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Hyphenation cul ture
Pronunciations /ˈkʌlt͡ʃə/

Definitions and meanings of "Culture"

What do we mean by culture?

The arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and other products of human work and thought considered as a unit, especially with regard to a particular time or social group. noun

These arts, beliefs, and other products considered with respect to a particular subject or mode of expression. noun

The set of predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize a group or organization. noun

Mental refinement and sophisticated taste resulting from the appreciation of the arts and sciences. noun

Special training and development. noun

The cultivation of soil; tillage. noun

The breeding or cultivation of animals or plants for food, the improvement of stock, or other purposes. noun

The growing of microorganisms, tissue cells, or other living matter in a specially prepared nutrient medium. noun

Such a growth or colony, as of bacteria. noun

To cultivate (soil or plants). transitive verb

To grow (microorganisms or other living matter) in a specially prepared nutrient medium. transitive verb

To use (a substance) as a medium for culture. transitive verb

To cultivate: as, “cultured vales,”

In a map, all those features represented which are artificial or of human origin, such as meridians, roads, railroads, trails, ferries, bridges, houses, etc. noun

The act of tilling and preparing the earth for crops; tillage; cultivation. noun

The act of promoting growth in animals or plants, but especially in the latter; specifically, the process of raising plants with a view to the production of improved varieties. noun

Hence— In bacteriology: The propagation of bacteria or other microscopic organisms by the introduction of the germs into suitably prepared fluids or other media, or of parasitic fungi upon living plants. Also called cultivation. noun

The arts, customs, lifestyles, background, and habits that characterize a particular society or nation.

The beliefs, values, behaviour and material objects that constitute a people's way of life.

The conventional conducts and ideologies of a community; the system comprising of the accepted norms and values of a society.

Any knowledge passed from one generation to the next, not necessarily with respect to human beings.


The process of growing a bacterial or other biological entity in an artificial medium.

The growth thus produced.

A group of bacteria.

The details on a map that do not represent natural features of the area delineated, such as names and the symbols for towns, roads, meridians, and parallels.

A recurring assemblage of artifacts from a specific time and place that may constitute the material culture remains of a particular past human society.

The totality of communication practices and systems of meaning; a whole way of life of a people; the social production and reproduction of sense, meaning and consciousness. Culture does not express the way of life of a people, it actively shapes up that way of life. Urban Dictionary

A controlled growth of bacteria Urban Dictionary

Culture is a vague but meaningless term used by clueless high school sports team coaches, which tries to shift the focus of a team's success from the talent of the players to the "vision" or other attributes of the coach. Urban Dictionary

-A term invoked by people who feel pride in accomplishments of others. -A justification for all kinds of human rights violation. -An outcome of evolutionary beneficial group thinking, and thus a racist generalisation. -Also used in conjunction with 'history' for more pride and group thinking. Urban Dictionary

What happens when people strive to live together. Urban Dictionary

A word, as such, represented in many ways through human language: either as a sound or an image(characters). Many, many different people, all across the world, have given a differrent meaning, their own meaning to this sound/image. Within their contexts these definitions were accepted. Therefore the true question is: "Which meaning does the person who said it intended to say?" Urban Dictionary

A word used to draw attention, between friends, to an attractive foreign individual or group of the opposite sex. Urban Dictionary

Wasted on Americans. You ask an American about art, he says "Art who?" Urban Dictionary

Sugar coated word for narcissistic scum bags that try to brain wash you into believing their way is the right way. Scum that try to convince themselves and others thar they are doing everything for the good of everyone . Cult, group of brain washing dirt bags,with the ideals of the insane. Culture of different countrys The way of a tradition of societies and beliefs and ways. Urban Dictionary

Socially transmitted patterns of action and expression. Material culture refers to physical objects, such as dwellings, clothing, tools, and crafts. Culture also includes arts, beliefs, knowledge, and technology. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Culture

The word "culture" in example sentences

(c) The people of the culture farther west, the _north-west culture_, were not Mongols. ❋ Wolfram Eberhard (1949)

Here, too, the line of the extant culture, -- the narrow indented boundary of the _culture_ that professed to take all is always defining the new, -- cutting out the wild not yet visited by the art of man; -- only here the criticism is much more lively, because here 'we come _to particulars_,' a thing which the new philosophy -- much insists on; and though this want in learning, and the wildness it leaves, is that which makes tragedies in this method of exhibition; it has its comical aspect also; and this is the laughing and weeping philosopher in one who manages these representations; and in this case it is the comical aspect of the subject that is seized on. ❋ Delia Bacon (1835)

But trying to come up with a definition made me realize just how vast and encompassing the term "culture" actually was and how many things together make up the culture of a group or civilization. ❋ Zoe P. Strassfield (2011)

The general tendency in American culture is away from objectivity and neutral rules and toward Who? ❋ Unknown (2010)

So, to properly evangelize in culture today, we've got to know what the culture is saying. ❋ Andrew Beckner (2007)

Fully restoring New Orleans to its formerly unique and permanent place in American culture is this nation's greatest domestic challenge. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The Future of White Boy clubs at FactoryCity the issue of diversity in culture is intractable and unsolvable. ❋ Unknown (2006)

There are two senses in which the term culture war or cultural war is used. ❋ Unknown (2007)

But the place of books in culture is neither strictly empirical nor strictly economic, and their historical-cultural valence and productivity lie as much in their reception as in the contexts of their production. ❋ Unknown (2004)

The problem with using the term culture and race synonymously is that it is not at all synonymous. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The term culture shock doesn't even begin to describe it. ❋ Grassbrace (2003)

The word culture has a variety of definitions, depending upon the dictionary consulted. ❋ John Clayton Nils Jansma (2001)

When the word culture is used in reference to Japanese firms, it almost inevitably has a positive connotation.1 Because of the success of Japan over the past few decades and the mystique surrounding that success, one might conclude that major Japanese firms never develop problem cultures. ❋ John P. Kotter (1992)

But Lewis was trying to understand the culture of poverty, not in the narrow sense of the term culture, but as a design for living. ❋ Raffaele, J.A. (1968)

"All about tolerance" by Lindani Gumede (and comments) about the bull killing ritual with great interest as people use the term culture rather flippantly. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The snobbishness of the label culture is astonishing and simply proves the old adage about a fool and his money being soon parted.

[EVERYTHING] IS [CULTURE] ❋ Lawson (2005)

culture: people [assume] they are [part] of a culture, they are rightculture: many [bacteria] don't assume they are, but they are ❋ Standing Down (2007)

"We had a normal coach here [last season] who said the only time he wanted to hear the word "culture" was if they were going to culture brain [tissue] from a dead player to see if he had [CTE]." ❋ JTreehorn (2023)

Our culture is better than yours, because we have old buildings built by despots. Those [germans] in [poland] should belong to the [german reich], because they are part of our culture and history! ❋ Ralph R. Emmers (2006)

[Centuries] of [cohabitation], wars, reforms, trade [exchanges] and communicationa made of Europe the capital of culture. ❋ Cntfnc704 (2008)

[Culture] is a term that has different meanings, depending [on who] [said it]. ❋ Ludwig-Wittgenstein (2010)

Person 1: Duuuuuuuude! Check out [the culture] in the [atrium]! Person 2: Dude no, put your [glasses] on. ❋ Daojin (2009)

[Yoghurt] [Culture] for the [masses] ❋ Jackie Jameson (2006)

[The family] [courts] are not [corrupt] ,they have their on culture. ❋ Tekki Lou (2017)

[Learned] patterns of action and expression [constitute] [culture]. ❋ HistoryNerd94 (2010)

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