Definitions and meanings of "Create"

What do we mean by create?

To cause to exist; bring into being: synonym: establish. transitive verb

To give rise to; produce. transitive verb

To produce through artistic or imaginative effort. transitive verb

To invest with an office or title; appoint. transitive verb

Created. adjective

To bring into being; cause to exist; specifically, to produce without the prior existence of the material used, or of other things like the thing produced; produce out of nothing.

To make or produce from crude or scattered materials; bring into form; embody: as, Peter the Great created the city of St. Petersburg; Palladio created a new style of architecture.

To make or form by investing with a new character or functions; ordain; constitute; appoint: as, to create one a peer.

To be the occasion of; bring about; cause; produce.

To beget; generate; bring forth.

To originate; engage in originative action.

Begotten; composed; created.

Created; composed; begotten. adjective

To bring into being; to form out of nothing; to cause to exist. transitive verb

To effect by the agency, and under the laws, of causation; to be the occasion of; to cause; to produce; to form or fashion; to renew. transitive verb

To invest with a new form, office, or character; to constitute; to appoint; to make. transitive verb

To put into existence. verb

To design, invest with a new form, shape, etc. verb

To be creative, imaginative. verb

To cause, bring a (non-object) about by action. verb

To bring into existence; (sometimes in particular:)

To cause, to bring (a non-object) about by an action, behavior, or event, to occasion.

To confer or invest with a rank or title of nobility, to appoint, ordain or constitute.

To be or do something creative, imaginative, originative.

In theatre, to be the first performer of a role; to originate a character.

To make a fuss, complain; to shout.

To become the maker of.  Urban Dictionary

The process of making, dreaming up, inventing, evolving from one's own thought(s) or imagination(s), causing some thing(s) or some event(s) to come into being with or without imaginary efforts.  Urban Dictionary

Creat (n.) The thing you must be full of for you to be creative. It may seem intuitive that you would be full of creativity, or just be creative, but for people who aren't creative, it is neccessary to provide a tangible, tactile, quantifiable thing that makes you creative, and that thing is creat.  Urban Dictionary

The act or process of being creative grateful.  Urban Dictionary

To build or make an item  Urban Dictionary

Often used in conjunction ith the term "Plumbers Crack" or "Grand Peeping Canyon". It refers to the degree of inter-buttock definition visible above the trouser line of an individual.  Urban Dictionary

To violently and utterly destroy a woman’s vagina  Urban Dictionary

Sneaky way to say cheat in a committed relationship. To leave ones options open (to cheat)  Urban Dictionary

Prompt book  Urban Dictionary

A term used by businesses in an effort to motivate their employees. The term refers to making the business appear more valuable to potential customers than it really is. Traditional techniques include making lobbies look prettier and more modern, up-selling services, and telling customers what they need (to benefit the business). Usually relegated to managerspeak (that elusive tongue used by the higher-ups in a company). Synonyms: Tactical lying, business strategy, corporate plan  Urban Dictionary

The word "create" in example sentences

How to use create in a sentence? Example sentences with the create, a sentence example for create, and how to make create in sample sentence, how do I use the word create in a sentence? How do you spell create in a sentence?

Infinite should form for Himself and _in_ Himself, an idea of what HE willed to produce or create: and, as there is no Time with Him, to _will was_ to _create_, to _plan_ was to _will_ and to _create_; and in the   ❋ Albert Pike (1850)

G. LOPEZ: I never saw something that had peace in the title create so many fights.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Remember that the word create comes from the same origin as Creator, so we are closer to God when we are using our creativity.   ❋ KATHLEEN MCGOWAN (2009)

Not only does the label create entire collections for men and women, it is also responsible for accessories and lingerie.   ❋ Author (2010)

In the name of what he calls the create ideological battle of our age, he remains the first American President in our history to justify what everyone throughout the free world calls torture.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

CANFIELD: Well, there are a number of ways but one of the ways that I like to start with my clients is what I call create an irritation list.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

The issue is not what the English word "create" means, but what the Hebrew word that is usually translated that was in Genesis 1 means.   ❋ James F. McGrath (2009)

How big of a disturbance they create is often a consequence of how you handle them.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

“Artists have an alternate source of revenue available through performance fees, which, together with the simple desire to create, is enough to encourage all sorts of new production.”   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Artists have an alternate source of revenue available through performance fees, which, together with the simple desire to create, is enough to encourage all sorts of new production.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

One of the most enjoyable types of short stories to both read and to create is one with The Twist.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

And now the forums are officially open for our hooping community to once again create profiles and groups, post events in the calendar, blog, to view and share videos and more.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

What took eight years to create is not going to be resolved overnight.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

The only jobs Obama/Biden are working to create is jobs in the military.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

I am grateful he will have no opportunity to re-create is destruction on the whole country. cspurgeon   ❋ Unknown (2010)

They will, once again create a secondary investment market using those credits as a new futures investment vehicle.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Organizations that are getting a better short-term success in retaining their key employees are the ones that pay the most, but all this will help create is a compensation spiral in which employers fight over who pays a little more."   ❋ Javier Espinoza (2010)

The desire to create is self-renewing and self-reinforcing.   ❋ Rebecca Tushnet (2009)

I have created the douche. Heeeeeeeee ❋ Sgdjklkejlrg (2005)

I am creating my day and my life; and it will be wonderful. ❋ Lileelicious (2008)

Damn son! I never would have come up with such a cool project. You must be full of CREAT! or the more popular: " RE: I think "Re: Re: Hello" would just be a lack of creat" ❋ Jessie (Team Rocket) (2006)

They are so createful in their creative process, giving more and grateful being creatives. ❋ Trailer Park Bob (2019)

I’m going to create a game ❋ UFG Hero (2019)

"Man, do you see the amount of creats on that guy over there... thats one hell of a Plumbers Crack." "No bro, that's more of a Grand Peeping Canyon" Hey dude, you have some creats showing there, care to pull your pants up? ❋ Blah_Blah_Blah_Blink_Blah (2013)

Im about to creat that pussy ❋ Jesus Uchiha (2021)

I didn't mean to hurt you- I just needed to create optionality in our relationship. ❋ Babimia (2020)

Lets do create this book ❋ Coco Flobo (2021)

Big Boss: "We need to create value for our company." Manager 1: "We are really creating value for our business by putting these flowers and pictures all over the lobby." Manager 2: "We certainly are, but I think we need to create more value by installing a chocolate fountain in the boardroom." ❋ Birdbrain5381 (2012)

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