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What does the word decked mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word decked in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with decked and anagrams of decked.

Definitions of "decked"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of deck. verb
  • Adorned or embellished. adjective
  • Having a specified number or type of decks. adjective
  • clothed or adorned with finery. adjective
  • Dressed; adorned.
  • Furnished with a deck or decks: as, a three-decked ship.
  • In heraldry, edged or purfled with another color: thus, the feathers of a bird of one tincture are decked of another tincture. Also marguetté.

The word "decked" in example sentences

Namely, the mighty choice sight gag of Wolowitz walking in decked out like an Adam Lambert wannabe sporting a coif that was somehow equal parts emo and rockabilly.. ['Big Bang Theory': Sheldon makes Penny his lab rat |]

East, through a sandy plain decked with great numbers of Rocky mounds, which were all cross cracked, at the top, leaving cavities in some cases, large enough to shelter both men and horses, from the balls or arrows of. [Life in the Rocky Mountains]

Then taking by the hilt his sword decked with gold, he drew it from its scabbard, and made signs to the chosen youths of the Greeks to hold the virgin.. [The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I.]

Taking up his bright shield with a 1,000 moons and his massive and celestial sword decked with gold, the mighty Ashvatthama rushed against the sons of Draupadi and began to lay about him with his weapon.. [The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 3 Books 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12]

The grave brown peasantry, with no great accent of costume, but with sundry small ones -- decked, that is, in cheap fineries of scarlet and yellow -- made a mass of motley colour in the high wind-stirred light.. [Italian Hours]

As the pile grows higher, each log is "decked," that is, rolled up parallel poles laid slanting up the face of the pile, by means of a chain passed under and over the log and back over the pile, Fig. 11.. [Handwork in Wood]

On another occasion, said Hartman, Marines had "decked" a worker from another embassy during a presumably friendly game of broomball, a form of ice hockey.. [ Top Stories]

Smaller storage modules, such as decked pallet racks and shelving, may become more appropriate.. []

"decked" on immense piles, sometimes a mile long and filling the whole river from bank to bank.. [Handwork in Wood]

If you're over 40 and not at the beach, you shouldn't be out in public wearing shorts and tank tops, regardless of your gender or national origin -- unless you're decked out in that attire for the purpose of exercise.. [CLOTHES - what's hot and what's not in Mexico]

They include trams on fishing, space rocket and Wild West themes, decked out with strings of lights.. [Strike threatened after Blackpool bus drivers suspended for being 'too fat']

The two most far-famed laurel-decked contests – 1974's so-called Rumble in the Jungle and, a year later, The Thrilla in Manila – both took place in October.. [The night Muhammad Ali's legend was reborn – and the party that followed]

Launched in 1987, it was the first 1950s theme restaurant in New York, decked out with waitresses in poodle skirts.. [Saluting a Maker of Local Landmarks]

NEW DELHI — India hopes to turn the tide of negativity over its hosting of the Commonwealth Games with an opening ceremony Sunday that will feature a performance by an Oscar-winning composer as well as a giant helium-filled balloon decked with mirrors, video screens and folk puppets.. [India Seeks Positive Spin With Games Kickoff]

He broke into her apartment (awww, what a romantic jewel thief!) and decked the place out with autumn leaves because she was homesick for Cincinnati.. ['Melrose Place' recap: The bitch is back...with juicy new secrets |]

Rihanna, did however, make a comeback on the red carpet on Monday, arriving at the annual Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum Gala in New York City decked out in a tuxedo.. [Rihanna Malaysia Concert Cancelled Following Chris Brown Attack]

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@uItyenas: first, eunbi literally decked nako and now chaeyeon kicked her daughter in the face 🤣🤣 what are parent line doing lmfaooooo h…


@Tofurky: Giveaway! We've partnered with our favs over at @FollowYourHeart to get you decked out in some awesome gear & to have some DEL…


Several of our teachers were completely decked out as 100 year olds today! Great day!

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  • PronunciationsD EH1 K T
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation decked


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