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Definitions of "counterparts"

  • Plural form of counterpart. noun

The word "counterparts" in example sentences

Greek officials will join counterparts from the euro - region, the IMF and the European Central Bank to begin hammering out the deficit-cutting measures Greece will have to accept to be able to tap the funds.. [POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: Wednesday, April 21, 2010]

Google's music initiative told their label counterparts that they hoped to launch this year. [CNET]

Consequently, a good number of the tracks on "High Time" reach the high level of their label counterparts The Fiery Furnaces and High Places.. [Faronheit]

Japanese Finance Minister Noshihiko Noda said he explained last month's huge yen-selling intervention during an informal dinner with his counterparts from the Group of Seven industrialized nations.. [Dollar Appears Poised to Resume Its Decline]

This wine was in tremendous balance and demonstrated to me, again, that on the whole I prefer 2007 semi-dry reislings to their dry counterparts from the same vintage.. [The New York Cork Report:]

These are cooler climes and produce more subtle flavors than there counterparts from the Barossa.. [The state of Australian wine – and Landmark Australia | Dr Vino's wine blog]

In doing so Dawkins begs some very pertinent questions showing that he, like his theistic counterparts, is unable to present a comprehensive and coherent account running from A to Z.. [2009 May - Telic Thoughts]

Out of all the most startling statistics surrounding the risk of suicide among LGBTQ youth, like that they are four times more likely to commit suicide than their straight counterparts, is that there is hope.. [Waymon Hudson: Chicago Performers Come Together to Celebrate and Encourage the Lives of LGBT Youth]

Birthing experts and their counterparts from the field of female sensuality will apparently teach and talk about how women can enjoy their births at a spiritual, mental and physical level.. [Juliet Linley: Do Orgasmic Births Really Happen?]

Some music publishers, which own the copyrights to melodies and lyrics that underlie commercial recordings, say they didn't even get the short notice that Amazon gave their record-label counterparts.. [Amazon in Big Push to Clinch Music Deals]

The only thing preventing them from doing a full court press for 2010, since the respective campaign committees in Congress have three times the amount of money as their GOP counterparts, is a lot of nervous people in the Democratic establishment (think Bayh but with less charisma … I know its tough) trying to slam their foot on the breaks to “save the middle”.. [Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » There Is Your Opening, President Obama]

The German lag behind their Swedisch and Dutch counterparts is well known, and has been investigated also by the school ministry here – they wanted to know why this is so, and what they could change to close the gap.. [A is for Age (of onset) « An A-Z of ELT]

In some sectors, such as manufacturing, the regulatory cost difference between small businesses and their larger counterparts is particularly acute.. [The Regulation Tax Keeps Growing]

In Hong Kong, the trend among fashionable local Chinese women, who tend to have shorter, straighter lashes than their Caucasian counterparts, is the eyelash extension.. [Are yours real?]

Transport officials from Belgium, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, and their counterparts from the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, plan to meet on Friday to discuss the issue.. [Greece Halts Mail, Hunts Bomb Suspects]

They want nothing to do with their counterparts from the toxic assets departments, who were singing the praises of packaged subprime mortgages before the financial crisis.. [Europe Seeking to Break U.S. Ratings Monopoly | Impact Lab]

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@MagniFieri: #BREXIT: Thersa May losing the Parliamentary Vote means the UK will leave the EU on March 29th. Congratulations to our Bri…


[email protected]_eng: women in the top 1% with children worked fewer hours than their male counterparts. To close the…


@MagniFieri: #BREXIT: Thersa May losing the Parliamentary Vote means the UK will leave the EU on March 29th. Congratulations to our Bri…


@wsbtv @NicoleCarrWSB This is why it’s never been about gender. They can run that game all they want. They have jus…


@MagniFieri: #BREXIT: Thersa May losing the Parliamentary Vote means the UK will leave the EU on March 29th. Congratulations to our Bri…

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