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Definitions and meanings of "Cowperson"

What do we mean by cowperson?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word cowperson. Define cowperson, cowperson synonyms, cowperson pronunciation, cowperson translation, English dictionary definition of cowperson.

When you are laying down on the bed and the your sexual partner starts riding your dick/strap-on like a mechanical bull while they are turned away from you. Often used to conceal one's identity and gender for casual sex. Urban Dictionary

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The word "cowperson" in example sentences

Every good cowperson knows you can’t get the whole herd through the corral gate at once. ❋ Nicholas Lore (1998)

[Persom] 1: Who was that person you hooked up with last night? Person 2: [I'm not sure], never saw their face. Person 1: Well, was it a dude or a chick? Person 2: Don't know, [we did it] Reverse Cowperson style. ❋ Gain Diddends (2020)

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What does cowperson mean?

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