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Several(3 or more) chicks laying pussy to head forming a chain(I.E chick A puts tounges chick B's pussy while Chick B tounges Chick C's pussy Ect. until the last chick in the chain tounges chick A's pussy)  Urban Dictionary

V : connect devices on a part of a chip or circuit board in a computer  Urban Dictionary

When large numbers of people engage in oral sex in alternating face up/face down positions forming a circular group of people. An individual engaged in daisy chaining will be giving oral sex to one person while receiving oral pleasure from a different person (at the same time). Probably referring to a ring of intertwined bosies having a similar shape and arrangement to a flower arrangement used as a tiara.  Urban Dictionary

Often found in porn, a phenomenon where multiple female participants perform cunnilingus on each other in a circular formation, permitting each participant to both give and recieve oral sex simultaneously.  Urban Dictionary

Partner (A) is sucking off or eating out partner (B) who is sucking off or eating out partner (C) and so on until the final person is sucking off or eating out partner (A). Partners can be gay, lesbian or straight.  Urban Dictionary

1. Sexual position involving multiple partners. One partner is pleasuring another, usually orally; the second is pleasing a third, and so on. Usually applied to homosexual males having a "chain" of oral sex. 2. The process of attaching computer cables in sequence to create a longer cable distance.  Urban Dictionary

N flower chain consisting of a string of daisies linked by their stems; v connect devices on a part of a chip or circuit board in a computer  Urban Dictionary

A knot often used for storing rope on a sailboat consisting of many slipknots tied on top of each other. This knot is usefull because it makes the rope small but can but untied instantly.  Urban Dictionary

A group of men, 3 or greater, standing in a circle, giving each other Dutch rudders. This can be done by having each person put their right hand on their penis, and their left hand on the adjacent person's arm; or vice versa.  Urban Dictionary

A group of three or more male homosexuals cojoined penis/anus to form an endless chain. the idea is to all ejaculate at exactly the same time  Urban Dictionary

The word "daisy-chain" in example sentences

How to use daisy-chain in a sentence? Example sentences with the daisy-chain, a sentence example for daisy-chain, and how to make daisy-chain in sample sentence, how do I use the word daisy-chain in a sentence? How do you spell daisy-chain in a sentence?

On the day of parliamentary elections in mid-September, a daisy-chain bomb planted in an alley regularly patrolled by soldiers seriously injured a child. ❋ Karin Brulliard (2010)

I made you a daisy-chain halo to still the pylon's electricity as it squatted on your picnic and gnarled at your lobes. ❋ Jane Flett (2011)

You can daisy-chain multiple pointer phrases together, padded on both sides with one whitespace character. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Your shaky daisy-chain of logic that leads from A to B to C is quite specious, and several of your point about language are pretty silly. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Just to double-check: when you daisy-chain hard drives together, does it matter what order it goes in? ❋ Unknown (2008)

I also daisy-chain errands and go through them in a “right-hand-turns-only” sequence. ❋ The Stiletto Gang (2008)

In a matter of months Alexander and his team are able to convince one Al Qaeda operative after another to provide them with key information until they daisy-chain their way to al Zarqawi. ❋ Human Rights First (2010)

It's somewhere between the daisy-chain form of a generic Strauss waltz and the refrain-driven form of other 19th-century dances. ❋ Matthew Guerrieri (2008)

And the OLPC has a built-in wireless repeater, so you can daisy-chain wireless connections across the Serengeti. ❋ Danhoyt (2008)

Derivatives also create a daisy-chain risk that is akin to the risk run by insurers or reinsurers that lay off much of their business with others. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The daisy-chain method doesn't add an intrinsic twist, but it doesn't keep one from creeping in. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I suppose we should have sent Saddam a lolipop and a daisy-chain necklace. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you want to observe a genuine PC, vegan daisy-chain in the wild, click here. ❋ Ann Althouse (2009)

For a daisy-chain of conflicts lies strewn across the region, stretching from Baluchistan on the Pakistani-Iranian border to the Sea of Bengal in the east. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The solution was simple: make the American taxpayer the last guy on the daisy-chain. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The only trick was to not be the last guy on the daisy-chain. ❋ Unknown (2008)

dude that [daisy chain] was [20] [chicks] long! ❋ DoCtOr PiMp (2003)

Certain game controllers have a “pass-through” gameport [connector], which allows you to connect two controllers to a single gameport. These controllers are known as a daisy-chained gameport device. Another example includes [Glade] [Plug-In] with additional outlet ❋ KinCryos (2004)

"We had, like, [20] [people] in our [daisy chain] last night." ❋ Dave A. Jones (2005)

Those [sorority girls] often daisy chain [on the weekends] for [cash]. ❋ Matt! (2003)

"[The Daisy] chain is a favorite party game [at large] [orgies]." ❋ Long Island (2004)

1. You know when those guys get together, they just have one big daisy chain. 2. I need more [parallel] cables so I can create a daisy chain to connect my computer to the [printer] in [the other room]. ❋ Brown Sugar (2003)

She [wore] a daisy chain around her [neck on] [the last day of school]. ❋ Mandingoe (2004)

"[Arr], put a daisy chain on that [rope] before I [keel haul] you." ❋ Will (2005)

Person #1: Hey who wants a [Dutch rudder]?! Person #2: I want in on that. Person #3: Hey, [me too]! Person #4: Let's Daisy chain this! ❋ Bedlam 1-2-3 (2009)

"hey [mandy]" [cried] out [reinhard] "come and join this daisy chain, we're just about to pop." ❋ TheWestHamfan (2003)

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