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Why I'm failing AP Calculus right now.  Urban Dictionary

Not original, over-used.  Urban Dictionary

Note: This definition of derivative is alternate to the mathematical type of derivative. Along the lines of an integral but much more common. To take a derivative, take something that does something and do what it does back to that same thing. For clarity see examples.  Urban Dictionary

An insipid part of Calculus that most definitely should NOT be looked at during the summer. INTEGRAL to achieving a 5 on the AP Calculus 1 exam, this term is most commonly used by nerds of the highest degree. Beware.  Urban Dictionary

1. In calculus, the slope of a function at a point. It is found by taking the limit of (f(x + h) - f(x)) / ((x + h) - x) where h (also seen as delta x) approaches 0. Notations for a derivative include dy/dx and f'(x) (f prime of x) 2. The mathematical incarnation of Satan Himself  Urban Dictionary

1. The equation of the slope of a line, found by taking the limit as "h" approches 0 of the quantity "f(x + h) - f(x)" devided by "h." It was developed simultaniously by two european guys with funny names. 2. One of the few torture devices still in common use in "civilization."  Urban Dictionary

A word that everyone can use correctly, but no one can use right.  Urban Dictionary

Term used by musical elitists to down bands for having any arbitrary similarities to any bands from yesteryear. Frequently used in the comments section of music videos hosted on YouTube by people who have nothing better to do in their lives than argue on the interweb  Urban Dictionary

Verb 1. To find the point where it came from, to take the derivative 2. To torture (method used by Calculus teachers)  Urban Dictionary

Nonsensical and cumbersome discussion using arguments mostly derived from other people's work with little to no real understanding of the context.  Urban Dictionary

The word "deriver" in example sentences

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Datura a cause de livre 'les bebes de la consigne automatique' qui est vraiment l'un de mes prefere mais c deja pris alors j'peux deriver sur Hashi mais ca fait trop civet, ou Kiku ce qui fait que des qu'je rentre a la maison jdis bonjour et disant kinu et le lapin s'ramene! ou même j'peux l'appeler Tran a cause du corps exquis!! mais pour un lapin j'trouve que ca fait space!!   ❋ Pinku-tk (2005)

Such an one to be sure it is, as makes a man not only (according to the apostle's phrase) a partaker of other men's sins, but also a deriver of the whole entire guilt of them to himself; and yet so as to leave the committer of them as full of guilt as he was before.   ❋ 1634-1716 (1823)

So certainly we expect it to be up pretty significantly from Q3 with the vast majority of the deriver being data program around end desktop as well as the potential for some of the very large multi year deals that I seen the pipeline.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

The deriver itself needs to be decorated in order to make its exports discoverable.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Nous avons ou buy cialis Toronto laisse le Courrier Royal deriver et ne faisons rien.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

The site MobileRead was sent a DMCA takedown notice for a link to a Python script which would deriver a Mobipocket-compatible personal identifier (PID) for your Kindle.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

On risquera toujours de se tromper, lorsque par l'envie de simplifier on voudra deriver tous les phenomenes de la nature d'une seule et unique cause. "   ❋ Max Pearson Cushing (1918)

On risquera toujours de se tromper, lorsque par l'envie de simplifier on voudra deriver tous les phenomenes de la nature d'une seule et unique cause.”   ❋ Cushing, Max Person (1914)

Quiz: Find the derivatives of the following. #1: e^(-2coscsc4x)(4pitan/-7secx)^cos6x. Me: *blank stare* ❋ Sid Barrett (2008)

Donatello from Ninja Turtles, "Too derivative" Yo, that old navy shirt is too derivative. It's one solid color with a horizontal line of another color. ❋ Bruce (2005)

A: I just took a derivative by cutting a knife. B: Well I just took a derivative by taking a picture of a camera. C(Math Major): What the hell are you two talking about? ❋ Deriffirmitive (2009)

I damn near had an orgasm once I found the derivative of the equation. Heaven on Earth! ❋ MackSneale (2022)

1. f(x) = 3x^3 - 4x^2 + 2x -6 //function f'(x) = 9x^2 - 8x + 2 //first derivative f''(x) = 18x - 8 //second derivative f'''(x) = 18 //third derivative 2. Teacher: Today, we're going to do derivatives Math book, as ceiling clouds over and turns red: MAY THE DEMONIC ARMIES OF HELL MARCH ACROSS YOUR MORTAL PLANE, CREATION CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION AND DRINKING THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT AND- Math teacher: Change of plans! We're going to rock out to Zeppelin and have a LAN party on the school's sweet new laptops for the next hour! Students: Hooray! ❋ Mr. T (2004)

1. If "f(x)" = "y" = "x^2 + 5x + 3" then it's derivative, "f'(x)" or "dy/dx" is "2x + 5" 2. Fuck my math teacher, if he gives us any more calculus homework I am going to diferentiate my foot up his ass! ❋ His Holyness, Pope John Paul II (2003)

"fuck" is derived from german "frichen". shit is derived my anus even though the second one is grammatically and semantically correct, you'd be fucktarded for saying that. ❋ Hawaiian Dicking (2009)


Don't drink and derive. ❋ Dragix (2006)

Don't bore me with your derivative drivel on the subject you know very little about ❋ Coldplasma (2017)

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