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In the study of language, description or descriptive linguistics is the work of objectively analyzing and describing how language is actually used (or how it was used in the past) by a group of people in a speech community. All academic research in linguistics is descriptive; like all other scientific disciplines, its aim is to describe the reality as it is, without the bias of preconceived ideas about how it ought to be. Modern descriptive linguistics is based on a structural approach to language, as exemplified in the work of Leonard Bloomfield and others.Linguistic description is often contrasted with linguistic prescription, which is found especially in education and in publishing. Prescription seeks to define standard language forms and give advice on effective language use, and can be thought of as a presentation of the fruits of descriptive research in a learnable form, though it also draws on more subjective aspects of language aesthetics. Prescription and description are complementary, but have different priorities and sometimes are seen to be in conflict. Description is sometimes distinguished from "descriptivism", which is then defined as the belief that description is more significant or important to teach, study, and practice than prescription..

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Definitions of "descriptive"

  • Involving or characterized by description; serving to describe. adjective
  • Concerned with classification or description: a descriptive science. adjective
  • Grammar Expressing an attribute of the modified noun, as green in green grass. Used of an adjective or adjectival clause. adjective
  • Grammar Nonrestrictive. adjective
  • Linguistics Of or relating to the study or the description of a language or a specific stage of a language, with emphasis on constructing a grammar without regard to historical development, comparison with other languages, or advocated norms for correct or proper usage. adjective
  • Of, or relating to description. adjective
  • Of an adjective, stating an attribute of the associated noun (as heavy in the heavy dictionary). adjective
  • Describing the structure, grammar, vocabulary and actual use of a language. adjective
  • Describing and seeking to classify, as opposed to normative or prescriptive. adjective
  • An adjective (or other descriptive word) noun
  • Tending to describe; having the quality of representing; containing description adjective
  • Containing description; serving or aiming to describe; having the quality of representing: as, a descriptive diagram; a descriptive narration.
  • Milit., a short military history of each enlisted man, with a description of his person, and an abstract of his account with the government.
  • in geometry, usually defined to be a property or proposition which can be stated without introducing the idea of magnitude. But it would be better to say that it is a property or proposition which relates to the incidence or coincidence of points, lines, and other geometrical elements, in general, or that it is one which does not depend upon the particular system of measurement adopted. Thus, the proposition that two triangles are equal if a side and two angles of the one are equal to the corresponding side and angles of the other, may be regarded as descriptive; while the proposition that through any point in space a single parallel to a given line can be drawn, is indisputably metrical, not descriptive.
  • In geometry: Pertaining to the projective methods of Monge.
  • Not containing the idea of quantity or measurement.
  • describing the structure of a language adjective
  • serving to describe or inform or characterized by description adjective

The word "descriptive" in example sentences

One is called "bird-nesting," the title descriptive of the favorite diversion thus depicted.. [Library Work with Children]

'Retrograde' is the term descriptive of the motion of the planets from east to west.. [Marmion]

Take a few seconds to make the title descriptive (and, yeah, a keyword or two sprinkled in here would be a good thing too for findability), then scroll down to the bottom:. [Ask Dave Taylor!]

So just a few years before Prozac came along, psychiatrists turned to what they called a descriptive nosology.. [MANUFACTURING DEPRESSION]

“Chinoiserie” (meaning bizarre tricks or monkey - shines in modern French usage) is a term descriptive of the eighteenth-century European view of China as. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

[1241] "Cohort," a term descriptive of a Roman body, and "military tribune" are more literal renderings of the Greek original than "band" and "captain" in John 18: 3, 12.. [Jesus the Christ A Study of the Messiah and His Mission According to Holy Scriptures Both Ancient and Modern]

A very similar plant was that found and lost by Gilgamesh, after his sojourn with Ut-napishtim; it too had potent magical power and bore a title descriptive of its peculiar virtue of transforming old age to youth.. [Legends of Babylon and Egypt in relation to Hebrew tradition]

Sabitum appears originally to have been a term descriptive of her, and. [The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria]

Likewise the metaphors used in descriptive passages; and the extra-story allusions; and the very vocabulary.. [mrissa: Structure: against Euclid]

The book's actionoccurs over a wide range of African geography, vividly conveyed: not simplyin descriptive terms, but in a manner thatmakes the reader feel as if he or she is there.. [April 2008]

This descriptive is used by journalists to avoid making any assumptions that the person is guilty of ANY action.. [Cannes Film Festival Report and Reviews - Part Deux «]

The descriptive is typical -- sometimes maddeningly so, of these novels.. [Realism in Fiction]

But, Blood Meridian is a study in descriptive prose.. [First Look: Viggo Mortensen in Cormac McCarthy's The Road «]

From the ACL, a checklist of 300 adjectives, 49 were identified as descriptive of leader behavior.. [The Bass Handbook of Leadership]

If it bears a name descriptive of its kind or flavor (s), it must correspond thereto (i.e., chicken digest).. [dailycomic Diary Entry]

I felt restless and started to realize how little we know, how descriptive is our understanding of disease mechanisms and pathology, and as a consequence how most treatments are symptomatic in nature rather then causative.. [Aaron Ciechanover - Autobiography]

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(s). tanımlayıcı, tanıtımsal, tavsif edici, resmedici. descriptive geometry tasarı geometri.(s). tanımlayıcı, tanıtımsal, tavsif edici, resmedici. descriptive geometry tasarı geometri.

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