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Definitions of "development"

  • The act of developing. noun
  • The state of being developed. noun
  • A significant event, occurrence, or change. noun
  • A group of dwellings built by the same contractor. noun
  • Determination of the best techniques for applying a new device or process to production of goods or services. noun
  • The organized activity of soliciting donations or grants; fundraising. noun
  • Music Elaboration of a theme with rhythmic and harmonic variations. noun
  • Music The central section of a movement in sonata form, in which the theme is elaborated and explored. noun
  • The process of developing; growth, directed change noun
  • The process by which a mature multicellular organism or part of an organism is produced by the addition of new cells. noun
  • Something which has developed noun
  • A project consisting of one or more commercial or residential buildings, real estate development noun
  • The building of a real estate development noun
  • The application of new ideas to practical problems (cf. research) noun
  • The active placement of the pieces, or the process of achieving it noun
  • The second section of a piece of music in sonata form. noun
  • The act of developing or disclosing that which is unknown; a gradual unfolding process by which anything is developed, as a plan or method, or an image upon a photographic plate; gradual advancement or growth through a series of progressive changes; also, the result of developing, or a developed state. noun
  • The series of changes which animal and vegetable organisms undergo in their passage from the embryonic state to maturity, from a lower to a higher state of organization. noun
  • noun

The word "development" in example sentences

Burbank worked out in his mind and by actual experiments _distinctive methods_ of development -- _development and changes along particular, definite lines.. [Certain Success]

From there, the main development is that he gets transferred away from his happy IRS job to an exceedingly wacky and violent superagency.. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Which Origin Stories are Plausible?]

One of my favorite "get to know you" questions I ask my characters when they're in development is "What is your greatest shame?". [May 2008]

That includes title development unique selling point, identifying your target market, researching your competition, creating an outline, and coming up with chapter summaries, interviewing you, transcribing the interviews, and putting the book together according to the title development plan.. [Time and Money Involved in the Ghostwriting Process]

The professional missionary with a Bible School diploma and technical training in development is the epitome of a successful missions strategy.. [Unleashing the Brazilian Evangelical Missionary Force through a Business as Mission model]

Given that she was a pains to emphasis that flood plain development is to continue, regardless of the untold misery it's exacting on our fellow countrymen and women, I can't think of a more callous comment or more apt death warrant for Ms Cooper's Ministerial career.. [Bitter Funny and True]

The focus of current fluorescent protein development is centered on two basic goals.. [Archive 2005-10-01]

The vast excess of neuronal cells present during the early stages of brain development is also eliminated by the same mechanism.. [Press Release: The 2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine]

Although brain development is non-linear and will continue throughout life, the windows of opportunity for optimal development are in these critical early years.. [Signals from the Future]

It requires the development hence the term "development" of relationships with people who become excited about the work of the organization and the way they benefit from engagement.. [The Full Feed from]

"We use the term development all the time," Rhoads said.. [Photos -]

This development is a loss for consumers and a gain only for the extremes.. [Waxman says net neutrality bill dead, FCC should assert regulatory authority]

This development is attributed in part to photography by archivist Errol Wayne Stevens,. [Helen Hunt Jackson]

But while Free Press and the Tea Party don't get it, Congressman Waxman does: After thanking CFA, Consumers Union, and Public Knowledge for their "steadfast advocacy on behalf of consumers" (note Free Press was conspicuously not mentioned), Waxman went on to lament that "this development is a loss for consumers and a gain only for the extremes.". [Rick Carnes: Net Neutrality Update: Are Inmates Running the Asylum?]

This development is a natural extension of the partnership recently formed between GE and charging infrastructure start-up Better Place.. [General Electric may be shopping for tens of thousands of electric vehicles]

Some feminists might rejoice, but to an economist, or a social conservative, this development is almost certainly a bad thing.. [Misleading Indicator]

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  • Pronunciations(dĭ-vĕlˈəp-mənt)
  • Character11
  • Hyphenation de vel op ment


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