Word DAN
Character 3
Hyphenation dan
Pronunciations /dæn/

Definitions and meanings of "Dan"

What do we mean by dan?

Any of the levels of proficiency at the grade of black belt in martial arts such as judo and karate. noun

One who has achieved such a level. noun

An expert or expert level in shogi and certain other games. noun

A title of honor equivalent to master, don, or sir, formerly common, now only archaic. noun

In mining: A small box for carrying coal or attle in a mine. noun

In the midland counties of England, a tub or barrel in which water is carried to the pump or raised to the surface. It may or may not be mounted on wheels. noun

Nautical, a small buoy having a pole on which is displayed by day a flag and by night a lantern. noun

An abbreviation of Danish. noun

A small truck or sledge used in coal mines. noun

A title of honor equivalent to master, or sir. noun

A rank of black belt in martial arts noun

Someone who has achieved a level of black belt noun

A small truck or sledge used in coal mines. noun

A title of honour similar to "master" or "father", used of historical and legendary figures of the past.

Noun A man of unusual humor, consistently finding strange, and lewd comments amusing and/or entertaining in a way as to prevoke violent and uncontrolled outbursts of laughter. Urban Dictionary

Dan is funny, hot, sexy, hes such a great guy and is very good-looking, everyone wants to be him and every girl wants to have hot steamy sex with him and play with him and he has the coolest name in the whole fucking world!!!!!!!!!! Urban Dictionary

To hump vigorously Urban Dictionary

Absolute legend, man of great knowledge and humour. With great ability to just provoke laughter from faliature and in everything he does just a legend. Urban Dictionary

To be dan is to be angry to an extent where head explosion can be readily achieved. originating in the Australian cities of Albury/Woodonga, after a local celebrity got so angry at a practical joke, that his head swelled up and became so red that it was close to exploding, and then sent abusive messages to many of the people of Albury/woodonga abusing them and threatening them. after the indecent "dan" became a popular phrase used to emphasize one's anger/frustration. Urban Dictionary

Looks like Fix-It-Felix .... Urban Dictionary

The most handsome man you will ever meet, hes very kind and he is so funny you will probably die of laughter Urban Dictionary

Cool person Urban Dictionary

An usually repulsive or annoying bloke who happens to also be one of your mates. The individual has very large ears, and is generally considered to be a cunt of the highest calibre and order, even when compared to other such individuals. A 'Dan' however, is not totally without his merits, as he is possessed of a canny ability to verbally abuse those around him whilst himself being a magnet for such abuse, which usually centres around his ears and physical attractiveness, which is on a par with a weeping sore. Dan is known to be the inspiration for the popular ditty, "You stink of piss, you've got no mates, you like to swing on garden gates." Urban Dictionary

JEW Urban Dictionary

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The word "dan" in example sentences

Seringkali saya perlu, dan akhirnya jadi membuang-buang banyak waktu mencari-cari clipart yang cocok ** dan** legal / bisa saya pakai untuk keperluan saya. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Smithers: @dan i: money back is probably not going to happen for some years to come. but putting these assholes in jail for a long time ... dan i: Sure, we can send more people to jail. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the evening we went to a party thrown by a student in dan's host's group who just got a job in eastern Germany. ❋ Da_lj (2010)

Is tie dood, dan is tie dood, nieuw kostuum maken! ❋ Nathreee (2010)

By Kumpulan berita aneh dan unik » Blog Archive » Desain dan Kreasi UNIK dari KLIP KERTAS on August 13, 2009 at 2: 23 am ❋ Unknown (2009)

A group of concerned Malay parents established a platform to lobby for the support of PPSMI: kita tidak boleh nyatakan bahawa guru kurang kompeten dalam menyampaikan mata pelajaran Sain dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris sebagai satu alasan untuk memansuhkan dasar tersebut. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Romina July 20th, 2009 at 6: 55 am edit omg dan and kev are perfect but i must say that dan is prettier than he is no offense to team kevins but hes ugly! acacia hamilton July 20th, 2009 at 4: 03 pm edit you guys are perfect for echother never brake u soo cute ❋ Unknown (2008)

