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A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents (such as atoms, molecules, or ions) are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations. The scientific study of crystals and crystal formation is known as crystallography. The process of crystal formation via mechanisms of crystal growth is called crystallization or solidification. The word crystal derives from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος (krustallos), meaning both "ice" and "rock crystal", from κρύος (kruos), "icy cold, frost".Examples of large crystals include snowflakes, diamonds, and table salt. Most inorganic solids are not crystals but polycrystals, i.e. many microscopic crystals fused together into a single solid. Examples of polycrystals include most metals, rocks, ceramics, and ice. A third category of solids is amorphous solids, where the atoms have no periodic structure whatsoever. Examples of amorphous solids include glass, wax, and many plastics. Despite the name, lead crystal, crystal glass, and related products are not crystals, but rather types of glass, i.e. amorphous solids. Crystals are often used in pseudoscientific practices such as crystal therapy, and, along with gemstones, are sometimes associated with spellwork in Wiccan beliefs and related religious movements..

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Definitions of "crystal"

  • A homogenous solid formed by a repeating, three-dimensional pattern of atoms, ions, or molecules and having fixed distances between constituent parts. noun
  • The unit cell of such a pattern. noun
  • A mineral, especially a transparent form of quartz, having a crystalline structure, often characterized by external planar faces. noun
  • A natural or synthetic crystalline material having piezoelectric or semiconducting properties. noun
  • An electronic device, such as an oscillator or detector, using such a material. noun
  • A high-quality, clear, colorless glass. noun
  • An object, especially a vessel or ornament, made of such glass. noun
  • Such objects considered as a group. noun
  • A clear glass or plastic protective cover for the face of a watch or clock. noun
  • Slang A stimulant drug, usually methamphetamine, in its powdered form. noun
  • Clear or transparent: a crystal lake; the crystal clarity of their reasoning. adjective
  • A solid composed of an array of atoms or molecules possessing long-range order and arranged in a pattern which is periodic in three dimensions. noun
  • A piece of glimmering, shining mineral resembling ice or glass. noun
  • A fine type of glassware, or the material used to make it. noun
  • crystal meth: methamphetamine hydrochloride. noun
  • Consisting of, or like, crystal; clear; transparent; lucid; pellucid; crystalline. adjective
  • The regular form which a substance tends to assume in solidifying, through the inherent power of cohesive attraction. It is bounded by plane surfaces, symmetrically arranged, and each species of crystal has fixed axial ratios. See crystallization. noun
  • The material of quartz, in crystallization transparent or nearly so, and either colorless or slightly tinged with gray, or the like; -- called also rock crystal. Ornamental vessels are made of it. Cf. Smoky quartz, Pebble; also Brazilian pebble, under Brazilian. noun
  • A species of glass, more perfect in its composition and manufacture than common glass, and often cut into ornamental forms. See Flint glass. noun

The word "crystal" in example sentences

Q: Am I the only passenger whose primary reference for the term crystal ship is the song about heroin by the Doors?. [Shaking the Family Tree]

In short the crystal is all about the exterior form, not about the displays or the experience inside the building.. [» Toronto’s new-old is the new beautiful • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape]

Another commercial has a dumb office worker with a glass snow globe, which he calls his crystal ball.. [Touchstone Magazine - Mere Comments]

Neither he nor the Titans are sharing those details from what he called his crystal ball.. [The Daily Times News Headlines]

She does this in crystal-clear syntax, where every clause demands our attention.. [The Nobel Prize in Literature 2009 - Presentation Speech]

We enjoyed swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear waters and were absolutely delighted to spot a pod of large Orca whales actively breaching just a few yards from our boat.. [Your beach of dreams: nine towns on the Nayarit coast of Mexico]

Not protein crystal growth, material sciences, biological sciences, etc, etc (and no, not Salmonella vaccines either).. [Buzz is at it Again: Let's just change everything - NASA Watch]

We add to those the family chorus, those repeated stories that define us, and then toss in crystal clear memories that later turn out to have been remembered only from photographs.. [A Conversation with Jean Harfenist, author of A Brief History of the Flood]

Stop and have lunch along the river, swim in crystal clear water, and soak up the beauty of the area.. [Where to Find Friends for Travel in Back Country]

One of the great things about the Constitution is it was written in crystal clear language that only a delusional psycho like yourself could fail to interpret accurately. bitblt says:. [Think Progress » Portugal’s parliament approves same-sex marriage.]

If life spontaneously arises (like certain crystal structures) it would be much easier to assert a physical theory for its origin.. [Another Look]

The crystal is mineral and it is water resistant to 100 meters.. [Wenger AeroGraph Countdown Chrono]

The first protein crystal structures were reported by Max Perutz and Sir John. [The Nobel Prize in Chemistry: The Development of Modern Chemistry]

She quotes one defense witness who described the abuse as "one drop of ink in crystal clear water.". [Valerie Tarico: The Protestant Clergy Sex Abuse Pattern]

He has worn Sama Eyewear's eye-catching "Press" frames in crystal to at least six events in the past month, most recently Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. $343 at Samaeyewear. net or 877-788-SAMA. [Fashion Forward: Blanchett is bright in Armani's Black Lace makeup]

The exception is in crystal-clear water, where he goes with 14-pound fluorocarbon.. [Coldwater Spinnerbaiting for Bass]

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(i)., (s). kristal, billur; şeffaf şey; kol saati camı; (s). billur gibi, şeffaf, berrak. crystal ball billur küre. crystal gazing billur küre ile fal bakma. crystal glass parlak ve şeffaf cam. crystal set kristal ile çalışan radyo alıcısı. crystal system billur sistemi.(i)., (s). kristal, billur; şeffaf şey; kol saati camı; (s). billur gibi, şeffaf, berrak. crystal ball billur küre. crystal gazing billur küre ile fal bakma. crystal glass parlak ve şeffaf cam. crystal set kristal ile çalışan radyo alıcısı. crystal system billur sistemi.

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