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Definitions of "cost"

  • An amount paid or required in payment for a purchase; a price. noun
  • The expenditure of something, such as time or labor, necessary for the attainment of a goal. noun
  • Charges incurred in bringing litigation, including court fees and charges that may be payable by the losing party, but usually not including attorneys' fees. noun
  • To require a specified payment, expenditure, effort, or loss. intransitive verb
  • To have as a price. intransitive verb
  • To cause to lose, suffer, or sacrifice. intransitive verb
  • To estimate or determine the cost of. intransitive verb
  • (at all costs) Regardless of the expense or effort involved; by any means. idiom
  • Manner; way and means. noun
  • Quality; condition; property; value; worth. noun
  • To require the expenditure of (something valuable) in exchange, purchase, or payment; be of the price of; be acquired in return for: as, it cost five dollars.
  • In general, to require (as a thing or result to be desired) an expenditure of any specified thing, as time or labor; be done or acquired at the expense of, as of pain or loss; occasion or bring on (especially something evil) as a result.
  • Costmary. noun
  • A rib or side. noun
  • In heraldry, same as cottise. noun
  • The equivalent or price given for a thing or service exchanged, purchased, or paid for; the amount paid, or engaged to be paid, for some thing or some service: as, the cost of a suit of clothes; the cost of building a house. noun
  • That which is expended; outlay of any kind, as of money, labor, time, or trouble; expense or expenditure in general; specifically, great expense: as, the work was done at public cost. noun
  • plural In law: The sums fixed by law or allowed by the court for charges in a suit, awarded usually against the party losing, and in favor of the party prevailing or his attorney. noun
  • The sum which the law allows to the attorney, to be paid by his client. noun

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