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Definitions and meanings of "Crystallinity"

What do we mean by crystallinity?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word crystallinity. Define crystallinity, crystallinity synonyms, crystallinity pronunciation, crystallinity translation, English dictionary definition of crystallinity.

/ˈkrɪst(ə)lʌɪn/ adjective 1.Of, like, or clear as crystal. 2.{Chemistry & Mineral} Having the structure and form of a crystal. (crystallinity) Urban Dictionary

A song by Goldfrapp. Best used for getting things hot like when stripping or teasing, or stripteasing. Urban Dictionary

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The word "crystallinity" in example sentences

The reinforcement can either be an added material, such as metal or ceramic fibers, or internally created by precipitating ductile dendrites within the BMG, yielding partial crystallinity. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Sandalwood and frankincense in the base enhance both the fresh-green-dry and the creamy-ripe-languid sides of the rose, its fragile crystallinity and its heady intensity. ❋ Marina Geigert (2008)

The pattern of crystallinity, however, is far from straight. ❋ Staq Mavlen (2008)

"So the question we addressed is 'how does crystallinity propagate through the amorphous mineral?'" ❋ Staq Mavlen (2008)

Temperature of dissociation: - The temperatures at which CO2 dissociates from limestone depends on the proportionate amounts of MgCO3 and CaCO3, and on the crystallinity of the stone. ❋ Unknown (1985)

However, a small amount of additive (such as another wax) destroys the crystallinity and could be a way to overcome this limitation. ❋ Unknown (1985)

Because of its crystallinity, jojoba wax appears unsatisfactory as a mold-release agent or as a plug for making molded objects; as the molten wax cools and solidifies it develops too many fracture lines. ❋ Unknown (1985)

For lime production purposes there are two factors related to limestones crystallinity and crystal structure which are of specifc interest: ❋ Unknown (1985)

Where crystallinity is a disadvantage, jojoba wax can easily be made amorphous by adulterating it with small amounts of other waxes. ❋ Unknown (1985)

Like starch, cellulose is a polymeric form of glucose, but cellulose containing raw materials are not as readily degraded to glucose, principally because of cellulose crystallinity and the naturally occurring binding material, lignin, which gives wood its structural strength. ❋ Unknown (1983)

Hot alkali removes a larger portion of the lignin as well as the hemicellulose (Biochemical Engineering Research Centre [BERC], Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, unpublished data), but such a treatment appears to increase the crystallinity of the cellulose (19). ❋ Unknown (1983)

H2O2, O3, etc. The alkali causes swelling and separation of the cellulose, partial removal of lignin, lowering of the crystallinity of the cellulosic fraction, and partial hydrolysis of the hemicellulose (8; 18). ❋ Unknown (1983)

The objectives of pretreatment are to reduce crystallinity and to increase available surface by maximum destruction of fiber structure and interaction between the cellulose molecules. ❋ Unknown (1983)

The cellulosic powder, which lacks the normal fine-structure crystallinity of cellulose, is easily degrated by enzyme treatment, particularly after delignification with 1 per cent NaOH solution. ❋ Unknown (1979)

The patents claim omeprazole formuilations comprising a magnesium salt "having more than 70% crystallinity" and related processes of manufacture. ❋ Aaron F. Barkoff (2010)

Markman hearing to construe the phrase "by addition of water." ruled (. pdf) on summary judgment that there was "no evidence whatever that Dr. Reddy's makes or uses a salt with the requisite degree of crystallinity." affirmed (. pdf) the ruling without further opinion. ❋ Aaron F. Barkoff (2010)

The crystallinity (c) of the Nanonet core and the Si coating. ❋ PhysOrg Team (2010)

Definition 1."He writes a crystalline [prose]." or "The [glass] is very crystalline." Definition 2."A crystalline [rock]." ❋ S@ddy (2018)

1: Hey [do u] know what song i could play to get [my bf]/[gf's] freak on? 2: yea, try crystalline green! u cant go wrong there. ❋ Clarice Ilizarov (2009)

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