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The word "craws" in example sentences

"There's rooks and crows" (which he pronounced broadly -- "craws") -- "not much else, I can tell you.. [Helbeck of Bannisdale — Volume I]

Yes | No | Report from jamesti wrote 49 weeks 1 hour ago plastic craws work really well in my area. they will be effective all year.. [What is the best Bass lure for Spring fishing.]

All this has understandably stuck in Republicans' craws.. [Winning the Real ObamaCare War]

That seemed to stick in a lot of craws, including my wife's and daughter's, mainly because it seemed from out of left field, and not terribly ... well, plausible.. [Mind Meld Make-Up Test: Jeffrey A. Carver on BSG]

Have, not infrequently, found 3 to 6 inch, still digesting craws in big browns.. [i had caught a crayfish and i was wondering if i should use it for bait?]

Just your basic minnows and craws found in the stomach.. [Catfish Eats Water Moccasin]

It will stick in the craws of moderates (including educated independents and republicans) and will not help his election chances.. [McCain makes pledge on conservative judges]

Sometimes just just craws in bed with us, sometimes she turns one of her barbie movies, and will fall back asleep while watching it.. [Endymion’s Sleep | Her Bad Mother]

But pretending to be married to Missus Becky -- that stuck in their craws.. [Static]

Iffn u craws a collie wiv a melun, u get a liddul meluncollie…. [Sigmund’s new “environmentally friendly” - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

Dis weekweekweek ai woz taykin teh buss in Fronschland, craws teh boarder tehn teh liddlol bote – berri peeceful on teh layk in teh moarnin sun.. [Video: Yum Yum Kitteh - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

I herd dat tu, mai ant had a meezer dat wuz teh craws-eyed.. [Fred always wondered why he - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

I'm betting that's going to be sticking in a few craws this morning.. [OBAMESSIAH!]

These songs were drummed into our heads on the radio, and later on MTV and VH-1, and they've stuck in our craws ever since, the way a sesame seed gets stuck in a dental bridge.. [Tony Sachs and Sal Nunziato: If Music Be The Food Of Love, These Songs Are Fried Pork Rinds]

The untold thousands of foreclosed rental properties stick in their collective craws like indigestible rock.. [Hey Candidates: It's still about the economy and foreclosure]

The idea that a black man is president must be eating at the craws of bigots and racists who already felt inadequate.. [Printing: Assassination by Lapse In Security]

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@OlocoMete: Alguém como você 💚


bar craws across the stage


What kinda man craws into his own grave in search of hope? Damn I felt that‼️💯


@WoodyDGR You should do an Ableton 3 Craws


@tarrybreeks LOL ok I love craws then :-)

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