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Pronunciations /ˈdeɪz/

Definitions and meanings of "Days"

What do we mean by days?

During the daytime on every day or most days. adverb

Plural form of day. noun

Life. noun

During the day. adverb

The time during which someone's life continues noun

Any period of 24 hours.

A period from midnight to the following midnight.

Rotational period of a planet (especially Earth).

The part of a day period which one spends at one’s job, school, etc.

Part of a day period between sunrise and sunset where one enjoys daylight; daytime.

A specified time or period; time, considered with reference to the existence or prominence of a person or thing; age; time.

A period of contention of a day or less.

A 24-hour period beginning at 6am or sunrise.

An expression used to signify the passing of a long period of time. When used it does not literally mean several days but instead can be used to refer to a period of time ranging from a few hours to a few years depending on usage. Urban Dictionary

Days- when something is taking a long amount of time. Urban Dictionary

Adjective used to describe something of great quantity, extent, or duration. Also, an adverb used to modify an adjective such as long or many. Urban Dictionary

The greatest mantra, to help provide progressive assurance that all is well and hard work eventually pays off in the future. Urban Dictionary

(pronounced day tuh day) adj. regular, not special (used in a derogatory way) Urban Dictionary

DAY DAY is a person in jail and he needs to be free Urban Dictionary

A gentelmenly, over enthusiastic vocalized expression of supreme delight, exhilaration and triumph when greeting and welcoming a close friend or loved one. Adapted from post cold war pop culture references to blissful, timeless rhythmic engagement in Easter European Dance Halls, the term "Days" personifies the intensity and joy of the moment in the presence of partners (i.e.friends or loved ones). Sometimes spoken with an indistinguishable European accent. In cases of suprise greetings, 'Days' is used in conjunction with the word 'Hey', as in "Hey Days!" Urban Dictionary

Weather conducive for the activity currently being undertaken, common phrase in Australia Urban Dictionary

Means "never ending supply" or so many that it last for many days.. Urban Dictionary

A phrase used on the end of sentences to enchance the previous statement's value. 'to the days' has a similar function to the adjective-enhancing 'very', although comes after the adjective instead of before. 'to the days' implies a strong tone with it's increased emphasis. Urban Dictionary

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The word "days" in example sentences

I remembered the days I spent with him and started to count the days… when we were in love… ❋ Inaptbeauty (2003)

It is perfectly practical for steam, when it shall possess a respectable mechanical adaptation to canal duty; that is, when it shall not be so shamefully profligate in expenditures of power -- _to double the average speed of horses, or lessen the general average of ten days on the canal to five days_, of which the down trips may overrun and the up trips fall short, as with horse average. ❋ Anonymous (N/A)

Cicero was killed on the seventh of December, about ten days from the settlement of the triumvirate, after he had lived _sixty-three years, eleven months, and five days_. ❋ Caius Cornelius Tacitus (N/A)

When the moon does not shine, they suppose she it dead; and some call the three last days before the new moon, the _naked days_. ❋ James Athearn Jones (N/A)

The sister was dead for five days, and the brother for three days_. ❋ John O'Rourke (N/A)

With music the best time is in the early days, in childhood time -- _in the first days_. ❋ Thomas Tapper (N/A)

The custom of naming the days may then have arisen, he says, (1) by regarding the gods as originally presiding over separate _days_ assigned by the principle of the tetrachord (I.e., skipping two stars in your count each time as you go over the list) so that you get this order: the day of Saturn, of the Sun, of the Moon, of Mars, of Mercury, of Jupiter, of Venus ❋ Cassius Dio (N/A)

In the first place, it is an established fact that these days of the week of creation were also, according to the meaning of the author, _days of ❋ Rudolf Schmid (N/A)

Then, contemplating the pale moon, as she sinks beneath the waves of the rolling sea, the memory of bygone days strikes the mind of the hero, —days when approaching danger invigorated the brave, and the moon shone upon his bark laden with spoils, and returning in triumph. ❋ Unknown (1917)

These are dreadful days indeed, my worthy neighbour’ (this epithet indicated a rapid advance in the Baronet’s good graces) —‘days when the bulwarks of society are shaken to their mighty base, and that rank, which forms, as it were, its highest grace and ornament, is mingled and confused with the viler parts of the architecture. ❋ Unknown (1917)

When the army set out it had approximately supplies of bread for twenty days, sugar, coffee and salt for forty and about three days’ forage in grain; it had also a sufficient quantity of ammunition; all this was carried in 2500 wagons with a team of six mules to each. ❋ Unknown (1917)

