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What does the word cuss-word mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word cuss-word in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with cuss-word and anagrams of cuss-word.

Definitions of "cuss-word"

  • An imprecation; a profane expletive; an oath. noun

The word "cuss-word" in example sentences

I prefer the incredibly cuss-word filled version of the story, with stick figure accompaniments found here;. [The Man Who Left Chelm]

One of the things I love about your writing is the way you can use a cuss-word.. [A special father’s day «]

Sorry for the cuss-word, but I'm sick of this "which tellytubby is gay?" garbage getting so much air-time and setting the boundaries of public debate in this country.. [Archive 2005-01-01]

I'm sorry I called Jack Mullins, or whatever his name is, such a lot of cuss-word names.. [The Aztec Treasure-House]

"Just one nice little cuss-word and we'll take you home," whispered a tormentor.. [The Witness]

You've got a way of saying Pauline, as if it were a gentlemanly cuss-word, that makes me want to scream.. [Uneasy Money]

I call it mean to give a poor, defenceless kid a cuss-word like -- what's it?. [The Man Upstairs and Other Stories]

They never want to hear the name of Yukon again except as a cuss-word.. [The Trail of '98 A Northland Romance]

I don't say as how I don't hold with Gawd, "he explained, with uplifted forefinger and cocked head;" but if ever I thinks of Him, I like to feel that He's in the wind or in the crickle-crackle of the earth, just near and friendly like, but not a-worrying of a chap, listening for every cuss-word as he uses to his old horse, and measuring every half-pint he pours down his dusty throat.. [The Fortunate Youth]

"You'll need a cuss-word now; any other finish will sound flat.". [Man to Man]

I didn't dare send Sol to the machine-shop, because I knew he wouldn't have been there a week before he'd have had the shop running on Goetterdaemmerung or one of those other cuss-word operas of Wagner's.. [Old Gorgon Graham]

He said, "I allus thought this here Jesus Christ was a cuss-word; but these folks say he was some religious guy!". [The Subterranean Brotherhood]

An 'I started sayin' grace at table, an 'lef' off the on'y cuss-word I ever did use, which was "durn.". [Sonny, a Christmas Guest]

Beg your pardon, friend, for coming so near saying a cuss-word -- but you see I'm on an awful strain, in this palaver, on account of having to cramp down and draw everything so mild.. [Roughing It]

During the telecast, her cuss-word was already bleeped out.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

In the mouths of the dumb Right it has become a political cuss-word.. [TPMCafe]

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(i). küfür.(i). küfür.

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favorite cuss word — chinga tu pito pendeja


tabasco still tastes like my parents catching me saying a cuss word.


@AlohaNabs_: Does anyone else distinctly remember swearing at a young age? When I was like seven a group of girls and I called ourselves…

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The cuss word song faster slower and normal
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Baby's First Cuss Word

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