Demi Semi

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What do we mean by demi semi?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word demi-semi. Define demi-semi, demi-semi synonyms, demi-semi pronunciation, demi-semi translation, English dictionary definition of demi-semi.

Any twitch of the penis that is brought about by thoughts of Demi-God Urban Dictionary

A rotten quaver that has been splooged on and the term ‘semi’ comes from a semi boner. The founder of the word is Mc Goddard Urban Dictionary

A person who is about 25% Goth. Don't really believe they are a goth, but sort of look and act like one. Urban Dictionary

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The word "demi-semi" in example sentences

His snore was a medley of snuffing and snorting, with an abortive demi-semi aristocratic sort of a sneeze; while to add to the effect of this three-stringed inspiration there was in each aspiration a tremulous and swooning neigh. ❋ Various (N/A)

At all events both M and N can look back to more demi-semi happy incidents when the courtship has been long. ❋ Unknown (1899)

Let me stir your colour chart, agitate your palate and ultimately, sinisiterly, inspire your stories to demi-semi quavers. ❋ Omaniblog (2010)

Allow me to place the balls as they were then -- I know how they stood to a nicety -- there, that's it to a demi-semi fraction; oblige me, sir, just as a personal favour, by trying the stroke once more. " ❋ Frank E. Smedley (1835)

When i thought about [demi god] the other night, I totally felt a twitch in my trousers. That [demigod] gave me a total [demi-semi] ❋ Bsmsfunnelmaster (2009)

woah [timmy] there’s [no way] your [going to eat] that Hemi Demi Semi Quaver ❋ Mc Goddick (2018)

A person who [dresses] in all black and writes [poems] about life being pain, and how much [life sucks]. ❋ Tony (2004)

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What does demi semi mean?

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