Character 8
Hyphenation cre a tive
Pronunciations /kɹiˈeɪtɪv/

Definitions and meanings of "Creative"

What do we mean by creative?

Having the ability or power to create. adjective

Productive; creating. adjective

Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative. adjective

One who displays productive originality. noun

Having the power or function of creating or producing; employed in creating; relating to creation in any sense: as, the creative word of God; creative power; a creative imagination.

Having the power to create; exerting the act of creation. adjective

Tending to create things, or having the ability to create. adjective

Original, expressive and imaginative. adjective

A person directly involved in a creative marketing process. noun

Artistic material used in advertising, e.g. photographs, drawings, or video. noun

Promoting construction or creation adjective

Having the ability or power to create adjective

A person directly involved in a creative marketing process.

Artistic material used in advertising, e.g. photographs, drawings, or video.

(noun) A person with a never-ending, intense desire to produce based on originality of thought, expression, etc. that impacts nearly every aspect of their life, both in negative and positive ways. Urban Dictionary

A quality that most people don't have. Being creative means you have the ability to think up many different types of art. See originaloriginality Urban Dictionary

A person who can think of lots of lies quickly. Urban Dictionary

Doing art, singing, dancing, writing short stories, writing poetry, etc. Urban Dictionary

Piece of shit company that sells good mp3 players, but doesnt know how to fucking make a headphone jack, so pretty much in one month, your mp3 player is ruined Urban Dictionary

(noun) A word used as a euphemism to describe an individual who is immature, irresponsible, completely disorganized and generally has no control over their life. Creatives often lack natural intelligence and consistently fail to follow through on any promises. "Creative" is often used incorrectly as an excuse for not wanting to do work or missing deadlines at one's job. It is often used by those who describe themselves as this very word. Urban Dictionary

Playfulness Urban Dictionary

What this world is in need of Urban Dictionary

What teachers call you when they don't want to say you are a dumbass. Urban Dictionary

Creativism is the conscious application of creative principles, practices and processes to every aspect of life, including relationships, work, home and money. See also “creativist”. Urban Dictionary

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The word "creative" in example sentences

If there were, they might understand the term creative destruction and be more concerned about whether it applies to countries in addition to companies. ❋ Glenn Beck (2010)

The term creative capitalism was coined, or at least popularized, by the most successful capitalist in the history of the world. ❋ Michael Kinsley With Conor Clarke (2009)

The most frustrating thing about the debate Bill Gates has started is that the term creative capitalism is so vague. ❋ Michael Kinsley With Conor Clarke (2009)

In this discussion the term creative capitalism has been seamlessly replaced by the likes of corporate social responsibility, corporate altruism, corporate charity, and corporate philanthropy. ❋ Michael Kinsley With Conor Clarke (2009)

Economist Joseph Schumpeter has been credited with popularizing the term "creative destruction," which was his way to describe capitalism and the manner in which a new idea or technology will replace an established or existing one.

Joseph Schumpeter, the economist who coined the term "creative destruction," would be proud. ❋ Marc Andreessen (2011)

The term creative writing was coined by Emerson in “The American Scholar” 1837 and was explicitly adopted by Hughes Mearns, a progressive educator who taught at the Lincoln School, the laboratory school of Teachers College, Columbia University, when he introduced the subject of creative writing into the curriculum for the first time. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you think of the term creative endeavor or creative innovation, does starting a business or new business come to mind? ❋ Unknown (2008)

In his book, The Creative Priority, Hirshberg wrote that "perhaps the most novel and all-encompassing management and interaction process to emerge from prioritizing creativity" was what he called "creative abrasion." ❋ Joan Michelson (2011)

When he shuts down the avenue in July 2011, to transform it into what he calls a creative atelier, he plans to enjoy " every weekend, " something he cannot afford now because of his professional commitments. ❋ Daniel De La Puente Mart (2010)

[Steve Martin] is a [true] creative. ❋ Nadine Key (2013)

Her [painting] is [beautiful], she's so creative. ❋ My Name (2004)

"No, because [Jim's] dog ran away, and we found it in a [movie theater], and there was a movie that was [rated R] so we couldn't go in so we had to wait and by the time the movie finished we found the dog wasn't there." ❋ Opaque (2004)

~ to sing in your high school/coollage choir ~doing a [dance class] ~ creative [writting] {outside of a class([just for fun])} ❋ Citygirl365365 (2011)

Last year I bought the [Creative Zen] Micro. I was psyched. It was $50 less than an [iPod mini], and held one gigabyte of more music. It also had a FM radio and a voice recorder built in, which you had to pay an extra $60 for both on an iPod. But 5 days after my warranty expired, the [headphone jack] was dead and I went online to find out a ton of their mp3 players were defective and weren't offering to repair them for free. ❋ Damian Said This :-D (2005)

Correctly: I don't know why I bothered [hiring] these [creatives]. This logo they designed looks cool, but the deadline for it was three months ago. Incorrectly: ([Rolls eyes]). My boss is angry at me for not turning any of my assignments in the last three months. He just doesn't understand creatives! UGH. ❋ Coolkatz321 (2015)

playing childishly with obvious, known or old information and ideas can produce something new and great. This is creativity. It is the engine of imagination and the [keel] of not just science and art, but all intelligence, [problem solving] and dealing with life in general. Every child is born creative. Its our key challenge to help our kids preserve their creativity into [adulthood]. ❋ Johnisnow (2009)

man, [the radio] sucks, the tv sucks, video games are starting to suck, [my grandma] sucks can [we die] now? ❋ DIdotFMlover (2005)

Your [son], [Jimmy], is a very, well, ...[creative]... boy. ❋ Danny The Girl (2004)

She didn’t believe in any [God made] in human image. Instead, she practised [creativism] and lived in full [awareness] of what others call God moving in, through, and around her. ❋ Orna Ross (2020)

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