Deck Watch

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The word "deck-watch" in example sentences

He focussed his eyes sharply upon the figure of the deck-watch officer. ❋ Voltz, William (1977)

The takeoff of the Ironduke required maximum concentration by the deck-watch crew who were present. ❋ Brand, Kurt (1976)

Occasionally, the startling note of the great bell roused the deck-watch from his slumber, and he sang over again the monotonous song that told the pilot how far his keel was from the sands below. ❋ Warren T. Ashton (N/A)

They may have reformed, but that did not prevent Captain Galvez from doubling the deck-watch at night while we were in Celebes waters. ❋ Unknown (1918)

It was still Rainey's deck-watch, and at any moment Carlsen might relinquish the wheel back to him as soon as the girl got tired. ❋ Stockton [Illustrator] Mulford (1906)

But when the noise up above has died down, when with the approach of darkness the rattling of the chains and the groaning of the windlasses has ceased, when only the slow step of the deck-watch finds an echo -- then it can be heard. ❋ Ferdinand Heinrich Grautoff (1903)

ROCKLAND (Sep 2): Lunch on the deck-watch the boats and have lunch. ❋ Unknown (2009)

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