The hours, days, and years are the measures of time as we use them; that is: Jupiter's "Day" (one rotation of the planet) is made in ten of _our hours_; Mercury's "Year" (one revolution of the planet around the Sun) is eighty-eight of _our days_. ❋ J. Arthur Thomson (1897)

This taught me a lesson which was taken advantage of later in the campaign when our army lived twenty days with the issue of only five days’ rations by the commissary. ❋ Unknown (1885)

The two days’ rations had already lasted them five days; and they were now to go through a country which had been run over so much by Confederate troops that there was but little probability of finding much food. ❋ Unknown (1885)

That number of days was _trinundinum spatium_, that is, the time occupied by three market-days, _tres nundinae_, with seven days intervening between the first and second, and between the second and third; or _seventeen days_. ❋ 86 BC-34? BC Sallust (1844)

In addition, the Mayor of each restaurant location, a title awarded to the guest with the most days checked in over the last 60 days*, will receive one complimentary dinner entrée with the purchase of another entrée. ❋ Unknown (2010)

* poings off, craving shampoo she's not allergic to, chocolate that everyone around her can eat too, poings and eeps and friends she hasn't seen in days and days* ❋ Jaxraven (2004)

They said also that the first man who became king of Egypt was Min; and that in his time all Egypt except the district of Thebes was a swamp, and none of the regions were then above water which now lie below the lake of Moiris, to which lake it is a voyage of seven days up the river from the sea: and I thought that they said well about the land; for it is manifest in truth even to a person who has not heard it beforehand but has only seen, at least if he have understanding, that the Egypt to which the Hellenes come in ships is a land which has been won by the Egyptians as an addition, and that it is a gift of the river: moreover the regions which lie above this lake also for a distance of three days’ sail, about which they did not go on to say anything of this kind, are nevertheless another instance of the same thing: for the nature of the land of Egypt is as follows: —First when you are still approaching it in a ship and are distant a day’s run from the land, if you let down a sounding-line you will bring up mud and you will find yourself in eleven fathoms. ❋ Herodotus (1909)

On the 19th, just twenty days after the crossing, the city was completely invested and an assault had been made: five distinct battles (besides continuous skirmishing) had been fought and won by the Union forces; the capital of the State had fallen and its arsenals, military manufactories and everything useful for military purposes had been destroyed; an average of about one hundred and eighty miles had been marched by the troops engaged; but five days’ rations had been issued, and no forage; over six thousand prisoners had been captured, and as many more of the enemy had been killed or wounded; twenty-seven heavy cannon and sixty-one field-pieces had fallen into our hands; and four hundred miles of the river, from Vicksburg to Port Hudson, had become ours. ❋ Unknown (1885)

For to express the moon's period in days, is to say how many of these units of measure are contained in the period to be measured -- is to ascertain the distance between two points in time by means of a _scale of days_, just as we ascertain the distance between two points in space by a scale of feet or inches: and in each case the scale coincides with the thing measured -- mentally in the one; visibly in the other. ❋ Herbert Spencer (1861)

I [havn't] [eaten] in days. (Used to [represent] several hours) I havn't been to Chuckey Cheese in days. (Used to represent several years) ❋ Imperial7358 (2005)

-that [nigga] be [taking] days-we have been here [for days] -they be taking days to get our food ❋ Big Daddy Kelley (2008)

Was she cute? Dude, she was days cute. Do you want to go to [the lake] Saturday? [No man], I can't. I've got days worth of studying to do. She looks days [skanky] wearing all that makeup. ❋ Johntex (2004)

[Jeff]: how will we [get there]? John: [day by day]. ❋ Bmxbiker123 (2016)

[That girl] [thinks] [she's all that], but she's just the day-to-day. ❋ Badass Yellabone (2008)

[Free my boy] DAY DAY ❋ Relaxeres (2020)

{Friend enters [room]} "Days!" {Friend enters room, surprising and [overwhelming] you with [joy]} "Hey Days!!!" ❋ Charitable Disguise (2019)

*Bunch of mates sitting in the sun on a 28 degree [sunny day] [sinking] beers* Person 1: "Day for it" Person 2: "[You're not wrong] mate" ❋ Hmmmyep (2020)

i [got] [beats] for days ❋ Randy [blur] Robbins (2005)

I only got [3 hours] sleep. I'm 'very' fucking [tired]. This statement becomes: I only got 3 hours sleep. I'm fucking tired ['to] the days'. ❋ The_Moo (2008)

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