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Definitions of "dessert"

  • A usually sweet course or dish, as of fruit, ice cream, or pastry, served at the end of a meal. noun
  • Chiefly British Fresh fruit, nuts, or sweetmeats served after the sweet course of a dinner. noun
  • A sweet confection served as the last course of a meal noun
  • A service of pastry, fruits, or sweetmeats, at the close of a feast or entertainment; pastry, fruits, etc., forming the last course at dinner. noun
  • A service of fruits and sweetmeats at the close of a repast; the last course at table: in the United States often used to include pies, puddings, and other sweet dishes. noun
  • Dessert-service, the dishes, plates, etc., used in serving dessert. noun
  • a dish served as the last course of a meal noun

The word "dessert" in example sentences

WORDS ACCENTED ON THE LAST SYLLABLE: address _address'_ adept _adept'_ adult _adult'_ ally _ally'_ commandant _commandänt '(ä as in arm) _ contour _contour'_ dessert _dessert'_ dilate _dilate'_ excise _eksiz'_ finance _finance'_ grimace _grimace'_ importune _importune'_ occult _occult'_ pretence _pretence'_ research _research'_ robust _robust'_ romance _romance'_ tirade _tirade'_. [Practical Grammar and Composition]

"The term dessert wine is a taboo today -- 'dry' is where it's at," said Daniel Johnnes, wine director for the Dinex Group in New York.. [ -- Top News]

One of the reasons I like using sweet potatoes in dessert is that it really makes for a guilt-free experience when their nutritional properties are considered.. [Sweet Potato Flan: Flan de Camote]

So it's your job to take back the stage in the end and reach your audience emotionally with what they call "dessert," which can be a quote or a reference to some inspirational content.. [Ruth Starkman: Reaching Your Audience]

Needless to say, this dessert is another entry for MBP: Less is More.. [Archive 2008-07-01]

All you need to know about this dessert is the reaction it received, a prolonged mmmm, a content sigh and a broad smile.. [Restaurant Review: Cittanuova (East Hampton)]

Beth said ... lately, i've replaced peanut butter in dessert recipes with a dark chocolate peanut butter that a friend brought me from nyc. it's over-the-top good. this might be a great way to use the last of the jar!. [Peanut butter pie recipe | Homesick Texan]

The dessert is soaked with chocolate sauce and comes with whipped cream on top.. [Paris Dining in NYC]

Serve in cute glassware to disguise the fact that once scooped, the dessert is not nearly as pretty.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

Second, it's a (almost) dry rendition (most of the Vignoles with any sort of pedigree is used in dessert and ice-style wines).. [Long Island Wine]

Remove them carefully and serve in dessert dishes.. [The Mexican kitchen: a taste for all seasons]

Once, when we were discussing some kind of pumpkin dessert, this neighbor told me the only kind of canned pumpkin her mom would use was Libby's.. [One For The Table: Put the Pumpkin in a Parfait]

Amy Sussman for The Wall Street Journal This creamy custard dessert is made with chocolate, whipped cream and fresh berries.. [Vintage Mexican in Midtown]

The $26 two-course lunch plus dessert is a great deal for contemporary French cuisine.. [East Side Comforts]

The frozen dessert is allegedly being tightly measured, with only one ice cream allowed for each of its 147 detainees.. [On the Offensive]

This dessert is easy to make and tastes just as good as it looks.. [Baking Bites » Print » Red, White and Blue Desserts for July 4th]

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