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Definitions of "deficiencies"

  • Plural form of deficiency. noun

The word "deficiencies" in example sentences

In Russia, he said, the Kremlin must often intervene in local matters because of what he called deficiencies among elected local officials.. [Putin, Shifting Tone, Praises Obama]

If one studies third-world countries, among the deficiencies is a viable public education system.. [Sound Politics: It's in the P-I]

Last update Nov 18, 2009 @ 07: 51 PM audited New Hartford's 2008 books has issued a letter outlining what it calls deficiencies in the way the town handles its funds.. [The Observer-Dispatch Home RSS]

"Israel, for all its deficiencies, is a genuine democracy, as opposed to any other state in the region.". [Vatican Focuses On Troubles in Middle East]

Aminoacidopathies (maple syrup urine disease; homocystinuria; cobalamin deficiencies; tyrosinemia; urea cycle defects (ornithine transcarbamylase, carbamyl phosphate synthase, citrullinemia, argininosuccinic aciduria, arginase deficiencies) and non-ketotic hyperglycinemia). [Biochemical Genetics-Metabolic Disease]

Protein deficiencies may occur due to liver damage.. [Treating Biliary Atresia]

That the new rite had deficiencies is by now becoming evident for everybody, and the Pope has many times said and written that we must “keep what is ancient” (guardare all'antico).. [Interview with Domenico Bartolucci]

A division of Johnson & Johnson is recalling 43 over-the-counter medicines made for infants and children -- including liquid versions of Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl -- after federal regulators identified what they called deficiencies at the company's manufacturing facility.. [Johnson & Johnson division recalls 43 OTC medicines for infants and children]

Sen. Rockefeller opened the hearing on Toyota's recalls by saying he would push for changes in auto-safety laws to address what he characterized as deficiencies in the U.S. government's oversight of these concerns.. [Administration May Require Brake-Override System]

Absent cancer, a patient might have abnormal uterine bleeding from any number of causes (vitamin deficiencies, blood disorders, diet, stress, hormone imbalances, etc.), well, then a hysterectomy only solves a symptom -- all the while leaving the patient with the original disorder to continue doing damage to their body.. [In Defense of the Hysterectomy]

It's a culture of food tied in part to the provincial survival of the South: collards and other field greens provided the necessary nutrients to a population that, in the early 20th century, had suffered deficiencies from the "Three M diet:" meat, meal, and molasses.. [February 2006]

And said that not only did LabCorp infringe the '658 Patent by publishing the article, but finds that LabCorp solicited physicians to infringe the patent by publishing continuing education material stating the physiological fact that high homocysteine levels correlate to vitamin deficiencies which can be treated with vitamins:. [Supreme Court Patent Decision -- Can Thinking Infringe a Patent?]

I don't mean to jest when lesions and tumors, excisions, and major trauma are involved, but is there some significant brain deficiencies or dysfunctions involved when people make statements like Moran did?. [College professor: "Flunk the IDiots"]

Long-term deficiencies have been shown to cause neurological damage.. [What's In A Pill?]

CAUSES: Vitamin, mineral, and protein deficiencies in other words, poor diet are the most common causes of anemia.. [THE NATURAL REMEDY BIBLE]

Mr Olivier added the policy proposals should also, as part of the broad economic playing field, be exposed within the scope of national goals aimed at urgent short-term deficiencies but with the retention of long-term survival and sound development strategies in mind.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

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