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Definitions of "depots"

  • Plural form of depot. noun

The word "depots" in example sentences

But the fact remains that all sensitive places, from water supplies, server farms, and nuclear reactors to airports, train depots, and slaughterhouses cannot all be fully defended and monitored 24 hours a day.. [2007 January « Hyperpat’s HyperDay]

Bus stations, called centrales camioneras, are comparable to European train depots.. [Mexican bus travel (in all its adventure and glory)]

A second effect of these restrictions, which in later times was deemed even more important than the pecuniary gain, was to compel English ships to go long voyages, to the home countries of the cargoes they sought, instead of getting them near by in Dutch depots.. [Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812 Volume 1]

He said he did not know if any parts had been shipped from factories to parts depots, which is the next step in the process, but dealerships don't have them.. [Home]

-- VOTE COUNTING (all phases including videotaping chain of custody) -- "depots" and drop-off sites. [Grab your camera To Protect the Integrity of the Vote]

You are not allowed to watch the "depots" (regional transfer sites). [How to Validate Your Own Elections, Tips for CA Voters for tomorrow's primary]

The support members of the expedition have turned back to the McMurdo base, leaving caches, "depots," of supplies along the route Scott is to follow on his return journey.. [The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told]

The new measure sets up 'depots' in which Africans will be detained both while seeking work and while awaiting repatriation if they have been ordered out of an urban area.. [South Africa: The Peasants Revolt]

Page 346, "depots" changed to "depôts" to match rest of article (and depôts north of). [World's War Events, Vol. II]

Hazzard summoned the boys to him and informed them that it was time to start out and establish "depots" for the storing of food and blankets as far as was practicable, in the direction of the pole.. [The Boy Aviators' Polar Dash or Facing Death in the Antarctic]

The "depots" were to be marked as rapidly as they were made with tall bamboo poles, each of which bore a black flag.. [The Boy Aviators' Polar Dash or Facing Death in the Antarctic]

No person connected with these railways wears a distinguishing dress, and the stations, or "depots" as they are called, are generally of the meanest description, mere wooden sheds, with a ticket-office very difficult to discover.. [The Englishwoman in America]

Improvement of Urban Roads ($78m): This component will be implemented by the Department of Urban Roads and consists of rehabilitation of the Burma Camp and Giffard roads, and the financing of urban transport infrastructure such as depots, terminals, and access facilities to the planned Bus Rapid Transit system in Accra.. [AllAfrica News: Latest]

However, some online customers aiming to avoid the crowds have been complaining they will not receive their presents in time because of huge delays at the depots of one of Britain's largest delivery firms.. [Christmas shoppers throng high streets in last-minute rush for presents]

The retailer's plans, welcomed by the prime minister, David Cameron, will see it open 25 stores, refurbish 43 existing outlets and invest in three new depots in 2012.. [Asda reveals plans to create 5,000 new jobs]

The nuclear weapons programs, depots, and infrastructure of what Madeleine Albright so delicately used to call "states of concern" must, in a most un-Albrightian phrase, be destroyed.. [The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page: Sept. 12, 2001]

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@GEurreb: Comment: 1. Faire baisser les chiffres de la délinquance ? refuser les dépôts de plaintes. 2. Faire baisser les chiffres du c…


sakit ng dalawang binti ko depots di ako makalakad maayos hahahaha


Perfect for getting your carpets back into shape, the carpet cleaner from Brandon Hire Station is a professional gr…


@CooleraidLtd: With our head office in #Cambridgeshire and depots covering the North and South, we have easy access to all major routes.…


@laveriterCke @TwitterFrance Je vous propose de vous ignorer avant dépôts de plainte pour injure et diffamation. Bonne journée.

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