Definitions of "Dense"

Having relatively high density. adjective

Crowded closely together; compact. adjective

Hard to penetrate; thick. adjective

Permitting little light to pass through, because of compactness of matter. adjective

Opaque, with good contrast between light and dark areas. Used of a photographic negative. adjective

Difficult to understand because of complexity or obscurity. adjective

Slow to apprehend; thickheaded. adjective

In optics, having a large index of refraction; capable of transmitting light at a less velocity than the velocity of light-waves in vacuo.

Having great or unusual consistency of elements or closeness of parts; closely compacted or conglomerated; compact; close; thick: as, a dense body; a dense cloud or fog; a dense panicle of flowers.

In zoology, closely set; separated by very small intervals: as. dense punctures, hairs, etc.

The word "Dense" in example sentences

If, then, what we call a dense body is so by reason of the presence of many qualities, that plenitude of qualities will be the cause [of the inhibition]. The Six Enneads.

Agent Orange was the code name of a herbicide developed for the military to prohibit enemy concealment in dense terrain by defoliating trees and shrubbery where the enemy could hide. Agenge Orange Study R.A. West

Masked warrior had pated dust on body, disappear in dense smother and fog. Heroes Man | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles

Once covered in dense forests, Elasha Biyaha is far enough from the capital to avoids the regular shelling between al Shabaab, a militant group believed to have al Qaeda ties, and African Union-backed government troops. From Somalia's Chaos, Housing Market Is Born

[O] fficials on Tuesday said that a pheasant hunter from Alaska shot and killed a sow grizzly in dense brush east of U.S. Highway 89 and about 8 miles north of Choteau on Monday .... Montana Pheasant Hunters Bags Charging Grizzly

Or to elaborate on another, what if innovation and investment occurs at a more rapid pace because of activities conducted by elites in dense cities? Matthew Yglesias » Marginal Cost Pricing for Mass Transit

Karl Hansen "Sergeant Pepper"; it's easy to imagine Cameron writing a plot for "Avatar" after having red Hansens novel; soldiers "protecting" exploatation of Titan inhabited by genetically engeneered humans - creatures taller than average Homo sapiens and able to "glide" in dense atmosphere. 10 Possible Sources of "Avatar" in Classic Science Fiction

“Interactive individuals sacrifice something by locating in dense tracts.” Seattle light rail: No park-and-ride lots (Jack Bog's Blog)

We've enveloped world in dense chain of supermarkets with global trade, we can eat food from around the world. Boing Boing

Carsharing is only practical in dense central city areas where car ownership is low and transit use is high. Matthew Yglesias » The Case for Free Transit

The dynamic balcony offers a solution for compact apartments in dense urban areas. Fake Window – Bright Blind

That's good news, but it leaves about 50 million addresses that Census workers must check out — most in dense city neighborhoods, minority communities and rural spots. Census shifting gears for home visits

“That residents living in dense census tracts have fewer confidants.” Seattle light rail: No park-and-ride lots (Jack Bog's Blog)

The blocks are covered in dense comic art that reminds me of the Sergio Argones marginalia in MAD Magazine -- a million zillion sight gags on the theme of "Oh God the baby is coming to destroy us all!" Boing Boing

Readers who love living in dense, walkable, bikable close-in neighborhoods might watching the greatest rant against suburbs of all time in this TED Talk by James Kunstler: www. ... Requiem for the Suburbs Revue « PubliCola

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