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Deniz is a Turkish unisex name, and very common. It's definition is sea, people with this name are really cool, attractive, and confident. However, a Deniz goes through really rough times, and that's what makes them a strong person.  Urban Dictionary

Deniz is a person you can always rely to. He is nice, caring and is the funniest person you'll ever know. He can be everyone's friend, by being nice and trustful, which means that he is always there for you if you need help or if you feel like the worst. Even if Deniz looks like the happiest person in the world, he can also hide his secrets that not always appear to be good. In general is Deniz one of the best people you will ever get to know!  Urban Dictionary

A beautiful girl who is very nice and smart. She's always there for her friends and is nice to everyone. Her bubbly personality and spunky attitude always cheers people up. Everyone loves being around her and she loves having people around. Never holds a keen for people and is always kind and forgiving. The nicest person you'll ever meet. She has a heart of gold and is also really pretty.  Urban Dictionary

Deniz the sexiest person alive. so funny and intelligent. also happy birthday bitch.  Urban Dictionary

A unisex Turkish name, mostly known as the name of Deniz Gezmis from near history of Turkish Republic. This name's usage boomed after his execution and many other countless socialists and communists execution, murder & imprisonment etc. Even after 20 -30 years still families try to block their children through socialist ideals while raising them to protect them from government.  Urban Dictionary

Given name meaning "Sea". Blue.  Urban Dictionary

Deniz  Urban Dictionary

A synonym for "superawesome". This word is actually the first word to be used publicly by a Greek God. The God was Zeus, and he said he was sure feeling like Deniz today.  Urban Dictionary

Deniz (Sea in Turkish) the most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She has beautiful bronze coloured hair with highlights. She has large green eyes that makes you just want to stare at them forever. She's sweet and caring, with a laugh that'll light up anyone's day. Her laugh is unique and loud, just like the Sea's crashing waves. If you're one of the lucky few who know her, be happy you have somebody like this girl in your life. Be happy you have someone always there for you. She is honest and loyal, and will fiercely protect you against any rumours. She knows how to make people laugh when they're down, and can always be relied upon. She is bright and cheerful, and her clothes match her attitude. She is beautiful just the way she is, her weight, eyes, hair, and everything else perfect.  Urban Dictionary

A girl that is random, wild, intelligent and bubbly, but misunderstood by others. Once you get to know her, you can trust her with your life because she'll always keep her promises. Usually has deep brown eyes that you can get lost in...  Urban Dictionary

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Türkiye'de temizlik ve diğer birçok standarta sahip plajlara verilen Mavi Bayrak ödülüne sahip, gönül rahatlığıyla denize girebileceğiniz tüm bölgeler. ❋ Unknown (2010)

İki dev tankerin limanda çarpışması sonucu 450 bin galon ham petrol denize döküldü. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Kaya mezarlarý ve kale önünden bir düzlüðe, Karagözler'den denize doðru iner. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Omg], that's Deniz, [I hope] he doesn't [seduce me]! ❋ Delalisdeniz (2020)

Oh [I know] Deniz, [everybody] [likes] him! ❋ Kiyo Yeet (2019)

lovely beautiful amazing kind generous [sweetheart] pretty [deniz] [sea] friendly nice hot awesome fun ❋ Loveyalikealovesong (2013)

deniz [the love of my life]. ❋ Hizzieloverr (2020)

There will be [countless] [Deniz's] after his [execution]. ❋ Ciftsilindir (2015)

I [dont] [want to] [get out] of Deniz! ❋ Markonicali (2010)

Man1: deniz [Penisman]:deniz ❋ Deniz2 (2020)

[Man], that [party] was [DENIZ]! ❋ Snarr (2010)

Wow, she's [acting] like [the Deniz] she is! Hey, don't you look Deniz [today]! ❋ Jante The Laughing Cow (2012)

[Girl 1]: That girl is so Deniz! [Girl 2]: [Yah]... pretty funny though! :) ❋ Watermeloncutie (2012)

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