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Definitions of "data"

  • Factual information, especially information organized for analysis or used to reason or make decisions. noun-plural
  • Computer Science Numerical or other information represented in a form suitable for processing by computer. noun-plural
  • Values derived from scientific experiments. noun-plural
  • Plural of datum. noun-plural
  • Plural form of datum: pieces of information. noun
  • information. noun
  • A collection of object-units that are distinct from one another. noun
  • See datum. noun-plural
  • a collection of facts, observations, or other information related to a particular question or problem. noun-plural
  • information, most commonly in the form of a series of binary digits, stored on a physical storage medium for manipulation by a computer program. It is contrasted with the program which is a series of instructions used by the central processing unit of a computer to manipulate the data. In some conputers data and execuatble programs are stored in separate locations. noun-plural
  • Plural of datum. noun
  • a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn noun

The word "data" in example sentences

Search the world's government data• Our world government data gateway. [Academy schools: full list of those who have registered an interest]

World government data• Search the world's government data with our gateway. [Election 2010: the data you need to vote in your constituency]

New data, now including AV+, shows how the election results would look different under proportional representation• Get the data• Full general election 2010 results. [How proportional representation would have changed the general election 2010 result]

Wireless trade group, CTIA, said in a statement that their members can track their minutes and data usage by typing in key words like * min and #data into their phones.. [FCC weighs alerts for mounting cellphone charges]

Development and aid data• Search the world's global development data with our gateway. [Housing benefit reform: what is the long term impact to your area?]

Sense-data at the times when they are data are all that we directly and primitively know of the external world; hence in epistemology the fact that they are _data_ is all-important.. [Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays]

Even the dates of MSS., which in all such cases must be regarded as the primary data, are very rarely _data_ at all, but only (to coin, or rather adapt, a much-needed term) _speculata_.. [The Flourishing of Romance and the Rise of Allegory (Periods of European Literature, vol. II)]

So, in other words, the data you see in the paper * are all of the data* save for a second grade computation ... which was probably performed by Excel.. [Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]]

I changed the owner: group to will: will on data chown - R will: will/data but when I try and access it I get a permission denied [email protected]:/data$ ls ls: cannot open directory.. [Ubuntu Forums]

Can someome help me I'm trying to create mutiple csv files from data I have imported into powershell I have tried Export-csv C: \data. csv but it; s only giving one file with all the data.. [ New Messageboard Posts]

It's my understanding that $data is a property of class Controller and it contains data which has been posted to the controller user HtmlHelper and that data here is accessible using the $this-data['ModelName']['fieldName']. [FossPlanet]

If you can't boot into Tiger, use a data recovery tool to backup your data*:. [Discussions: Message List - root]

Tony's, Tony's var str data; cat X. txt > $data; echo "" > Y. txt while ($data < > "") do var str row; lex - e "1" $data >. [AutoHotkey Community]

Untuk itu, kita gunakan perintah: $data = mysql_fetch_array ($hasil); 397 data password ada dalam array, diakses dengan cara: $passDb = $data [ "Password"]; Dengan demikian, keseluruhan script login. php akan menjadi:. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

DOMCharacterData:: $data, and DOMComment:: $data properties also store data without any transformations, i.e. in UTF-8.. [Zend Developer Zone]

We first locate where the relevant data is ($data - > sheets [0] [ 'cells']), we then loop through each item, the array contains some meta data that we are not interested in, therefore we need to check each entry for a date as the first field.. [ Latest 15 Tutorials]

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