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Definitions of "cultures"

  • Plural form of culture. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of culture. verb

The word "cultures" in example sentences

These days, I study things like differences in "cultures" between troops of baboons, how the cultures are propagated, the consequences of the differing cultures for the health of individuals.. [An Interview with Dr. Robert Sapolsky]

Never mind that those writers lived in cultures that thought the Earth was flat and the heavens were a solid dome overhead.. [Karl Giberson, Ph.D: Christianity and Extraterrestrial Life: Are the Gliesans Going to Hell?]

I do not find that unlimited immigration from inferior cultures is a benefit for the country.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Illegal Immigration and the Rule of Law]

Otherwise, the influence of ancient cultures is impossible to scrub from the data.. [Philip N. Cohen: Good Woman Child Language (Talking Characters in Taiwan)]

Since my trip, I've devoured books on Latin cultures, traditions, histories, and individuals that shaped each of the places I visited and, of course, the place I came from, Puerto Rico.. [Marie Elena Martinez: Reflecting on Hispanic Heritage Through the Lens of Travel]

Since I had a grasp of Latin cultures but had never been given an opportunity to experience them, proximity aside, South America was definitely the right place to begin.. [Marie Elena Martinez: Reflecting on Hispanic Heritage Through the Lens of Travel]

Specialized skin cultures: bacterial, viral and fungal.. [Dermatology]

Certain cultures and backgrounds, including rural/indigenous ones, aren't going to be so slavish to the clock.. [Dealing With The Tardiness Of Others | Lifehacker Australia]

So you can order cultures from the culture company and make a gruyere in Washington or Alabama or Switzerland.. [Artisan cheese and blogs-to-books]

In one sense the argument about whether writers can effectively about other cultures is obviously flawed.. [Does “SF” actually mean what I think it means? | The Long Write]

The tension between the two landscapes and cultures is central to all my fiction. on 24 Mar 2010 at 9: 02 am Paula R.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » The Power of Setting]

Generally, my work is set in cultures where survival is closely tied to the workings of nature.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Words, Pictures, Memory]

Yet this argument would seem to be contradicted by the countless numbers of children who grow up with two or more languages concurrently – e.g. immigrant children, children with mixed nationality parents, children in immersion classroom settings etc – where the capacity to switch codes and even cultures is seemingly effortless.. [E is for Ecology « An A-Z of ELT]

For me, the opportunity to travel to other countries and cultures is a huge priority, so much that I consider it a personal value.. [Chris Guillebeau: Creating and Living by Your Own List of Values]

Understanding each other and bringing down resentment between cultures - even within cultures - having us be able to support each other, help each other, and understand each other.. [Jim Luce: Connectivity Is Key To Social Change]

The architecture of this dramatic building incorporates features of Mixtec, Toltec, Aztec and Zapotec cultures from the Preclassic period (200-600 A.D.).. [Anahuacalli: Diego Rivera's gift of indigenous treasures]

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Is it just in some Mexican cultures that you call your second cousins your nieces or nephews? Bc I am confusión.


@chellamanart: Keeping my cultures around my neck at all times. I am half Jewish-mom’s side, half Chinese-dad’s side. Proud to be Chin…

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