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Definitions and meanings of "Coulterism"

What do we mean by coulterism?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word coulterism. Define coulterism, coulterism synonyms, coulterism pronunciation, coulterism translation, English dictionary definition of coulterism.

Data that has been deliberately misrepresented or completely fabricated in order to support and otherwise unsupportable partisan position. Urban Dictionary

To be tricked by a somewhat attractive tranny person into believing what you see is what you get. See Ann Coulter. Urban Dictionary

1. neo-nazism 2. neo-nazism 3. neo-nazism 4. neo-nazism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,000,000. neo-nazism Urban Dictionary

Verb: to throw up a little in one's own mouth noun: also, the sound accompanying that action origin: reference to political commentator and right-wing author Ann Coulter. Specifically, the reaction the average person has to hearing her speak or seeing her in a short dress. Urban Dictionary

Verb. used when you intentionally say something that you know is either wrong or extremely fucked up to piss somebody off. Urban Dictionary

Noun. A book or an op-ed that is rife with distortions, falsehoods, or plagiarized passages Derived from Republicunt "pundit" Ann Coulter's notoriously irresponsible attempts at scholarship. Urban Dictionary

A word meaning prideful and awesome. Usually referring to a large group of people who like to chant, drink, and have a good time. Derived from the town Coulter, Australia and the tribe from Ireland from whom the town is named after. Urban Dictionary

A karen that works at a university that thinks she isn’t a Karen because she works at a university. Urban Dictionary

The fecal residue left on one's lips after prolonged periods of sucking one's own ass. It can also refer to the fecal residue present on one's lips after a prolonged period of orally sucking (rimming, rimjob) any ass. Named after right-wing media prostitute Ann Coulter. Urban Dictionary

N. A gaseous discharge from a woman’s genitalia during the time of her monthly menses, i.e. vaginal blood fart Urban Dictionary

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The word "coulterism" in example sentences

Dan's report on the impact of the housing development on the [wetlands] was so filled with coulterisms that we were not surprised to discover he was on the [developer's] [payroll]. ❋ Elmer (2004)

That [hot chick] [on the dance floor] totally Coultered me! [Adam's Apple]!!! ❋ Noir (2006)

Coulterism is a [key] [philosophy] of the [neo-nazis]. ❋ Kenny McCor (2006)

Even [joking] about [having sex] with [Rush Limbaugh] makes me coulter. ❋ CodeNameReservoir (2009)

Way to coulter [that one] [ya] fucking [dickhole]! ❋ Thersalwysnxtyr (2009)

Did you read [the latest] coulter in [the Washington] Times? What a [load of crap]! ❋ Hudge (2006)

Man, those Coulters [sure] are [loud], [drunk], and fun! ❋ Alaskan Retriever 100 (2009)

That Coulter is [drunk] on a [mediocre] amount of [power]. ❋ Hippogriffy (2020)

"After I was [rimming] her for what seemed like [20 minutes] I went to the bathroom and in the mirror saw I had [coulter] face." ❋ Seroevo (2007)

Uugh, that [dead cat] smells like a coulter. or It is best to use feminine products as soon as you suspect you are starting [your period], or you may have a coulter which will stain your underwear. or [Ann] don't be such a coulter. ❋ SpikerX (2007)

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What does coulterism mean?

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