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A character in Aion Online after you did the Ascension quest at level 10. Urban Dictionary

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The word "daevas" in example sentences

Theyre all over the world, in their different formsGreek daemons, Persian daevas, Hindu asuras, Japanese oni. ❋ Cassandra Clare (2009)

Legend has it that after defeating the demons daevas, King Jamshid had them lift his throne into the sky. ❋ Jan (2008)

Over against the good God, Ahura Mazda, with his hierarchy of holy spirits, there is arrayed the dark kingdom of demons, or daevas, under Anro Mainyus (Ahriman), the cruel Evil Spirit, the Demon of ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

But whereas the devas of Indian theology are good and beneficent gods, the daevas of the Avesta are hateful spirits of evil. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

But without abandoning history (i.e., tradition) we would revert for a moment to the pre-Indian period and point out that Zarathustra's rejection of the _daevas_ which must be the same _devas_ that are worshipped in India, proves that ❋ Edward Washburn Hopkins (1894)

'divas' (daevas); the Hindus chose the former, the Iranians the latter. ❋ Crawford Howell Toy (1877)

Face to face with the hierarchy of celestial spirits is a diabolical one, that of the daevas (demons, Pahlavi and Mod. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

Of demigods of evil type the _Y [= a] tus_ are both Hindu and Iranian, but the priest-names of the one religion are evil names in the other, as the _devas_, gods, of one are the _daevas_, demons, of the other. [ ❋ Edward Washburn Hopkins (1894)

Hindu brethren, they developed no capacity for organizing an elaborate pantheon -- they were practically monolatrous, were content with an all-sufficient Good Spirit (the Bad Spirit being tolerated as an intellectual necessity), gradually subordinated to him such gods as the popular feeling retained, and relegated to the sphere of evil the host of inferior hurtful spirits or gods (_daevas_) whose existence they could not deny. [ ❋ Crawford Howell Toy (1877)

[You're a] [daeva], ekkekekeke ❋ Kenical (2009)

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