Definitions and meanings of "Default"

What do we mean by default?

Failure to perform a task or fulfill an obligation, especially failure to meet a financial obligation. noun

Failure of a party in a case to make a required court appearance. noun

The failure of one or more competitors or teams to participate in a contest. noun

A particular setting or value for a variable that is assigned automatically by an operating system and remains in effect unless canceled or overridden by the operator. noun

A situation or condition that obtains in the absence of active intervention. noun

To fail to do what is required. intransitive verb

To fail to pay money when it is due. intransitive verb

To revert to a default. intransitive verb

To fail to appear in court as a party to a case when summoned. intransitive verb

To lose a case by not appearing. intransitive verb

To fail to take part in or complete a scheduled contest. intransitive verb

To fail to perform or pay. intransitive verb

To lose (a case) by failing to appear in court. intransitive verb

To fail to take part in or complete (a contest, for example). intransitive verb

(in default of) Through the failure, absence, or lack of. idiom

A failing or failure; an omission of that which ought to be done; neglect to do what duty, obligation, or law requires; specifically, in law, a failure to perform a required act in a lawsuit within the required time, as to plead or appear in court, or omission to meet a pecuniary obligation when due. noun

Lack; want; failure; defect. noun

The condition of failing to meet an obligation.

The original software programming settings as set by the factory

A loss incurred by failing to compete.

A selection made in the absence of an alternative.

A value used when none has been given; a tentative value or standard that is presumed.

The failure of a defendant to appear and answer a summons and complaint.

A failing or failure; omission of that which ought to be done; neglect to do what duty or law requires.

Lack; absence.

Fault; offence; wrong act.

Straight person  Urban Dictionary

Option that is chosen automatically for user, out of the box.  Urban Dictionary

The first picture in myspace that you see from another user among their display name  Urban Dictionary

A slur used against heterosexual people  Urban Dictionary

A picture that is or should be made into a profile picture on social networking websites.  Urban Dictionary

That which occurs when one does not make a choice. N00bs usually think it's supposed to be that way because no one bothered to tell them they had a choice.  Urban Dictionary

A class band from canada(i think). best songs include deny, slow me down, live a lie and wasting my time.  Urban Dictionary

The two sweetest words in the english language.  Urban Dictionary

Default (1, Noun) default (2, Adjective) 1. Given to reverting to an easier or more comfortable, less risky option when confronted with a choice. 2. Displaying behavioural traits that could be described as being 'default'.  Urban Dictionary

A person who is replaced as your fake crush, so no one knows your actual crush  Urban Dictionary

The word "default" in example sentences

How to use default in a sentence? Example sentences with the default, a sentence example for default, and how to make default in sample sentence, how do I use the word default in a sentence? How do you spell default in a sentence?

Switching between modes toggles between the original assignments saved with the setting and the default assignments (taken from #default. pst setting-which is loaded on instantiation of Sculpture, if it exists). ❋ Unknown (2009)

* @param string $default URL to a default image to use if no avatar is available ❋ Noxwizard (2010)

Any adjective you put in front of the word default still means default, said Zane Brown, fixed-income strategist at Lord Abbett.

The article uses the term "default" to describe the possible outcome if the debt ceiling isn't raised. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The word default that's being thrown around is being used inappropriately. ❋ Unknown (2011)

“[what a] default” 🙄 ❋ Fag Face (2021)

example 1: [Internet Explorer] is default browser in Windows example 2: [default settings] [suck in] Firefox! example 3: first thing you need to do is to get rid of default settings. ❋ Name Used Whatever (2011)

Dude did you see [Stacy's] latest default? She posted it last night! Yeah man! but i think its [about time] you [update] yours... ❋ *Brendan Hottie* (2007)

[ok] [stfu] default ❋ Larskrabje (2021)

Girl 1: "[What do you think] of this [picture]?" [Girl 2]: "You look gorgeous, default baby." ❋ Gigiapple (2010)

[sWindles] installs some really lame screensavers by default. "Don't you use [PayOhHell]? How else can you [get online]?" ❋ Downstrike (2004)

default were good [live] [when i] [saw] them ❋ J (2004)

[Default]? [Woo hoo]! The two sweetest words in [the English language]: De-fault! De-fault! De-fault! ❋ Smmimmy (2009)

*1, This car is beyond conservative, it's default! *2, When asked whether he wanted to go out [clubbing] with his friends, he decided to [stay home] with mum, [the default] bastard. ❋ Jim C (2005)

So [do you] really like [Brian] or is he just a default for [Jay]? ❋ QUEEN Cendall (2016)

What does default mean?

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