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Hearing loss, also known as hearing impairment, is a partial or total inability to hear. A deaf person has little to no hearing. Hearing loss may occur in one or both ears. In children, hearing problems can affect the ability to learn spoken language and in adults it can create difficulties with social interaction and at work. In some people, particularly older people, hearing loss can result in loneliness. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. Hearing loss may be caused by a number of factors, including: genetics, ageing, exposure to noise, some infections, birth complications, trauma to the ear, and certain medications or toxins. A common condition that results in hearing loss is chronic ear infections. Certain infections during pregnancy, such as syphilis and rubella, may also cause hearing loss in the child. Hearing loss is diagnosed when hearing testing finds that a person is unable to hear 25 decibels in at least one ear. Testing for poor hearing is recommended for all newborns. Hearing loss can be categorized as mild (25 to 40 dB), moderate (41 to 55 dB), moderate-severe (56 to 70 dB), severe (71 to 90 dB), or profound (greater than 90 dB). There are three main types of hearing loss: conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, and mixed hearing loss.About half of hearing loss globally is preventable through public health measures. Such practices include immunization, proper care around pregnancy, avoiding loud noise, and avoiding certain medications. The World Health Organization recommends that young people limit the use of personal audio players to an hour a day in an effort to limit exposure to noise. Early identification and support are particularly important in children. For many hearing aids, sign language, cochlear implants and subtitles are useful. Lip reading is another useful skill some develop. Access to hearing aids, however, is limited in many areas of the world.As of 2013 hearing loss affects about 1.1 billion people to some degree. It causes disability in 5% (360 to 538 million) and moderate to severe disability in 124 million people. Of those with moderate to severe disability 108 million live in low and middle income countries. Of those with hearing loss, it began during childhood for 65 million. Those who use sign language and are members of Deaf culture see themselves as having a difference rather than an illness. Most members of Deaf culture oppose attempts to cure deafness and some within this community view cochlear implants with concern as they have the potential to eliminate their culture. The term hearing impairment is often viewed negatively as it emphasises what people cannot do..

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Definitions of "deafness"

  • The condition of being deaf; the lack or loss of the ability to hear. noun
  • Lack of knowledge or refusal to admit a particular problem, issue, etc. noun
  • Incapacity of perceiving sounds; the state of the organs which prevents the impression which constitute hearing; want of the sense of hearing. noun
  • Unwillingness to hear; voluntary rejection of what is addressed to the understanding. noun
  • Incapacity of perceiving or distinguishing sounds, in consequence of the impairment of the organs of hearing; that state of the organs which prevents the reception of the impressions that constitute hearing; want of the sense of hearing. noun
  • Unwillingness to hear; voluntary rejection of what is addressed to the ear or to the understanding. noun
  • partial or complete loss of hearing noun

The word "deafness" in example sentences

Many late deafened adults suffer from something I term deafness paranoia.. [BellaOnline - The Voice of Women]

The entire medical establishment was aware of Limbaugh ` s deafness onset; however nobody seemed to grasp that instant deafness is a symptom of Oxencodeine abuse, although it is written in evry PDR.. [So It Might Not Rain on His Parade? - The Caucus Blog -]

The cause of the deafness is unknown, but has been attributed to diseases such as syphilis, lead poisoning, or typhus.. [Five People Born on December 16 | myFiveBest]

Often, people would offend other people "Are you deaf or something?" as if deafness is a bad thing.. [You Probably Think This Word Is About You]

"Veda's deafness is smartly played, and Graham's depiction of the tailor shop's inner workings is instructive ... the redemptive ending will please fans of the genre.". [The Tailor's Daughter by Janice Graham: Book summary]

At last it can be said that the West, after decades of deafness, is slowly coming around to fight this scourge of economic crime that is the gangrene of development in Africa and that fattens black money in Europe and around the world.. [Global Voices in English » Paris court investigates three African leaders]

Immediately, I wanted to find the person who wrote that, shake them up, tell them that deafness is not the end of the world.. [Deaf is as deaf does. «]

And an ignorant "deafness is a handicap" hearing perspective from Huffington Post writer, Michael Russnow, who thinks not giving someone a cochlear implant is "political correctness gone too far.". [Deaf community abuzz with varied reviews of "Sweet Nothing in My Ear']

The couple believe that deafness is a cultural identity as well as a physical reality.. [Boing Boing: April 7, 2002 - April 13, 2002 Archives]

Just over 5 percent of federal employees are disabled and less than 1 percent are people with targeted disabilities -- defined as deafness, blindness, mental retardation, dwarfism and paraplegia, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.. [Kudos to federal workers helping a deaf colleague]

Music more than anything else makes life worth living, and the idea of deafness terrifies me at the same time as it fascinates me, with its language unlike any other and its fiercely independent culture.. [soundtrack of your life]

The deafness was a problem sometimes; it meant that there were gaps in his knowledge, because the customers frequently lowered their voices and whispered; but it also minimized the prurient element in his listenings -- in, since he was unable to hear the murmurings that accompanied fornication, except, of course, at such moments in which ecstatic clients or feigning workers raised their voices in cries of real or synthetic joy.. [The Satanic Verses]

Meanwhile I explained my intentions to Dolly, saying in great glee: "His deafness is his defence: the old three-decker may bang away at him; he is IRON-CLAD!". [Humorous Masterpieces from American Literature]

From this it appears that adventitious deafness is increasing in relation to total deafness, which is most likely the case, as congenital deafness, as we shall see, is evidently decreasing.. [The Deaf Their Position in Society and the Provision for Their Education in the United States]

It seems to me that the deafness is a barrier to that.. [The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters]

The deafness was his idea of a ruse for his purpose.. [The Last Shot]

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a deafness is a mutualism: Anglican and institutionalist

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Navigating deafness in a hearing world | Rachel Kolb | TEDxStanford
Navigating deafness in a hearing world | Rachel Kolb | TEDxStanford
Understanding Deafness - Educational Video
Understanding Deafness - Educational Video
Types of Deafness: Born Hearing, to Hard of Hearing
Types of Deafness: Born Hearing, to Hard of Hearing

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  • PronunciationsD EH1 F N AH0 S
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation deaf ness


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