck in a church parking lot. You: By God, That's a double whammy! ❋ Jeremy (2004)

Hillary Clinton as corrupt as can be ❋ Burned Out (2016)

Donald Trump is an icon of a corruption of American society ❋ Cooltrixie (2019)

Fine for making us search you, revealing you had nothing illegal on you... nigger, please! corruption! BRUTALITY ❋ Tom 'Lanky' B. (2008)

Did you hear that Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are trying to label Bernie Sanders is a sexist. Yeah she's hella corrupt bro. ❋ Sephiroth Of Anon (2016)

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