Definitions and meanings of "Deadlock"

What do we mean by deadlock?

A standstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces or factions. noun

A tied score. noun

A failure or inability to proceed due to two programs or devices both requiring a response from the other before completing an operation. noun

A deadbolt. noun

To bring or come to a deadlock. transitive & intransitive verb

To bring to a dead-lock or standstill: as, “they have dead-locked the legislature,”

A lock with a key-bolt, but with no latch-bolt, operated by a knob. noun

A lock in which the key-bolt must be moved by turning the key in each direction: distinguished from a spring lock. noun

A lock worked on one side by a handle and on the other side by a key. noun

A complete stoppage, stand-still, or entanglement; a state of affairs in which further progress or a decision is for the time impossible, as if from an inextricable locking up: as, a dead-lock in a legislature where parties are evenly balanced. noun

A lock which is not self-latching, but requires a key to throw the bolt forward. noun

A counteraction of things, which produces an entire stoppage; a complete obstruction of action. noun

A standstill resulting from the opposition of two evenly matched forces; a stalemate or impasse noun

An inability to continue due to two programs or devices each requiring a response from the other before completing an operation noun

To cause or to come to a deadlock verb

A situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible noun

A standstill resulting from the opposition of two evenly matched forces; a stalemate or impasse

An inability to continue due to two programs or devices each requiring a response from the other before completing an operation.

Clutching your arms around someone's neck, restricting movement without choking  Urban Dictionary

Deadlocked is the final and last demon of the main robtop levels of Geometry Dash and is also level 20 in the game.  Urban Dictionary

A situation between 2 people where each is waiting for the other's task to finish, so nothing gets done. When you walk down a narrow hallway, and you go to one side so they can get by, then the other person goes to the other side, blocking you again...that is deadlock. Deadlock is also when you go shopping with your mom in a strip mall and you don't say where to meet each other, so you go looking in store A while your mom looks for you in store B, then you get the idea that she's looking in store B, so you go there at the same she decides to look in store A. Named after the computer processing term of the same name.  Urban Dictionary

Trying to justify of your serious or actually even justifying that you are serious  Urban Dictionary

When you're gettin' snoody with the booty but suddenly you are stuck at full mast and can't pull out but also can't cum. Usually from too much sex.  Urban Dictionary

When the jury can't agree on a verdict.  Urban Dictionary

When a guy and girl are fucking locked in doggystyle firmly and intensely.  Urban Dictionary

To create something sub-par, to make a horrible mistake while denying it and claim it is of great value.  Urban Dictionary

The stalemate point in an argument when the only valid response is 'Fuck You' from both parties involved. Made famous by OzzyMan during his video reviews.  Urban Dictionary

The word "deadlock" in example sentences

How to use deadlock in a sentence? Example sentences with the deadlock, a sentence example for deadlock, and how to make deadlock in sample sentence, how do I use the word deadlock in a sentence? How do you spell deadlock in a sentence?

Talks between New Zealand's prime minister and Hollywood executives over the future of the Hobbit films ended in deadlock earlier today.   ❋ Ben Child (2010)

I agree that the focus in the ed reform conversation needs to be on concrete action that supports what's best for kids, and I understand that endless collaborative discussion that ultimately yields deadlock is a frustrating waste of everyone's time.   ❋ Kate Quarfordt (2010)

Clashes between Mr. Yushchenko and his former Orange ally Prime Minister Ms. Tymoshenko left government in deadlock, hampering reform efforts and deepening the pain of the economic crisis.   ❋ James Marson (2010)

Everything will end up in deadlock, and nothing will be done.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

Even our own country is in deadlock over people taking extreme positions and stubbornly refusing to yield an inch.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

So long however the attitude of the Hindu community that Muslim fears are baseless and that nothing need be done to set them at rest or at any rate the remedy must be deferred till after the achievement of independence, no solution of the communal deadlock is possible.   ❋ Unknown (1942)

The contribution which the Congress and the Hindu community can make at this stage towards the solution of the communal deadlock is that they can say to the Muslims: We realize that you are afraid of Hindu domination at the Center.   ❋ Unknown (1942)

The decision by Russia and China to use their veto power indicates that the Security Council might be stuck in a longer-term deadlock on issues related to the Middle East and the Arab Spring pro-democracy movements in the region, Western diplomats told Reuters.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

In such a situation the motor consequences of the first idea are blocked; and I may remain for half an hour or more with the two ideas oscillating before me in a kind of deadlock, which is what we call the state of hesitation or deliberation.   ❋ William James (1876)

France24 ZIMBABWE: Tsvangirai party says power-sharing talks have reached 'deadlock' - 3 hrs ago   ❋ Unknown (2010)

The decision by Moscow and Beijing to use their veto power, Western diplomats told Reuters, could indicate that the Security Council might be headed for a longer-term deadlock on issues related to the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the "Arab Spring" pro-democracy movements in the region.   ❋ Louis Charbonneau (2011)

Today, it's run by their four children, though the elder Mr. Etro still weighs in on key decisions or to break a deadlock among the younger family members.   ❋ Christina Binkley (2012)

That is because weeks of fierce internal argument have resulted in deadlock.   ❋ Andrew Rawnsley (2010)

The United States is resisting suggestions that it resume a large combat role to break a deadlock between rebels and better-armed forces loyal to Gadhafi.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

That's when he swings into action, exercising his constitutional duty to cast a vote and break a deadlock.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

As an older sibling, I deadlock my little sister all the time. ❋ Ma-ria (2017)

John: I DID IT I BEAT DEADLOCKED Amy: how about instead of clicking a mouse you spend some time with your wife and kids. ❋ Turtleboifortnite (2022)

I always get deadlock when walking down the aisles at the convenience store, they are so narrow. ❋ Braveheart's Thirst For Blood (2006)

Erh dude I want that,On the Deadlocks! ❋ BXTCHASSNIGGA (2020)

Man I was hittin' it from behind with Vanessa but I got such bad deadlock I was stuck pumpin' for like an hour. ❋ O'snap Cracka N' Poppin' (2019)

Homer: So "if" we get "deadlocked", we'll be "sequestered" at the Springfield Palace Hotel. Where we'll get a free room, free food, free swimming pool, free HBO. Ooh! Free Willy! ❋ Principal Skinner (2007)

We were deadlocked last night for three hours straight. ❋ NO FUCKING NAME (2011)

"I don't want to pull a deadlock and turn this into garbage." "Oh man, the chef totally deadlocked this food, it's terrible." ❋ Andrew J Dampier (2003)

"A: Fuck you! B: Nah, Fuck you! A: Fuck me? No, Fuck YOU!" C: We appear to be in a 'fuck you deadlock' ❋ Levaz (2017)

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