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  • Plural form of datafile. noun

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All of the above data comes from Agency datafiles despite the loss of AJAX-Alpha on 033197.. [The Codex Continual » Agency Bio: Sam Herneson]

Sharing the datafiles in multiple OSes won't work very effectively.. [Separate Data From Windows On A Standalone Partition | Lifehacker Australia]

Quite a bit of this has to do with the fact that the FORTRAN version broke the processing up into separate steps with intermediate datafiles being generated and then read in for each step.. [Steve Had a Little List]

I don't know how closely they duplicate the original print editions, but it's possible that production datafiles from that era are the baseline, already paid for.. [Making Light: "No one goes around suggesting that everyone should become their own autonomous cheesemakers and cheering the death of the cheese industry. Why? Because that would result in a lot of shitty cheese."]

Then I migrated all Outlook datafiles and other files to this drive in separate folders.. [Separate Data From Windows On A Standalone Partition | Lifehacker Australia]

I take your answers to mean that you have no intention of allowing ANYONE to inspect your files as if putting 500MB of datafiles which would all fit on one CD-ROM, let alone occupying a relatively small amount of space on any file server represented any insuperable technological barrier which could not be surmounted by the use of the following commands:. ["But They are Very, Very Wrong" « Climate Audit]

In addition, we provided intermediate adjustment datafiles for both MT and LT – going far beyond only the “final product” that Connolley seems to think.. [Christy on Source Code « Climate Audit]

They padded the data without saying they did this; they used grey unofficial, non-publically deposited versions of official datafiles instead of the datafiles they referenced; they did not use all the files they said they did; they used files and did not mention they had used them.. [To Browsing Undergraduates « Climate Audit]

At any point either party can break off the analysis, in which case ownership (i.e. rights-to-publish) of the intermediate products (code, datafiles, report) falls to CA.. [Bristlecones, Foxtails and Temperature « Climate Audit]

The tree ring PCs are one glaring example where there was a huge difference between what he said he did and what he actually did, which was only revealed because he accidentally left a bit of code on this FTP site I say accidentally because he had previously refused to provide this code to us and I found the code in late November/early December 2003 by examining datafiles.. [Blogs on Barton Letters « Climate Audit]

I lost all my datafiles, all my phone numbers, all my—. [cat’s meow]

They hacked into Army and police computers, bypassed security, invaded datafiles, then marched out again without leaving any trace.. [Mortal Causes]

In their ASCII form, the source datafiles currently occupy about 18Mb of disk-space.. [The Movie Database Frequently Asked Questions Version 1.13 by Col Needham]

I went back into the datafiles and chose a dozen other things that looked interesting or useful; mostly things that would tell me more about how a vip?. [Catspaw]

Standby_file_management is a parameter, and when set to AUTO on the standby site, will create datafiles automatically on the standby site, for every datafile created on the primary site.. [SearchOracle: Oracle news and trends]

Because direct-path operations write blocks directly into datafiles, bypassing the buffer cache.. [Rittman Mead Consulting]

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@sebastian_gray @alb0black Mira acá está el origen del nombre del nombre. Como se instaló el convento de santa Rosa…


@kazuya_tateishi Filmic以外にするとLookにフィルムLUTあるんですがこれと同様にOCIO形式LUT作成してconfigに書き加えるとできます。通常のLUTファイルの読み込は現状非対応ですね。OCIOファイ…


According to the leaks found in the datafiles, it looks like that a new grenade called Chiller Grenades will be add…

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