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  • Plural form of deficit. noun

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Report Abuse Wasn't it the Republican patron saint Ronald Reagan who coined the phrase "deficits don't matter"?. []

Any conservative who thinks the answer to deficits is to cut welfare is deluded.. [Think Progress » Despite His Stimulus Bashing, Almost A Third Of Pawlenty’s Budget Relies On Stimulus Money]

The difference between the Bush deficits and the Obama deficits is about the same as between Godzila and the Geco lizard.. [Huckabee wins Values Voter's 2012 straw poll]

The demographic shift most important to long-term deficits is the dramatic decline in fertility rates for members of the Baby Boom generation.. [Justice Between Generations]

His argument to GOP voters in the Granite State was that he was the best candidate to defeat President Obama and put an end to what he called deficits in the economy and trust in government.. [ News]

At the same time, Republican lawmakers may feel pressure to come to terms on the 2011 budget in order to turn their attention to the larger issue of reining in the nation's long-term deficits, estimated at $1.65 trillion for this year alone.. [Lawmakers Near Deal on Spending]

It is going to be unacceptable to the Tea Party rank and file to see either (1) higher taxes, or (2) increased deficits from the people they worked so hard to get elected.. [Chris Weigant: Tea Partiers Should Prepare for Disappointment]

Americans should expect a power grab with massive deficits from the democrats.. [Conrad: Dems lack votes to pass health care reform on their own]

And also report on the BILLIONS of dollars in deficits that HE ran up.. [Franken to be sworn in Tuesday]

Most business understand that we have limited resources, that we can't raise taxes on individuals to lower business taxes and that unsustainable long-term deficits hurt growth too.. [Tax Redo to Seek 'Level Playing Field']

Well, one of the most important things we can do for debt and deficits is economic growth.. [Video: President Obama's Post-Election Press Conference]

But it projected long-term deficits expanding rapidly beyond that as a result of the rising costs of Medicare and other government health programs as the U.S. population ages.. [Bipartisan Debt Talks Grow More Contentious]

Messiah deficits from the beloved Washington Post. bush owns them.. [Think Progress » Obama: I’d rather be a ‘really good one-term president’ than ‘mediocre two-term president.’]

Yet despite the program's true nature of simply using today's taxes to pay today's obligations, its current tax revenue shortfall, and its projected long-term deficits -- even including its IOUs -- the Strengthen Social Security Campaign's Nancy Altman stated: "By sweeping Social Security into a discussion of the deficit the President fails to recognize what most Americans know: Social Security has not caused the deficit and should not be cut.". [Social Security's Glimpse Into the Left's Priority]

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - White House: $9 trillion in deficits « - Blogs from CNN. com. [White House: $9 trillion in deficits]

Pawlenty talking to Obama about "crushing" deficits is just laughable.. [Pawlenty slams Dems on 'reckless' spending]

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@JohnStossel @AOC @BernieSanders If it meant trouble there wouldn’t have a tax cut that added trillions to the defi…


@realDonaldTrump Trump's deficits are permanent “Unlike the deficits that were temporary and largely the result of…


1/ For how many years have we heard that the national debt and federal budget deficits will lead to economic catast…


@claudeposternak: C’est la double peine. 1) Ils ne payent pas d’impôt d’où les déficits des états 2) Ils utilisent l’argent non payé d…

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