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Hyphenation coun ty
Pronunciations /ˈkaʊnti/

Definitions and meanings of "County"

What do we mean by county?

The largest administrative division of most states in the United States. noun

A territorial division exercising administrative, judicial, and political functions in Great Britain and Ireland. noun

The territory under the jurisdiction of a count or earl. noun

The people living in a county. noun

Originally, the domain or territory of a count or earl. noun

Now, a definite division of a country or state for political or administrative purposes. noun

Collectively, the inhabitants of a county. noun

Of or pertaining to a county: as, county families; county society.

A count; an earl or lord. noun

An earldom; the domain of a count or earl. noun

A circuit or particular portion of a state or kingdom, separated from the rest of the territory, for certain purposes in the administration of justice and public affairs; -- called also a shire. See Shire. noun

A count; an earl or lord. noun

See Commissioner. noun

A city or town having the privilege to be a county by itself, and to be governed by its own sheriffs and other magistrates, irrespective of the officers of the county in which it is situated; as London, York, Bristol, etc. noun

A court whose jurisdiction is limited to county. noun

A county distinguished by particular privileges; -- so called a palatio (from the palace), because the owner had originally royal powers, or the same powers, in the administration of justice, as the king had in his palace; but these powers are now abridged. The counties palatine, in England, are Lancaster, Chester, and Durham. noun

Rates levied upon the county, and collected by the boards of guardians, for the purpose of defraying the expenses to which counties are liable, such as repairing bridges, jails, etc. noun

A county town. noun

The general quarter sessions of the peace for each county, held four times a year. noun

The land ruled by a count or a countess.

An administrative region of various countries, including Bhutan, Canada, China, Croatia, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and 48 of the 50 United States (excluding Alaska and Louisiana).

A definitive geographic region, without direct administrative functions.

A jail operated by a county government.

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The word "county" in example sentences

MIKE ANTONOVICH, LOS ANGELES COUNTY SUPERVISOR: They want to cash in on this hot real estate market and they want to ship out all of the so-called homeless into other parts of the county. ❋ Unknown (2006)

MOOSE: I would encourage us to remember a few hours ago how County Executive Doug Duncan talked about the mood of the people at the Taste of Bethesda, people at soccer games, people at Little League football, people moving about the county. ❋ Unknown (2002)

In 1898 he started a County Fair to spur the ambition of the Negro farmers of the county. ❋ Lyman Beecher Stowe (1915)

King County now provides animal services for 34 of 39 cities in the county. [email protected] (STEVE MAYNARD; Staff (2010)

If approved by a majority vote, the resolution would request County Executive Pete Kremen draft a letter notifying the city of the county's intent to withdraw from the contract by Jan. From there, the city, county, governments of other cities in the county and EMS providers would have three years to set up a new system - one that Crawford said he hopes gives the county government more control of its oversight. ❋ Unknown (2010)

PLAN-Boulder County, a long-time liberal voice in Boulder city and county politics. ❋ Bob Wells (2010)

Documents sent via UPS • Comfort of constant tracking • County Follow Up • Constantly monitoring until receipt of recorded document from county ❋ Joshual (2009)

Garfield County Commissioner Trési Houpt, however, was not present at the meeting in August when the agreement was reached between Williams and the county. ❋ Unknown (2009)

County Administrator Will Johnson suggested they only do what they call the triangle, which excludes a portion of the north part of the county. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Add (New SqlParameter ( "@county", county)) command. ❋ Unknown (2009)

County Administrator Jon Peacock said the committee, city and county need to examine how Clifton and Fruitvale would transition into being a part of Grand Junction and how services would be adjusted. ❋ Unknown (2008)

/coontj. ded at present by captains Jefreys and Dunkin, in the second battalion of the thirty third regiment of infantry in the county of Campbell, be, and they are hereby, ex - empt from attending regimental musters in said county* ❋ Unknown (1796)

county commissioners of Bristol County to provide addi - tional accommodations for prisoners in that county. ❋ Unknown (1785)

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