Character 10
Hyphenation de scend ing
Pronunciations /dɪˈsɛndɪŋ/

Definitions and meanings of "Descending"

What do we mean by descending?

To pass from a higher to a lower place; to move downwards; to come or go down in any way, for example by falling, flowing, walking, climbing etc.

To enter mentally; to retire.

(with on or upon) To make an attack, or incursion, as if from a vantage ground; to come suddenly and with violence.

To come down to a lower, less fortunate, humbler, less virtuous, or worse, state or rank; to lower or abase oneself

To pass from the more general or important to the specific or less important matters to be considered.

To come down, as from a source, original, or stock

To be derived (from)

To proceed by generation or by transmission; to happen by inheritance.

To move toward the south, or to the southward.

To fall in pitch; to pass from a higher to a lower tone.

To go down upon or along; to pass from a higher to a lower part of

1. To move from a higher to a lower place; come or go down. 2. To slope, extend, or incline downward. 3. To come from an ancestor or ancestry. 4. To come down from a source; derive. 5. To pass by inheritance. 6. To lower oneself. 7. To proceed or progress downward, as in rank, pitch, or scale. 8. To arrive or attack in a sudden or an overwhelming manner. Urban Dictionary

Those who come from your blood Urban Dictionary

Great punk band. Catchy, melodic, awesome. Urban Dictionary

A great PUNK ROCK band!!!!!!! Urban Dictionary

One of the greatest Hardcore punk bands ever. They were the core foundation for bands such as green day blink 182, and the list goes on. The original lineup was bill stevenson-Drummer tony lombardo-Bassist Frank Navetta-Guitarist MILO AUKERMAN- Vocalist Current Lineup Bill Stevenson-Drummer Karl Alvarez- bassist Stephen Egerton- Guitarist MILO AUKERMAN - Vocalist Urban Dictionary

Great fucking melodic punk band Urban Dictionary

Literally the best movie on the planet, also the only movie with a better sequel than original. Urban Dictionary

A very great Southern California punk band, which brought us really fast, melodic, hardcore skatepunk riddims, thus paving the way for a lot of '90s and 2000's punk bands like Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and the lot. The only difference between Descendents and current skatepunk bands is Descendents aren't sellouts! Urban Dictionary

Descendents...definately one of the best punk bands (or pop punk for those that demand everything be labled) ever! Catchy as hell but still fast and aggressive! If you like Buzzcocks, The Queers, NOFX, old Greenday, Bad Religion, or anything like that, Descendents are for you! Descendents subjects include: Coffee, food, maturing (or lack of) and , but of course, girls. Descendents aren't like other punk bands. Don't expect to hear simmilaraties to blink, MxPx, or Sum 41. And no, I'm not gonna go on a rant about how much those bands suck (actually I'm pretty into old blink). If you wanna hear good Descendents listen to: Bikeage Hope I'm the One Coolidge or just pick up a copy of Somery (very good CD) Urban Dictionary

A word to describe any race that is passed down from an Immigrant to an Born Citizen in one Country. Urban Dictionary

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The word "descending" in example sentences

The title descending to heir males, I must have the title by outliving my brother, if I do, but hang it all, she [sic] has a daughter, and she will have the estates. " ❋ Unknown (1847)

The Cheshire cat's wide, puckish smile descending from the heavens as a crescent moon; the caterpillar puffing opiate smoke into the face of Alice and snobbishly asking, Who ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Israelis fired live ammunition from an Israeli helicopter onto the top deck of the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara, before soldiers boarded the vessel by descending from the aircraft. ❋ Marjorie Cohn (2010)

The thing descending from the sky was unmistakably an or­nate ornithopter, wrought in the shape of a gigantic condor, enameled in blue, scarlet, and green. ❋ Blue Tyson (2010)

So without further ado, the 10 lines that had us chortling (yes, I said chortling) hardest (in descending order): ❋ Unknown (2009)

The entrance was by way of a flight of steps descending from the side-walk to what was properly the cellar of the building. ❋ Unknown (2010)

We are well versed in the Christ-figure teacher film, in which a professional (often from another profession, and frequently descending from the suburbs) comes to save youths and appease liberal strains in the multiplex. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The other breeds on this year's top 10 include, in descending order: Yorkshire terrier, German shepherd, golden retriever, beagle, boxer, dachshund, poodle and shih tzu. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Which four tech giants get the most ink, screen, and airtime, in descending order? ❋ Dan Tynan (2010)

List them in descending order of importance for you. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Because ingredients are listed in descending order by weight, if I'm in the mood for chocolate, I'd rather see it listed first than seventh. ❋ Jennifer LaRue Huget (2010)

Does or doesn't Behe consider the ball across the goal line in the specific case of chimps and humans descending from a common ancestor via the unguided process accepted by biologists? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Saxon, brooding over her problem of retaining Billy's love, of never staling the freshness of their feeling for each other and of never descending from the heights which at present they were treading, felt herself impelled toward Mrs. Higgins. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Rounding out the top five smart cities are in descending rank, San Francisco, San Jose, Raleigh, N.C., and Boston. ❋ Melissa Bell (2010)

Blues and twos and then a ramp descending from the pursuit car as the officer wheels herself out and sets off down the hard shoulder. ❋ Inspector Gadget (2009)

The different sticks are (in descending point value) cerf, chevreuil, renard, blaireau, and lièvre -- and of course the same animals in German. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Which four tech giants get the most ink, screen, and airtime, in descending order? a. Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook ❋ Dan Tynan (2010)

1. I descended down [the spiral] staircase. 2. “A rough path descended like a steep stair into the plain” (J.R.R. Tolkien). 3.He was descended from a pioneer family. 4.A tradition descending from colonial days. 5.The house has descended through four generations. 6.“She, [the conqueror], had descended to the level of the conquered” (James Bryce). 7.Titles listed in descending order of importance; notes that descended to the lower register. 8.Summer tourists descending on the [seashore] village. ❋ Psychosis (2005)

I [predict] your descendants will be [filthy] [savages] just like you Yeah probably ❋ Kloon882 (2017)

[Milo Goes To College] is [the best] Descendents [album] ever!! ❋ Poo Flinger (2003)

[Milo goes to college] ❋ Live Fast Diarrea (2003)

the [descendents] are [my favorite] [punk] band ❋ John Doux (2018)

❋ Davey Havok (2003)

Me: Descendants is [my favorite] movie of [all time] [My friends]: YAAAAAS QUEEEEN! ❋ The Only True Descendants Fan (2019)

[Milo Goes to College] is a great album, and so is Somery. Cameage, M-16, Coffee Mug, I Wanna Be A Bear, I'm Not a Loser, I Don't Want to Grow Up, Everything Sucks, [Clean Sheets], Shattered Milo, I'm the One, [Pep Talk]. ❋ Agent Chainsawlady (2004)

[I wanna] hear a good band...[Descendents] [my friend]. descendets. ❋ Jose Ramirez (2006)

Liberian [Americans] are a Descendant of Liberians that were born in [the Republic] of [Liberia]. ❋ Jyuzayeguuwaah Summer (2009)

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