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Definitions of "defenselessly"

  • In a defenseless manner. adverb
  • In a defenseless or unprotected manner.
  • without defense adverb

The word "defenselessly" in example sentences

McCain laughed defensively as he defenselessly responded, "I'm afraid so.". [Drew Westen: The Psychological Dynamics of the 2008 Primaries: Who's Where and Why?]

It is unreasonable for Sen. Obama to expect the victims of the right wing attack machine -- average Americans who never invited the fight onto their doorsteps -- to cower defenselessly when confronting ideological annihilation.. [In Defense of "Divorce & Parental Neglect '08" Slogan]

We start with Ahmad (Ar) blogging from Syria who lists the names of the Syrian detainees who lost their lives when they defenselessly got shot at by the Syrian police:. [Police Kill 25 in Syrian Prison Massacre]

Power Line points out that the Albright quote Palin shot defenselessly from the air and left to die is not a "Quote of the Day" at all but a "The Way I See It.". [Free-Associated Press]

Civilians are immersed in propaganda from their government, telling them that they are winning the war—yet they cower defenselessly while American bombers level their homes.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Writer, Huffington Post Contributor, and Former BBC Commentator Calls for a Military Coup:]

Haralachan and Rualath both turned with predatory swiftness to see several of the over-servants, several steps up from slavery but still not of noble blood, standing before them, heads bowed, arms crossed at just the proper angle of submission in front of their bodies, palms defenselessly turned out in the full Gesture of Humblest Beseeching of Underling to Lord.. [The Chaos Gate]

He thought of Hed, gripped so defenselessly hi the heart of the sea, with not even the illusion of the High One to protect it.. [Harpist in the Wind]

Shaking her head slowly in hopeless denial, Si'Wren raised her arms defenselessly and remained mute as he took hold of the whip by it's heavy pommel and shook it out behind him on the grassy knoll, snaking the long sinuous coils into a long scythe-like arc as he prepared to deliver the first stroke.. [Si'Wren of the Patriarchs]

Oh, what anguish was written on the faces of all around, standing defenselessly before the end with neither will nor way to stop its terrible approach, oh, what fear filled their eyes as their mortality was made manifest before them like a vulture's approach, oh, the pain, as fate stood before their distraught faces and silently whispered, "And to dust shalt thou return.". [The Revolutions of Time]

The present German Reich's instruments of power are so lamentable and so useless for a foreign war, that no defense of our borders against Western Europe, including England, would be practicable, and particularly the German industrial region would lie defenselessly exposed to the concentrated aggressive arms of our foes.. [Mein Kampf]

He lay there in the confiding relaxation of a sleeping child, his hands unclenched, and his head thrown back so that the bare throat showed defenselessly.. [The Return of the Soldier]

The defenselessly new and ignorant Temple Barholm was to her mind a direct intervention of Providence, and it was only Joan herself who could rob her of the benefits and reliefs he could provide.. [T. Tembarom]

I can aver that he conducted himself always with a perfect modesty and decorum: he would preserve his equilibrium miraculously, when his perpendicular had been lost long ago: he never fell upon me but once (sleeping on a sofa, I was exposed defenselessly to all such contingencies), and then lightly as thistle-down.. [Border and Bastille]

This appears to be some sort of post-hypnotic suggestion he has planted while she was defenselessly made of plastic.. [News]

One minute of bravery and now she’d be gunned down defenselessly.. [TWINS]

-- yet they cower defenselessly while American bombers level their homes.. [Gus Van Horn]

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