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Definitions of "dear"

  • Loved and cherished: my dearest friend. adjective
  • Greatly valued; precious: lost everything dear to them. adjective
  • Highly esteemed or regarded. Used in direct address, especially in salutations: Dear Lee Dawson. adjective
  • High-priced; expensive. adjective
  • Charging high prices. adjective
  • Earnest; ardent: "This good man was a dear lover and constant practicer of angling” ( Izaak Walton). adjective
  • Obsolete Noble; worthy. adjective
  • Heartfelt: It is my dearest wish. adjective
  • One that is greatly loved. noun
  • An endearing, lovable, or kind person. noun
  • With fondness; affectionately. adverb
  • At a high cost: sold their wares dear. adverb
  • Used as a polite exclamation, chiefly of surprise or distress: oh dear; dear me. interjection
  • Severe; grievous; sore: our dearest need. adjective
  • Loved; lovable. adjective
  • Loving, affectionate, heartfelt adjective
  • Precious to or greatly valued by someone. adjective
  • High in price; expensive. adjective
  • A formal way to start (possibly after my) addressing somebody at the beginning of a letter, memo etc. adjective

The word "dear" in example sentences

"Yes," replied Dexie, "they are rather dear, _dear shad_," and she looked intently at her plate, well knowing how Plaisted was glaring at her.. [Miss Dexie A Romance of the Provinces]

"Oh, I entreat you -- I implore you, my dear, _dear_ --". [The American Baron]

The man cried out: "Mother dear -- _Mother dear_!". [Suzanna Stirs the Fire]

"And now, dear, _dear_ Mademoiselle de Charrebourg, I come into your presence, to learn how it fares with you.". [The International Magazine, Volume 2, No. 3, February, 1851]

"_May you never regret it, my dear, my dear_," said the lover on the stage.. [The Gay Cockade]

Amelia addressed him now, with an effect of angry mockery, as “my dear old Frank Bronson”; but that (without the mockery) was how the Amberson family almost always spoke of him: “dear old Frank Bronson.. [Chapter 13]

"My dear, _dear_ friends!" he said, and stretched out both hands towards the company, as if to clasp them all to his heart.. [The Old Tobacco Shop A True Account of What Befell a Little Boy in Search of Adventure]

She often called Nels "my dear" with a peculiar inflection on the _dear_ and an upward lilt of tone.. [Son of Power]

That was the line, the very sharp and impassable line she drew between her "dear, _dear_ Ellen", her "dearest Nel", and her sisters, Anne and Emily.. [The Three Brontës]

She had hurt his feelings by saying she wished she didn't have to live with him, and she had insulted his dear, dear, _dear_ picture!. [The Iron Woman]

"Oh, dear -- _dear_!" she ejaculated above her breath.. [The Opened Shutters]

But then how her mother's weary, careworn face had brightened, and glowed into pleased surprise as she caught the first glimpse of her; how lovingly she had folded her in those dear _motherly_ arms, and said, actually with lips all a tremble: "My _dear_ daughter! what an unexpected blessing, and what a kind providence, that you have come just now.". [Ester Ried]

"O, dear, dear, _dear_," cried she, "I didn't know it was a toad till it hopped right up!". [Little Prudy]

There are types of emotional and sentimental religion that have a great deal more to say about love than about obedience; that are full of half wholesome apostrophes to a 'dear Lord,' and almost forget the '_Lord_' in the emphasis which they put on the '_dear_.'. [Expositions of Holy Scripture Psalms]

"Oh! Miss Rose, dear, _dear_ Miss Rose is going tomorrow," she sobbed.. [Elsie Dinsmore]

Oh! how earnest and importunate were Elsie's pleadings at a throne of grace that night, that her "dear, _dear_ papa might soon be taught to love Jesus, and how to pray to Him.". [Elsie Dinsmore]

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