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Definitions of "deletes"

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of delete. verb

The word "deletes" in example sentences

One of the poems she deletes from the collection is "Wind.". ['[S]hak[ing] the dwellings of the great': Liberation in Joanna Baillie’s Poems (1790)]

If Andree hopes, as she says, to help today's youth see the aesthetics of a bygone era of romance, the brashness of some titles deletes that subtle beauty.. [The Hindu - Front Page]

The only thing that yahoo deletes is your email, I’m almost 100% positive (which probably means I’m 99% wrong) that yahoo does * NOT* delete anything you set-up in your “my.” section.. [Stupid, stupid Yahoo « BuzzMachine]

When a person "deletes" a file on a home computer, the data contained in the file does not actually disappear; rather, that data remains on the hard drive until it is overwritten by new data.. [Wired Top Stories]

And the way I have it right now would do that but it would only work if the character is the last one in the text file. is there anyway to code it so the program "deletes" everything except the selected character and all of its stats.. [DaniWeb IT Discussion Community]

This has been known to cause operations such as deletes, renames and moves to fail with access denied errors.. [Netvouz - new bookmarks]

When Windows "deletes" a file it does not actually destroy the contents of the file but rather simply unlinks the file from the file directory system, leaving the contents of the file in the disk sectors.. [Softpedia - Windows - All]

hillary's quick 'me too' that appeared shortly thereafter, otoh, looks calculated. it didn't help that it was followed up by a nasty tirade from hrc supporters (and prominent african americans) senator rangel today or bet founder bob johnson yesterday. (i removed the links because blogger was leaving them unclosed, hence the double 'deletes'). ["The last thing we need is a President who encourages festering racial controversies."]

And unless the recipient deletes the message, it tends to stick around, just like e-mail -- in some cases, until they get a new phone, sometimes even longer.. [The Future Of E-Mail]

Unlike the other board in Lakeside that is owned and operated by a real estate agency and deletes threads and/or bans anyone who discusses crime or any other topic that may negatively impact their pocket books.. [Page 2]

During one week in late 2008, for instance, Googlers noted that many of the workers posted at reception desks at buildings around campus had suddenly disappeared, as swiftly and unceremoniously as Google deletes spam from its search rankings.. [In the Plex]

It must be a bug in the text editor that randomly deletes sentences or phrases such as "I'd consider extended sorties to be a quantum leap over Apollo missions, also giving the U.S. robust future capabilities for interplanetary travel.". [Moon Outpost or Bust - NASA Watch]

It kinda takes the wind out of the sails when a moderator deletes your posts.. [Page 2]

A DD215 issued June 28 to correct the DD214 deletes the expert field medical badge, parachutist badge, Special Forces tab and the second award of the National Defense Service Medal from. [Richard Mcclanahan]

Now, unseen, he deletes future years, longs for the comfort of broken childhood.. [Lost Kites]

My colleague on the politics live blog, Andrew Sparrow, has noted that the new impact assessment deletes "three embarrassing sentences" from its previous impact report.. [Welfare reform bill: household benefit cap Lords debate - Monday 23 January]

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@aditya2585: Thread (36/n) In a shocking incident Sagarika tweets a highly communal fake narrative blaming Hindus. Later when called ou…


look at his purty lil round mouth lmaoRep. Ted Lieu Deletes Tweet Blasting Trump For Alabama Visit…


look at his purty lil round mouth lmao Rep. Ted Lieu Deletes Tweet Blasting Trump For Alabama Visit via @dailycaller


@followsanjeev: This is apology from @ArshadWarsi. Sincere respects for humbly accepting the mistake. I suggest he deletes the said twee…


Ilhan Omar deletes tweet claiming Politico distorted Obama criticism via @nypost

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