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In mathematics, a curve (also called a curved line in older texts) is, generally speaking, an object similar to a line but that need not be straight. Thus, a curve is a generalization of a line, in that its curvature need not be zero.Various disciplines within mathematics have given the term different meanings depending on the area of study, so the precise meaning depends on context. However, many of these meanings are special instances of the definition which follows. A curve is a topological space which is locally homeomorphic to a line. In everyday language, this means that a curve is a set of points which, near each of its points, looks like a line, up to a deformation. A simple example of a curve is the parabola, shown to the right. A large number of other curves have been studied in multiple mathematical fields. A closed curve is a curve that forms a path whose starting point is also its ending point—that is, a path from any of its points to the same point. Closely related meanings include the graph of a function (for example, Phillips curve) and a two-dimensional graph..

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Definitions of "curve"

  • A line that deviates from straightness in a smooth, continuous fashion. noun
  • A surface that deviates from planarity in a smooth, continuous fashion. noun
  • Something characterized by such a line or surface, especially a rounded line or contour of the human body. noun
  • A relatively smooth bend in a road or other course. noun
  • A line representing data on a graph. noun
  • A trend derived from or as if from such a graph: "Once again, the politicians are behind the curve” ( Ted Kennedy). noun
  • A graphic representation showing the relative performance of individuals as measured against each other, used especially as a method of grading students in which the assignment of grades is based on predetermined proportions of students. noun
  • Mathematics The graph of a function on a coordinate plane. noun
  • Mathematics The intersection of two surfaces in three dimensions. noun
  • Mathematics The graph of the solutions to any equation of two variables. noun
  • Baseball A curve ball. noun
  • Slang Something that is unexpected or designed to trick or deceive. noun
  • To move in or take the shape of a curve: The path curves around the lake. verb-intransitive
  • To cause to curve. See Synonyms at bend1. verb-transitive
  • Baseball To pitch a curve ball to. verb-transitive
  • To grade (students, for example) on a curve. verb-transitive
  • Bent without angles; crooked; curved. adjective
  • A gentle bend, such as in a road. noun
  • A simple figure containing no straight portions and no angles; a curved line. noun

The word "curve" in example sentences

And in the middle of the curve is a nook about five-and-a-half feet tall, a bit more than two feet wide and a foot deep.. [Bryson's 'Short History' Of Household Objects]

If you delay, then the stimulus might not start to work until the curve is already headed back up.. [Matthew Yglesias » Obama Presser]

And then for others the curve is anything but bell-shaped.. [My Bacon Number is 3]

Actually the curve is an exponential so every point over 100 counts more and more.. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Great Homer Pentium ad from a few years back.]

The continuance of the curve is a narrow, unrailed bridge.. [Four Horses and a Sailor]

Apply a label curve style to your conduit preferences.. [All Discussion Groups: Message List - root]

He has urged what he calls curve shifting, an overhaul of human behavior toward healthier living.. [NYT > Home Page]

The menu is under Format / Style Manager. go into Documentation Objects / Property Set Definitions / Check if you have a type you need otherwise create your own. then attach a label curve to your drawing from the pallette and select the property set you want to attach.. [All Discussion Groups: Message List - root]

For people having a strong sense of irony, that curve is mirrored …. [Taking offense an be a competitive sport.]

Are we saying that being on the top of that curve is a … bad thing?. [Really, it’s okay.]

What does it say about our friend if the curve is concave upward/downward?. [Beware the false friend!]

Every other point on the curve is taken up by sales that give the author and publisher little or no revenues.. [Why Amazon and Some Readers Are Wrong « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website]

The graph shows three different scenarios, each with the same cumulative emissions (i.e. the area under each curve is the same).. [2010 January | Serendipity]

Total area under the curve is what matters, because it is cumulative emissions that drive temperature change.. [AGU day 3: Science literacy means understanding the process | Serendipity]

Sure, the learning curve is a little higher perhaps with QuicKeys than the other solutions, but for LifeHacker-reading Mac users, it†™ s really not that hard to use.. [Five Best Tools For Managing Your Multi-Monitor Setup | Lifehacker Australia]

The Bell curve is established by the fact of Cost of Production limiting Resource Supply on the left half of the Bell curve, in the face of inadequate Price to generate production of product.. [Jobs and Tax Cuts, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

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(f). eğmek, eğilmek, bükmek, bükülmek, kavisleştirmek, kavis meydana getirmek.(f). eğmek, eğilmek, bükmek, bükülmek, kavisleştirmek, kavis meydana getirmek.

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