It makes me think of one of the most destruc­tive “your child is in dan­ger” media feed­ing fren­zies in recent his­tory: the McMartin preschool trial. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Fijn als die samenkomen, dan is er weer meer tijd voor andere activiteiten. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Daar was nie die minste twyfel nie dat ek was bewus daarvan dat daar op daardie stadium, soos ek reeds gesê het, duisende van hulle in aantog was na daardie selfde plek toe en dat as hulle hulle sou bereik het dan is ek bevrees was ons lewens nie 'n half sent werd nie. ❋ Unknown (2005)

I can tell you this much-the gateways do present a long-term dan-ger to your technological infrastructure, and possibly your very ecosystem. ❋ DeCandido, Keith R. A. (2001)

To extract from v. Ge 30: 6 the meaning: "God brought judgment upon me, but now has heeded," etc., is made impossible by the name dan ( "judge") which would in that case commemorate not the deliverance but the preceding disfavour. ❋ 1892-1972 (1942)

"Then, honey, de ole man he lose his temper, an 'he rampage up an' down de lawn, an 'he say he'll pay more money for de grippin dan anybody else'd pay for de whole house an' gyarden, an 'after dat dey had it back an' forth cool an 'perlite for a spell, but sort o' dangerous." ❋ Unknown (1920)

Untuk menjalankan mode CLI ini dapat digunakan console atau terminal emulator yang tersedia di Linux, seperti Konsole, xterm, aterm dan lain-lain (Gambar 5.24). ❋ Unknown (2009)

Pameran ini dikhususkan bagi para pemilik butik, pembeli toko serba ada, dan merek-merek yang mencari mitra label dan para pemasok berkualitas dari seluruh dunia. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Bahkan burung-burung tersebut diberi label dan diklaim sebagai hasil penangkaran. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Sun-Rah on Jun 2, 2008 fragilebob on Jun 3, 2008 that is fraking awesome!!!! hunter on Jun 5, 2008 cant wait looks like nuber 1 movie. but it sucks they took away 26 mintes into 15 min dan sich on Jun 6, 2008 ❋ Unknown (2008)

Tuhan Yang mengusai Angin dan apa yang diterbangkan Mahara Nanang Hariadi Gus Har Mohon kepadamu kebaikan daerah ini, warganya dan apa yang ada didalamnya, dan Nanang Hariadi berlindung kepadamu dari keburukan desa ini, penduduknya dan apa yang ada didalamnya (pukul 09.11.5 Wib) Penutup Demikian Kidung Puisi Do†™ a jam Sembilan Tanggal Sembilan Bulan Sembilan Tahun Seribu Sembilan Ratus Sembilan Puluh Sembilan (9-9-9-1999) untuk pemimpin Idolaku Wahai Mahara Nanang Hariadi Gus Har Deklarator Ketua Umum, Ajaraham Jajaran pelaksana Harian Dewan Pengurus Pusat Kontak Budaya Komunikasi Indonesia (JPH DPP KOBUKI) kami buat untuk dibaca serta disebarluaskan pada segenap umat manusia disegala lapisan masyarakat penjuru Dunia agar dijadikan bahan bacaan do†™ a yang mengandung daya megig bagi mereka-mereka yang membacanya. hidup Nanang Hariadi †¦ ..! ❋ Unknown (2006)

You should’ve married gay dan. your punishment for not marrying gay dan is to finish the slushie machine. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[the dan] could not control him his [mirth] as he viewed the movie "[Old School's]" lewd comedy. ❋ DiabolicalDan89 (2006)

[hey] [that guy] its [such a] dan ❋ Lienad123 (2009)

[Im gonna] go dan the [neighbors] [dog] when they leave. ❋ Big Nerps (2008)

[All of a sudden] Dan dropped his phone of [the third floor] of the building, whilst [recording] a video. ❋ Some Guy:} (2017)

i'm so dan [right now]. ❋ Wiggles3112 (2011)

[Jeez] [Dan] looks like [Fix-It-Felix] today lol ❋ RobbyWheelie (2018)


good music taste, will [box people] like [Tyson Fury] and acts like [a dan] ❋ Outrageouslilian (2020)

[My mate] Dan, who satisfies [all of the above] [criteria]. ❋ The 2nd Brother (2007)


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