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Cylindroid Elliptic cylinder, a cylinder with an ellipse as its cross-section An adjectival form of Cylinder (geometry), regardless of cross-section Plücker's conoid, a self-intersecting ruled surface whose cross-sections are pairs of crossing lines.

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Definitions of "cylindroid"

  • A cylindrical surface or solid, all of whose sections perpendicular to the elements are elliptical. noun
  • Resembling a cylinder. adjective
  • A cylinder with elliptical cross-section. noun
  • A certain three-dimensional surface described by a moving straight line, used to illustrate the motions of a rigid body and the forces that act upon it. noun
  • A solid body resembling a right cylinder, but having the bases or ends elliptical. noun
  • A certain surface of the third degree, described by a moving straight line; -- used to illustrate the motions of a rigid body and also the forces acting on the body. noun
  • A solid body bounded by a cylindrical surface cut orthogonally by elliptical bases. noun
  • A conoidal cubic surface whose equation is z(x + y)—2 axy = 0. noun
  • Having the form of a cylinder with equal and parallel elliptical bases.
  • In anthropology, a cranium the norma vertical is of which is elongated, flattened at the forehead and occiput, and rounded at the sides. noun
  • In pathology, a body resembling a tube-cast, consisting usually only of mucus. noun

The word "cylindroid" in example sentences

It appeared to be of fixed shape, a cylindroid almost ten kilometers in length and two in diameter, majestically rotating on its long axis, mother-of-pearl iridescent.. [The Boat of a Million Years]

In a hold, among cases of supplies for the research team on Gwinsai, he was surprised to recognize a lean cylindroid, one hundred twenty centimeters long.. [The Earth Book of Stormgate]

Under-gravitationally speaking, above-the ship's skin, there was a five-meter space running almost the whole length of the cylindroid.. [Starways]

She was a big cylindroid, two hundred and forty meters long from the blunt nose to the gravitic focusing cones at the stern, forty meters in diameter.. [Starways]

A smaller calculus, which has been called coralline, is also cylindroid, with a number of brown, rough, crystalline oxalate of lime branches and whitish depressions of carbonate.. [Special Report on Diseases of the Horse]

The larger calculi, sometimes weighing 12 to 24 ounces, are molded in the pelvis of the kidney into a cylindroid mass, with irregular rounded swellings at intervals.. [Special Report on Diseases of the Horse]

In mathematical modeling and experiments testing the efficacy of several conditions: drug or dye with no particles; particles coated with fluorescein dye, positive or negative charge; and particles coated with anti-cancer drug doxorubicin, positive or negative charge, the UMass Amherst researchers show that gold nanoparticles move and localize differently in the 3-D cylindroid tumor tissue, depending on whether the nanoparticles are positively or negatively charged.. [Newswise: Latest News]

But by experimenting with different payloads carried on the gold nanoparticles in the new tumor cylindroid device,. [Newswise: Latest News]

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  • Pronunciations(sĭlˈən-droidˌ)
  • Character10
  • Hyphenation cyl in droid


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