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Definitions of "deficit"

  • Inadequacy or insufficiency: a deficit in grain production. noun
  • A deficiency or impairment in mental or physical functioning. noun
  • An unfavorable condition or position; a disadvantage: rallied from a three-game deficit to win the playoffs. noun
  • The amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required or expected amount; a shortage: large budget deficits. noun
  • A business loss. noun
  • Deficiency in amount or quality; a falling short; lack. noun
  • A situation wherein, or amount whereby, spending exceeds government revenue. noun
  • Deficiency in amount or quality; a falling short; lack noun
  • A failure or falling off in amount; specifically, a financial deficiency: as, a deficit in the taxes or revenue. noun
  • an excess of liabilities over assets (usually over a certain period) noun
  • (sports) the score by which a team or individual is losing noun
  • the property of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required noun
  • a deficiency or failure in neurological or mental functioning noun

The word "deficit" in example sentences

Lonely, because some progressives think the term deficit hawk is a pejorative, and many deficit hawks think progressives aren't serious.. [The liberal case for cutting domestic spending]

If Marr had used the term deficit, you would be correct, but there is a big difference between the deficit and the debt.. [Brown's truth deficit on Andy Marr]

If being in deficit is "broke," Bush has already bankrupted the general fund by your logic.. [Sound Politics: Burner on Carlson Show]

Our pension plan, instead of being in deficit, is actuarially balanced for the next 75 years.. [Canada-U.S. Relations]

The long-term deficit is driven by the aging of the population as well as by growing health-care costs, both contributing to Social Security and Medicare expenses.. [The Washington Post is now worried about Democratic tax plans. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState]

So it goes in Campaign 2010, where cutting the deficit is a big issue, but where support for doing some of the hard things to achieve that is running into politics as usual.. [Push to Cut Deficit Collides With Politics as Usual]

As Matthew says @147 “the deficit is the symptom rather than the cause.”. [Matthew Yglesias » Unemployment Forever]

But the deficit is the symptom rather than the cause.. [Matthew Yglesias » Unemployment Forever]

In economic terms of course a deficit is a deficit, whether primary or otherwise, but to get from Point A to Point B we need to pass through some measurable intermediate stages.. [Matthew Yglesias » Primary Balance]

Given that most of the long-term deficit is due to Medicare, has either political party come up with a credible solution?. [Economists as Heretics, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

By the end of 2004 the deficit is about $400 billion (remember this is the deficit as measured in the NIPA accounts).. [Credit Bush for Recovery?, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Whoever chips in more of their personal fortune to reduce the deficit is automatically made governor!. [New name and big bucks in California]

The next Congressional IQ test will be when the CBO comes up with the price tag for the health care bill – will they be bright enough to realise that a majority of Americans think that controlling the deficit is a lot more important than wasting a ton of money turning health care into yet another insanely expensive entitlement program. mjm. [Public option pullback?]

The only reason the deficit is a big issue is that the economy is not strong.. [Huckabee unsure about another presidential bid]

But then he goes on to discuss the need to cure the long term deficit, and only at the end of his speech does he mention the necessity for more job creation to cure the short term deficit due to the Great Recession.. [Harlan Green: The Fed's Paralysis -- Who Will Do the Right Thing?]

Republicans and those not affiliated with either major party overwhelmingly reject the notion that increasing the deficit is the right prescription in difficult economic times.. [Matthew Yglesias » Is The Fed Stifling Recovery?]

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