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Definitions of "creation"

  • The act of creating. noun
  • The fact or state of having been created. noun
  • The act of investing with a new office or title. noun
  • The world and all things in it. noun
  • All creatures or a class of creatures. noun
  • The divine act by which, according to various religious and philosophical traditions, the world was brought into existence. noun
  • An original product of human invention or artistic imagination: the latest creation in the field of computer design. noun
  • An invention, artwork, etc. noun
  • The act of creating something. noun
  • All which exists. noun
  • The act of creating or causing to exist. Specifically, the act of bringing the universe or this world into existence. noun
  • That which is created; that which is produced or caused to exist, as the world or some original work of art or of the imagination; nature. noun
  • The act of constituting or investing with a new character; appointment; formation. noun
  • The act of creating or causing to exist; especially, the act of producing both the material and the form of that which is made; production from nothing; specifically, the original formation of the universe by the Deity. noun
  • The act of forming or constituting; a bringing into existence as a unit by combination of means or materials; coördination of parts or elements into a new entity: as, the creation of a character in a play. noun
  • That which is created; that which has been produced or caused to exist; a creature, or creatures collectively; specifically, the world; the universe. noun
  • An act or a product of artistic or mechanical invention; the product of thought or fancy: as, a creation of the brain; a dramatic creation. noun
  • The act of investing a person with a new character or function; appointment: as, the creation of peers in England. noun
  • The opinion or hypothesis that the variety of creation is perpetually increasing in consequence of the fact that the regularity of nature is not absolute or does not extend to all events. noun

The word "creation" in example sentences

They do not go into details regarding this creation, and, unlike the Oriental teachers, they fail to distinguish between the conception of the _creation of shape and form_, on the one hand; and the _creation of the substance of these shapes and forms_, on the other hand.. [A Series of Lessons in Gnani Yoga]

I am inclined to believe the apostle regarded the whole visible creation as, in far differing degrees of consciousness, a live outcome from the heart of the living one, who is all and in all: such view, at the same time, I do not care to insist upon; I only care to argue that the word _creature_ or _creation_ must include everything in creation that has sentient life.. [Hope of the Gospel]

[Bug 539243] Re: initial account creation window gives no indicationof successful account creation** Changed in: empathy. [FossPlanet]

He says that God's role in creation is active today, and more importantly, he says that he does believe in a God who loves us and cares for each of us as individuals.. [Iowa]

"The greatest poet even cannot say it: for the mind in creation is as a fading coal which some invisible influence, like an inconstant wind, awakens to transitory brightness" (503-4).. [Shelley's Golden Wind: Zen Harmonics in _A Defence of Poetry_ and 'Ode to the WestWind']

The greatest poet even cannot say it; for the mind in creation is a fading coal which some invisible influence, like an inconstant wind, awakens to transitory brightness; this power arises from within like the color of a flower which fades and changes as it is developed, and the conscious portions of our natures are unprophetic either of its approach or its departure.. [Subjecticity (On Kant and the Texture of Romanticism)]

COOPER (on camera): Have you heard the term creation care?. [CNN Transcript May 9, 2007]

This law governs creation, yet the word creation is often erroneously used, for nothing is ever really created.. [Having It All]

Biblically, the word creation does not appear in relation to the origin of life.. [THE HIDDEN FACE OF GOD]

Like other words of the same ending, the term creation signifies both an action and the object or effect thereof.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 4: Clandestinity-Diocesan Chancery]

And I leave it to you, if all the money in creation is worth as much as one arm like that when it's got a sweet little woman like this to go around.. [Chapter XXVI]

Still, the term creation is applicable to the first ten, though in varying degrees, until when we reach the element earth, creation proper is at an end.. [A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy]

As creation is the foundation and a specimen of the whole divine economy, so faith in creation is the foundation and a specimen of all faith. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

The term creation signifies both an act and the result of an action in which an agent (the creator) brings about the origin of an entity.. [CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]]

It cannot create since the term creation would require a creator.. [ Stories / Popular]

With new and improved functionality for high performance labeling, LabelMark 5 Software offers time-saving tools for each phase of the label creation process - from product design to label application.. [ThomasNet News - Today's New Product News]

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