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Definitions of "degassed"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of degas. verb
  • From which the gas has been removed adjective

The word "degassed" in example sentences

Obsidian forms when lava cools quickly or is degassed in other ways.. [Obsidian in Mexico: gift of the gods]

There's 5,400 cubic kilometers of water into the lake, and it would just keep blasting out until it degassed.. [NPR Topics: News]

Building on Nucor Steel Berkeley's success with selling value-added vacuum degassed steel, we will be installing a second sheet mill vacuum degasser at our Hickman, Arkansas facility.. [Nucor CEO Discusses Q4 2010 Results - Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha]

Already, over 20% of all degassed steels currently sold in the U.S. are purchased by OEMs located in states adjacent to Arkansas.. [Nucor CEO Discusses Q4 2010 Results - Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha]

Today, Soichi performed a purge of the Potable Water bus to eliminate any possible air bubbles in the system by trying to flow ~250mL of water from a fully degassed CWC-I (Collapsible Water Container-Iodine) through the PWD. [SpaceRef Top Stories]

Two of the loaves had risen into each other and, in the process of trying to fix them, I degassed them and had to reshape (then I gave them another rise).. [The Fresh Loaf]

The jars do a fantastic job sealing in the aroma and need to be degassed upon receiving them.. [The CaffiNation Podcast]

My plan next time is maybe not so wet (though many of the videos here seem like pretty wet dough) and hope to develop a "technique" to get out of the couche and onto the stone/parchment/peel whatever it takes to not get too degassed.. [The Fresh Loaf]

"Did it simply freeze in the Martian ice caps, did it soak down below ground, or was it all degassed into space?". [Latest News - Yahoo!7 News]

This conclusion accords with measurements of 13C/12C carbon isotopes in atmospheric CO2, which show a maximum of 4% anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere (including any biogenic CO2), with 96% of the atmospheric CO2 being isotopically indistinguishable from "natural" inorganic CO2 exchanged with and degassed from the ocean, and degassed from volcanoes and the Earth's interior (Segalstad, 1992).. [WHAT REALLY HAPPENED]

THF and triethylamine were well-degassed with a stream of argon for 1 h before being used in the Castro-Stephens-Sonogashira coupling.. [Next Big Future]

Total splenocytes were washed once with 15 ml MACS staining buffer (0. 5\% BSA in PBS with 2 mM EDTA, degassed), centrifuged for 15 min at 800. [PLoS Medicine: New Articles]

CM5 dextran sensor chips (GE Healthcare) were used in all analyses, with HBS-EP running buffer (0.01 M HEPES pH 7.4, 0.15 M NaCl, 3 mM EDTA, 0. 005\% Surfactant P20), which was filtered with a 0.22 µm filter and degassed before use.. [PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles]

− 1, and degassed briefly prior to loading in the DSC cell.. [PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles]

"In the 100 gas cylinders lot, we have degassed over 85 containers.. [Daily News & Analysis]

"In the 100 gas cylinders lot (out of the 136 found earlier), we have degassed over 85 containers.. [Latest News Online - Express Indian]

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List of words containing "degas": degass, degassed, degasses, degassing, bodegas.


I’m trying to figure out how to set up 200 uL scale protein ligation reactions using degassed buffered and minimal…


List of words containing "degas": degass, degassed, degasses, degassing, bodegas.

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