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Definitions of "degree"

  • One of a series of steps in a process, course, or progression; a stage: proceeded to the next degree of difficulty. noun
  • A step in a direct hereditary line of descent or ascent: First cousins are two degrees from their common ancestor. noun
  • Relative social or official rank, dignity, or position. noun
  • Relative intensity or amount, as of a quality or attribute: a high degree of accuracy. noun
  • The extent or measure of a state of being, an action, or a relation: modernized their facilities to a large degree. noun
  • A unit division of a temperature scale. noun
  • Mathematics A planar unit of angular measure equal in magnitude to 1/360 of a complete revolution. noun
  • A unit of latitude or longitude, equal to 1/360 of a great circle. noun
  • Mathematics The greatest sum of the exponents of the variables in a term of a polynomial or polynomial equation. noun
  • Mathematics The exponent of the derivative of highest order in a differential equation in standard form. noun
  • An academic title given by a college or university to a student who has completed a course of study: received the Bachelor of Arts degree at commencement. noun
  • A similar title conferred as an honorary distinction. noun
  • Law A division or classification of a specific crime according to its seriousness: murder in the second degree. noun
  • A classification of the severity of an injury, especially a burn: a third-degree burn. noun
  • Grammar One of the forms used in the comparison of adjectives and adverbs. For example, tall is the positive degree, taller the comparative degree, and tallest the superlative degree of the adjective tall. noun
  • Music One of the seven notes of a diatonic scale. noun
  • Music A space or line of the staff. noun
  • by degrees Little by little; gradually. idiom
  • to a degree To a small extent; in a limited way: doesn't like spicy food, but can eat a little pepper to a degree. idiom

The word "degree" in example sentences

No man is so wicked _but_ (conjunctive adverb) he loves virtue = No man is wicked _to that degree in which_ he loves _not_ virtue (_so_ = _to that degree_, _but_ = _in which not_).. [Higher Lessons in English A work on english grammar and composition]

If it seems to be rolled to a width beyond the normal degree, it should be classified as if rolled only to the normal degree_.. [The Science of Fingerprints Classification and Uses]

In whatsoever degree more of the _man_ and less of the _mechanics_ appear, _in that degree_ is the result a work of art.. [Pictorial Composition and the Critical Judgment of Pictures]

What distinguishes Political Correction, to a certain degree, is the context in which it pursues this partisan role.. [Political Correction: Media Matters Re-Launches Sister Site, Then Slams Issa]

For example, one might argue that if the degree is all that matters, why require attendance?. [ A Note for my 1L Torts Class]

Your degree is a commodity: You are just one student in a sea of hundreds of thousands of business students who will graduate this year.. [Series – Letters to a Marketing Student. Part One: The Most Valuable 10 Hours of Your Degree]

I absolutely agree that having a degree is a valuable asset.. [7 Tips for Getting that Writing Gig Without an English Degree » Blog Archive » Writer's Round-About - The Craft and Business of Fiction and Freelance Writing]

That said, obtaining a degree is a valuable asset.. [7 Tips for Getting that Writing Gig Without an English Degree » Blog Archive » Writer's Round-About - The Craft and Business of Fiction and Freelance Writing]

In most cases, the degree is a must to get most jobs which is the main reason for school.. [The Education of Educators, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Government regulation to a degree is acceptable in a capitalist economy.. [Obama adviser slams Wall Street]

· Students have taken on board the government's message that a degree is a passport to the world of work;. [Students aren't passionate about their subjects any more, say lecturers]

I think Naipaul would find, if he looked into it, that sending off in the post for a degree is a time-honoured practice.. [Speaking of interviews ...]

According to the job specs, Mrs. Elizabeth Connolly was the mother of three girls; she was a graduate of Vassar, class of 87, with what she called a degree in art history that is practically worthless in the real world, whatever that is, but invaluable to me.. [The Big Bad Wolf]

Today, a degree is viewed by students and society alike as either a passport to a better job or the credential to another degree which is a passport to an even better job.. [Our Cheating Credentialed Society « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website]

Her 'degree' is a misinterpretation of the abbreviation for Michigan: MI.. [Writing]

I like a certain degree of comfort, good quality food and like having holidays.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

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